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Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention.  Going into a trance is easy to learn, much like a guided meditation. All hypnosis is but Self Hypnosis, the therapist only guides you into a state of deep relaxation. With access to the subconscious mind, we can then use array of therapeutic tools to deal with an wide range of issues.

Dream Therapy, Subconscious Dialoguing, Organ Dialoguing, Inner Child Healing, Age Regression, Past Life regression, Parts Therapy for Inner Conflict Resolution, Relaxation techniques, Self Hypnosis, and much more

Issues like

  •  Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Pain Management
  • Anxiety, Nervousness, Panic attacks
  • Allergies
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • For Students: Exam Anxiety, Memory Enhancement, Better Study Habits
  • Stage fright or Public Speaking fears (Performance Anxiety)
  • Sports Performance Enhancement (Sports Hypnosis)
  • Improving Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Better Communication
  • Fear and Phobias
  • Habit Control – Nail Biting,  Stammering, Tardiness & Substance Abuse
  • Compulsive Behaviors (OCD), Thoughts, and Intrusive Thoughts; Addictive Behaviours
  • Relationship Healing – Understanding why couples trigger each other, and how to go beyond it; power tussle between introverts and extroverts
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Child Hypnosis: Bed wetting, Nightmares
  • Inner Conflicts, Self Sabotage – Parts Therapy
  • Shadow Work

Fee: Rs 6000 INR per session 
Duration: 1 1/2  hours

Location: Online via Zoom Or at our Centres in Gurgaon and Bhopal

Facilitators: Abhishek Joshi  & Priyanka Bhargava
(Read more about our faciliators: here )


Abhishek:  +91 981020 6203,

Priyanka: +91 959428 0000.

Location: Online over Zoom app/at our Centres in Sector 57, Gurgaon, India Or Mahendra City, Bhopal, India

If you interested in taking an Online/Offline session. Send in your name and location to Email: info@innerjourneys.life.

Also send in brief profile and a simple photograph.

As always your information is kept confidential. 

Further Reading

  • 5 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Hypnosis
  • “What is hypnosis and how might it work?” at US National Library of Medicine – here 

  • “Tranceformation: Hypnosis in Brain and Body. An introductory video lecture about Hypnosis by David Spiegel, M.D. at National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), USA – here

Past Life Therapy works in all areas of our life. These can be mainly divided into:

  1. Physical: These are diseases that are manifest in the
  2. Emotional: These usually manifest as relationship
  3. Mental: Like fears and phobias, or obsessive-compulsive
  4. Spiritual: Examples are extreme likes or dislikes of religious


  • Pain (Unresolved) of all kinds: Neck, Back, Legs, Feet, Knees, Spine, Abdomen etc.
  • Birthmarks
  • Asthma
  • Breathing problems
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Indigestion, IBS
  • Allergies
  • Chronic Chest Colds
  • Numbness in Legs and Feet
  • Motion Sickness
  • Muscle Spasms

Emotional/ Relationship:

  • Need for Relationships/ Family/ Children/ Attention
  • Infertility
  • Loneliness – Self isolation or emotional fortressing
  • Depression
  • Driving Boyfriends / Girlfriends away – Intimacy Resistance
  • Hyperactivity
  • Career Indecision


  • Loss of Sight/Voice/Smell
  • Fears of all kinds: Fire/ Animals/ Snakes/Intimacy/ Water/ Heights/ Death/ Losing Someone,
    Open Spaces (Agoraphobia), Closed Spaces (Claustrophobia)
  • Hypochondria
  • Obsessive/Compulsive behavior
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Compulsive Overeating
  • Aversion to Cotton, Quilts etc.

How do prepare for your session

Start on this Meditation Daily. So, your mind stabilizes and you learn how to relax and go deeper into your mind. Thus you will improve your chances to access the Subconscious Mind during sleep. Watch your dreams 2-3 days prior. Many people get key dreams, as the Subconscious Mind tries to help.

Be relaxed, have a light meal, and make sure you have had a good night sleep. A fatigued mind doesn’t go into trance, rather falls into restful sleep. That is why we avoid post work session, as mind slows down after a long days work. 

By practicing, this mediation you can easily train your mind to go in hypnosis.


Need help or healing?

If you believe in Hypnotherapy and Spirtual Healing, we are here to help you.

Write to us about your issues in detail: info@innerjourneys.life, so we guide you better.

Or msg or whatsapp:

Abhishek: +919810206293,  

Priyanka: +919594280000.

Conterindications: Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Psychiatric medications, Alcohol or Drug psychosis. Make sure you share all your medical history, especially mental health history before hand. 

Do you have passion to help others? Want to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist yourself? Read more

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