Psychic Emotional Detox

There are times when we want to help our loved ones, who are suffering, but don’t know how as they are emotionally inaccessible. So many times, the ones who are storing trauma, pain and suffering are the last ones to seek healing or share their emotional suffering with others. We all know emotional pain or suffering when denied, repressed or hidden leads to various physical and immune system ailments. The latter has been studied in the field of psychoneuroimmunology for many decades now. We know that without Emotional Healing, medicines can only provide temporary relief in symptoms. 

Then there are people who can’t or won’t take Hypnotherapy sessions of Emotional Detox and Inner Child Healing due to temperament, age or health factor, children, teens, ailing or old age. How to help them? In such cases we recommend Psychic Emotional Detox (Emotional Healing), where we psychically access their Subconscious Mind and help it release their stored emotions and trauma gradually, to give them some relief. 

Emotional Detox has show promising results with children, adults and old people alike. 

So, if you want to help yourself, a family member or a loved one, share their emotional journey with us, and their emotional and physical problems with us with a photo and let their healing journey begin!

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Fee: Rs 8000 per session

Contact: +91 9594280000 (Priyanka), +91 9810206293 (Abhishek)


Note: Number of sessions depend upon the Trauma, and how your system responds to Healing. Ideally 2-3 sessions at a gap of fortnight to a month are adequate.

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