Are You Ready To Fly?

Trust In Yourself

TRUST that whatever is happening and whatever will happen will be for your good.
If today things are not happening as per your plan then it’s God’s plan in execution.
Just go with the flow and have Faith that even though the situations are confusing and conflicting now but everything will make perfect sense at the end of the process.
Trust that if you are given a situation then you are capable enough to handle it.
When God gives you a test then he makes sure that you are prepared for it. It is for us to have faith in Divine and Trust that we are capable and equipped to handle it all.

Who said life will be easy?
Who said that a souls journey will be a cake walk?
Who said the path that goes up there to God will be hurdle Free?

But yes! I can promise you that If you are able to make it to the end then the view up there will be beautiful and Magnificent.

So decide, are you ready for the ride? Even though the roads are bumpy are u willing to drive?
It’s a leap of Faith…
Are you ready to Fly?…

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