Future Guidance

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You can now find answers to your important questions about your future in career, money, relationships, family dynamics or health etc. Clear all the confusion. This is done with our Spiritguides and employing Akashic Records access.

  • How will this career path be for me?
  • How would his investment or joint venture be for me?
  • How would this relationship be for me?

Guidance is always about the present moment choices.

Also if you have options in mind, we can crosscheck with guide. If it is right direction. 

Future guidance is especially beneficial for the corporate hiring and investments. Saves you them from dead ends. For example, in January 2020, someone got a reading done just before signing a business deal, involving a large investment. When the guidance came: Wait for six months. They trusted and decided to postpone the deal. Sure enough within a few months the COVID Lockdown began, which changed market completely! 

Interested in Karmic mapping for clients and investments? Read more.

Fee: Rs 2000 INR for three questions.

Both readings our done remotely, so your presence (offline or online) not required. Fee non-refundable and non-transferable.

Step-by-step guide for getting a reading done:

  1. We need to know you and your problems fully, so we can help you better. So please send us the your name, current age, and photograph (recent if possible). Take your time, list out the problems you have in detail, say Health, Relationship, Work etc. Also share bit of backstory of the issues. Medical history for health issues, Relationship history for Relationship issues and similarly Work or career history for Work/Money related issues. Also share a note about yourself. You can also send Whatsapp voice notes, on each issue. Or narrate your story over audio, if it suits you better than writing, we are fine with both. Send a note is better, so that we have reference during reading, and nothing gets missed. Subsequently, if need be we can talk of further over phone or Zoom.
  2. Make the payment and inform us. We would schedule your Reading subsequently on a next available date. There could be 1-2  weeks, so please be patient with us.
  3. In a Reading session, we meditate, connect with Spiritguides and your Akashic Records, and slowly get information and guidance. Your presence is not required as it is done remotely.
  4. The Reading is send usually in the evening, by 8 pm. As a PDF file via whatsapp or email whatever you choose. It usually includes the lifetimes from where the karmic blocks of current life suffering are coming from, and which are ready to be healed. In many cases, spiritual guidance also comes through.
  5. Once you have read the report, we can discuss any clarifications if needed, and plan the healing sessions. This is important as you know. Getting only a Reading done would be like getting only diagnosis done without taking any treatment. 

You can also get a reading done for a loved one, you are concerned about, to know how to help them.

If you have faith in spiritual healing and you want to get a Reading done for yourself or for a loved one, do msg or whatsapp us:

Abhishek : +91 9810206293

Priyanka: +91 9594280000

or share your problems with us at info@innerjourneys.life.

Fee: Rs 2000 INR per person (3 questions or life issue areas, say health, money or relationships)

Prior payment is required at the time of booking a session.

Google Pay, UPI, or Bank transfer, whatever you prefer, let us know, we will share payment details.

If you are living outside India: You can use Xoom PayPal (not PayPal) or any reliable transfer service like Wise (formerly Transferwise), Remitly etc, which transfers fee directly to our bank account. Transfer fee will have to be borne by the client.

You can use an currency online converter to get actual fee in your local currency at the time of payment. 

While communicating from another time zone, please note our Working hours 11 am -7 pm IST. (IST = GMT +5:30). 

Angel Guidance: If you have faith in Angels, you can also choose to go for Angel Guidance, via Angel Card Reading and other Angel Divination tools. Click here to know more

Please read, before you book a session:

