Soul Journeys

Soul Journeys workshops & retreats

For seekers of Divine.

There comes a time in the journey of a soul, when begins to hear the calling from the divine. To come back home.

Here you will find tools to go deeper within, work on yourself and know the various stages and pitfalls on the way.

“You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”
– Rumi

The Journey Within. The greatest adventure life will ever offer, lies within. Here we find our darkest corner and the brightest light. Step in.

What does it mean to be spiritual? Are you spiritual? What is the path, the journey and its stages? What journey are you on? Within and Beyond. More importantly, what journey does your soul wants to be on, and already is?

Many people confuse mere meditation for a spiritual path, or book reading for that matter, gathering knowledge and concepts, attending rituals and retreats. Meditation necessarily doesn’t increase the quality of our life, or help us become loving human beings. Inner work, beginning with self examination or contemplation does.

Real progress is slow. Takes time and effort. If you come across anyone offering you quick solutions or nirvana, run in opposite direction. Gather tools and wisdom alright, but you’ve got to do it yourself. Chisel out the masterpiece of your own life. No one can do it for you!

The journey of Inner integration or Yoga requires much more than meditation. Courage, discipline, devotion and above all surrender and divine intervention. Life changes when we change our karma. That takes time.

Are you changing your karma or simply learning new words, meditations and rituals?

Explore where do you stand in this journey, right now. Where are you stuck? How to unstuck yourself, with divine guidance and Innerwork through soul dialoguing.

Know the curriculum your soul is carrying for this lifetime. How to work through your curriculum: Tools and resources to lead an empowered and fulfilling life. So that at the end, the soul can say, “Ah I did good in this life, Thank God!”

Welcome to a two-day intensive Innerwork Workshop for beginners as well as for serious meditators, and practitioners of any Spiritual path.


Meditation and mindfulness for self explorations. Body sensation meditation and Body awareness, Mindful living.

Inner work tools and exercises: Basics of Inner work and self-exploration. Body and emotional awareness exercises. Learning to witness difficult emotions without reacting. Knowing our triggers, getting impersonal, acceptance and healing the underlying memories. Going with and beyond. Creating a gap.

Understanding yourself through Inner dialoguing; Healing and Integration.

Understanding blocks, resistance, unhealthy self-beliefs and behaviour patterns. Shadow Work

Answers through Life Between Lives (LBL),Developing an inner life through prayer, silence and contemplation. Practical Spirituality: Ancient Wisdom for Everyday life. Awareness of Karma, different kinds of karma and law of attraction. Spiritual Laws.

Mysticism, Prayer and Grace, stages in spiritual development. Hero’s Journey, Spiritual challenges, pitfalls and paradoxes. Meditation for Oneness with God.

Begin your inner journey today. Discover the wisdom of your soul. Live your life in harmony. As the real journey is the journey within.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

~ Rumi

Facilitator: Abhishek Joshi & Priyanka Bhargava

Prior registration required, Limited seats.

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