Angel of Brokenness

Angel of Brokeness

~Angel of Brokenness~

Bringing down
the walls of perfection.
and denial.
facing vulnerabilities
and heartaches.
I stand
at the altar
of my soul.

Calling out
for answers
and insight.
I hear nothing,
for long.

Then I hear a voice,
let us take you
thru this.”

Then I hear..

“Go help someone.
Pray for someone.”

When you become
the hands
and faith,
someone holds on to
in times of crisis.
Be assured
you’ll be held,
thru the many
crisis and tribulations
that life may bring
at your doorstep.

When life
brings you,
to your knees,
When life
knocks you out,
get up
pray for someone.

Start there.
Be the angel
of mercy
for someone.

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