Myths About Surrender

Myths of Surrender

~Myths about surrender~

Is surrender giving up, resignation?


Surrender is always out of love, to love. An act of empowerment and in divine oneness. The weak cannot achieve it, nor can the arrogant. It demands indomitable courage, fortitude, stamina and yes humility. Life long. A life in surrender becomes a prayer, a hymn and a journey into choiceless awareness.

A wave finally realises it is the ocean. Thus it is simply relaxing into the flow of life, into an inner directed or guided life. It is accessing inner wisdom at every choice, every life situation and following it fearlessly.

Accepting everything as it is, without doing anything about might be a lofty ideal in surrender or life of devotion. But practically it is not possible, to endure everything passively. Not many have succeeded. We all want things to change or get better in our life. Or to growth in certain part of our life. Unless we have simply chosen to be complacent or smug. Not bothering to look within and shift our inner dynamics, to see its effects on the outside. Such people become stagnated. Never rising.

Growth is never easy, nor is healing.

Some people take let go and let God to literally, suit their passivity, stubborness or plain lazy. They rather just be.

I have met people who after decades of ‘just being’ are just as miserable, only more bitter.

Passivity seldom changes life. You life hasn’t changed because you haven’t. Change and life will follow. Change is only you can make and bring.

Surrendering is fine. But useless when are not listening. To what we are guided to do, every day. Surrendering cannot become a way of shrinking from the responsibilities of our lives, personal, family and community. Escapists often use it as an excuse to do nothing, different and new and still hoping in vain and handing over all our worries to a higher being will do the trick. Hoping someone external will come an save them, become their saviour.

So they wait ceaselessly, forgetting that sometimes we have to become the angel we have been praying for, become the miracle and the friend in need.

In truth, true surrender is surrender to the divine will. Accessed though intuition. So start today, clear your mind and your heart and ask your guides or inner self to tell you what should change or unlearn first.

Start there. Mind is not where healing and redemption takes places it is the soul. Be still and connect with your listen to its dictates. It will guide you to dawn no matter how dark life might appear to you.

It will do so one small choice at a time. A small nudge, a hint, fleeting thought, feeling or an inner knowing. Regular prayer and meditation practice helps us connect deeper with passing years. In the end, developing a clear mind and heart is our job, guidance is always available.

Only you can change yourself, whenever you are ready and willing to take the next step, make a different choice in life.

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