Journey to Life Between Lives Session

WHY did I choose the body that I have?
WHY did I choose my present family?
WHAT is my life purpose?
WHY am I here?
WHY this life?

Did you always had questions like these? But no answers?

Then we might have all the answers – in Regression to Life Between Lives (LBL) stages. It is a powerful technique to access the planning stage of your present lifetime.

To know exactly why you chose the fate you have. The reason behind the choice of every family member, every important loved one, ally and opponent including their karmic antecedent. You also get to decipher the life lessons embedded in the story-line of your life and also its birth coordinates. You will find out why you chose the body that you have by accessing the body selection stage.

Also known as Spiritual Regression, LBL gives the entire story of your journey, a spiritual perspective; freeing you from the victim’s perspective that life’s hardships may have pushed you into.

Connect with your spirit guides and wise ones of the heaven. A series of deep-guided meditations take you to the time right before you entered your mother’s womb revealing the planning that went behind the life that you have. You will get to the “prarabdha karma”: one has to clear it in this life…so that your journey ahead can be crystal clear!

Post-session, you will have a clear idea of why you chose this body, family, social and economic background and life script.

With a clear understanding of your life’s script, you will be equipped to handle your life in a much better way.

Step-by-step Guide to LBL

In LBL regression, we first visit immediate past life. Then we follow the soul’s natural journey, post transmigration of the soul. Important step is visiting the Life review period with spiritguides, where we find our unfinished lessons.

LBL quoteThis leads us to the all important meeting with council of guides, where the script and themes of current life was decided. A lot of deliberation and negotiation happens here as we integrate unfinished lessons to our script.

Then we meet our Soul group members. Key people in your life script. Why we chose them, what mutual lessons and what karma are clearing them or pattern. Many such questions get answered.

Another key segment will be body selection. Why you chose the body that you did. If any aliment comes as a life lesson.

There are many such exciting areas to explore in the heavens and integrate with our soul’s wisdom.

Important: Since the realm of the subconscious is not accessible to all. Only those who have successfully experienced past life regression previously are eligible. Or long time meditators.

• Visiting various stages of life planning.
• Past Life access
• Get to visit the heavens
• Meet the Council of heaven and Spiritguides
• Know exactly you chose your current life script and body.
• Life purpose and Life lessons
• Meet your Soul Group
• Life lessons with your family, friends and even enemies

• Know the answers to your life questions
• Clarity in life purpose and life lessons
• Understand your relationship conflicts
• Speed up your spiritual growth

Duration: 3 hours.

Charges Rs 7000.

Watch this video to know more:

Suggested reading: Journey of the Soul by Dr Michael Newton


Thank you soo much for taking us on the beautiful journey of within…. many things in life makes soo much sense now and i feel soo liberated also feel responsible at the same time. I was seeking for life purpose from 1 year and in these 2 days It makes me realise i need to do so much work in my life.😊thnk u again

– Prerna Jindal

Dear Abhishek & Priyanka,

I started my journey with You almost 3 years ago while I was really going through a lot in almost every aspect of my life directly or indirectly.

It was a time when I had to just take charge of my life and commit to my own power and my own life. I guess the decision of getting my first PLR done ✅ was a wise one 😀.

I feel “Gratitude” was a word of low existence on my conscious mind. I might say thank you but with low frequency or feelings 🤦♀. I guess I consciously started feeling the meaning of gratitude since then I started my journey back home (means in spirituality) almost 10 years ago. Although, the impact was really high when I was introduced to the concept of PLR by Abhishek 3 years back. That was the time life really started taking shape slowly and steadily.

Recently, I participated in your LBL workshop which I am sure will be, yet another life changing experience. Although, it is too early to comment but I surely believe that this was a big step already taken and hence it would bring in big change soon. The immediate effect of this workshop was marvelous as brought about a sudden shift in my energy level, I felt the stillness within me, I felt the inner peace and a lot of mental clarity with loads of insights 😇. The answers to my many questions seem to have got answered only with *Truth*.

From the deepest core of my heart 💓,
Thank you for every bit of your divine presence 🙏 😊…
Always be blessed,

– Sajal

This workshop is like for me it’s usefull.This workshop help me to come out the victim mode.helps To accept things and do some learning and change.I choose my life script than I am not the victim.I am the creator.This workshop change my perspective to see my life.Now I think this is my own journey.Only I can handle this.Thats why it’s my journey.In this workshop interesting thing is for me soul name.and body selection body also teach you something.I think Accept,learn and change is important.This workshop is usefull and I learn so many things.Thankyu sir and mam.I think everybody should do this workshop.This workshop totally change my perspective. 😊😊💓💓

– Ashna

“At a juncture in life where many questions regarding events happening in my life were confusing me and making it increasingly painful to bear, LBL workshop came as a blessing. Not only did I get clarity on the events and people I had attracted in my life, I could understand the chronology of events unfolding in my script. Post LBL, I started looking at my life events and people around me with a different eye as my rational mind understood the relevance of each of them in my script. I started dealing with things more dispassionately and saw life as a script I had written with my guides and what was happening was as per my own script. This helped me break the mould of living like a victim and look at life more objectively.
—— Vaishali

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