  1. If you have come with reference from an old client, do mention their name, as we are more likely to trust you and take up your case. 
  2. Read up all about Akashic records, healing, Past lives, Karma etc, we have loads of articles and videos, to help you educate yourself about the topic beforehand so you understand what it entails. 
  3. As always your information is kept confidential, even from your family members. Similarly, please do not ask us about the revelations in a family member’s or partners’ reading, if they don’t wish to disclose. We respect an individual right to privacy.
  4. Please ask all your questions prior to the Reading session only, when we go into meditation to connect with your Akashic Records and Guides. Post session, we can only offer you clarification, subsequent questions will require another Reading session.
  5.  Be as candid and open as you can be in sharing your problems and your life story, it will only help us in doing your Reading. More we know about your issues and you, more easily we can access your energies and thus your Akashic Files. Transparency and trust is important in healing, people usually trust us with intimate details about their lives. In case you find yourself unable to trust us with information, we would suggest, it would more beneficial for you to look for a healer whom you can trust. We understand, there would some reluctance or embarrassment on your part, in sharing personal information regarding a certain issue. However we have a process, hence we can skip the related question in that case. No questions asked. However, we don’t take up readings, where we find clients too secretive, skeptical, rude, untrustworthy or simply not ready.
  6. Full disclosure required. If you have had a criminal or legal case, or mental health issues. In such a case, you are advised to make full disclosure prior to the reading. Firstly, because mutual trust is important and secondly and more importantly Guides can obviously sense any discrepancies, and tend to go silent, which would defeat the purpose of getting a Reading done. At any point, if we find a client’s behaviour dubious or rude, we may cancel your session or reading at any point. No refund will be issued in such a case.
  7.  You can only ask questions about yourself and your relationship issue with someone. For any other family members or loved one, a separate reading would be required as naturally their Akashic Records would be stored different location at Akashic Library. We don’t do any third party readings unless there is genuine emergency or requirement. Usually if the cause is genuine Spiritguides allow us to access Akashic Records of someone.
  8. Take a reading only if you have genuine problems in life or conundrums to resolve. Guides do not answer every question asked. Take your time, think through your questions – contemplate or Meditate, ask what would really help you knowing. Guides will never try to make you dependent, if some things you have to decide on your own, they step back. Also only relevant information is shared. For knowing your life purpose, you can undergo Life Between Lives (LBL) session. Read here
  9. If you are ready to learn – you are ready to heal. We have seen over the years, those who choose to grow through diverse life challenges, rather than merely feeling victimised, guides help them eagerly. Our suffering is our karma, but to grow is our choice. Brave souls chose the latter, instead of simply wanting to fix all ills. Some tough situations and life scripts come as tough lessons. That is why, we have seen the most common trait amongst those who complete their healing cycle, and go on to live better lives is humility. Guides and Angels are so generous with those who approach healing with innocence and trust that we are amazed every single time. After all faith is for the innocent, just as miracles lies beyond realm of logic. A calculating mind would seldom heal, nor does the mind, which feel that life owes us an explanation. Or that God has somehow made a mistake. Like the Biblical Job, we have to wait for things to makes sense. And sometimes they never do.

Reading or Guidance from Guides is not an entitlement rather a privilege. Spiritguides do no entertain frivolous or non-essential questions. Philosophical queries are best avoided as they are part of our own personal journey of self discovery.

10. We would all want our family, close ones to behave better. But they are there to help us grow and clear our karma. Behavioural issues often have current life element if not all of it, so they often require Hypnotherapy and other therapeutic intervention like Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work and Emotional Detox. In these participation and willingness of the person is also required, personally or via Zoom. You cannot change a person behaviour via healing, so don’t get swayed by anyone who claims, as that would be manipulation, which is itself has karmic consequences. We can only change ourselves, our response to life situations and people around us. And once we do accept, we grow.

11. Questions about life span or survival are also likely to be skipped by guides. As are questions about sundry predictions. There are things we do not need to know. 

12. Three questions means three questions, do not try to add multiple subquestions to a single question as many people do. Guides would pick three most relevant questions. Ask what is relevant or important. In any case, Guides know what answers we are ready for, some answers require patience.

13. There are no guarantees on accuracy. Though intuitive guidance has over the proven to be quite benefitial. Trust your instinct. Take Reading from us only if you feel guided to. 

14. Right for a reading or Healing is reserved. We take up a reading only if we feel a person needs genuine help. In case, guides do not take on your reading we shall return the reading fee via Google Pay, UPI or Paytm.

DISCLAIMER: Intuitive Reading is not a replacement for medical diagnostics, or professional advice.

This is not a prediction, rather guidance.

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