Journey to Life Between Lives Session

WHY did I choose the body that I have?
WHY did I choose my present family?
WHAT is my life purpose?
WHY am I here?
WHY this life?

Did you always had questions like these? But no answers?

Spiritual Regression or Life Between Lives (LBL) Session is a powerful experience to access the planning stage of your present lifetime.

To know exactly why you chose the fate you have. The reason behind the choice of every family member, every important loved one, ally and opponent including their karmic antecedent. You also get to decipher the life lessons embedded in the story-line of your life and also its birth coordinates. You will find out why you chose the body that you have by accessing the body selection stage.

It gives the entire story of your journey, a spiritual perspective; freeing you from the victim’s perspective that life’s hardships may have pushed you into. 

Step-by-step Guide to LBL

In LBL regression, we first visit immediate past life. Then we follow the soul’s natural journey, post transmigration of the soul. Important step is visiting the Life review period with spiritguides, where we find our unfinished lessons.

LBL quoteThis leads us to the all important meeting with council of guides, where the script and themes of current life was decided. A lot of deliberation and negotiation happens here as we integrate unfinished lessons to our script.

Then we meet our Soul group members. Key people in your life script. Why we chose them, what mutual lessons and what karma are clearing them or pattern. Many such questions get answered.

Another key segment will be body selection. Why you chose the body that you did. If any aliment comes as a life lesson.

There are many such exciting areas to explore in the heavens and integrate with our soul’s wisdom.


Important: Since the realm of the subconscious is not accessible to all. Only those who have successfully experienced past life regression previously are eligible. Or long time meditators. 

Duration: 3 hours.

Charges Rs 7000.

Watch this video to know more:


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