Everlasting Consciousness Bliss


What do we understand from this word?
How can we achieve it?
What is real bliss or happiness?
What are we aiming for?
What is it that we all are looking for?
Am I truly, really happy ?
Was my question to myself.
If I am happy then how long is my happiness going to last?

The curious side of me, made me further think about the things that made me happy. The list was long and I was filled with joy to pen down my happiness.

The second thing was to pen down the things which will happen in future and make me happy and also if people around me behaved in certain manner then how happy I would be.

I was filled with joy to see that my present was full of happiness and there were good prospects of joy in future as well.

Wow!! I had almost managed to live a happy life…was my thought till I further sat down to write about how much of this happiness depends on me and how much are people or situations around me are contributing to it.

Boom!! My bubble bursted when I realised that none of these happy moments and joys were independent of any contribution from others.
Which meant that my happiness was in the hands of others and was dependent on how people behave and how situations turn out to be.

There began a quest to find true happiness and eternal state of consciousnesses bliss or happiness, which is called ‘Satchitananda’ –
Happiness which is independent of any situation and people’s contribution to it. Joy that only I can experience and no one is responsible for it. Bliss that I can stay in and no one could disturb it.

Well! my next step was to find out the way to achieve this state. The joy which I can create for myself and constant happiness that I can gift myself with.

One thing was clear that ‘Satchitananda’ could only be achieved if I drop Expectations, Greed, anger, Pride and Attachments.

This state of enlightenment can only be gained when I surrender myself to Krishna and understand the concept of ‘Nishkaam karma’ which means dropping the expectations of rewards.

Living my life according to Krishna and doing what he wants me to do rather than doing what I want to do. When I do what he wants me to do then the outcome of my action will also belong to him and I will be freed from the cycle of Karmas. This in simple words means Surrender (समर्पण), or offering yourself completely to someone.

Surrender is only possible when You love someone unconditionally and have full faith and trust on someone. Absolute surrender helped me realise that my primary and true relationship is with Divine. Me and Divine dwell in each other and are inseparable.

If Divine dwells in me then I have a companion who stays with me all the time and all given situations. Which means I am never alone or abandoned at any given situation. I am loved, accepted and protected all the time and that too Unconditionally.

So everything and all the relationships and joy related to it, that I was searching in the outside world actually exists in me.

“त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव।
त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव विद्या द्रविणम् त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव सर्वम् मम देव देव ॥”

My parent, my companion, my Guide and my best friend lives with me, in me.

The wisdom and wealth that I seek in this materialistic world, actually resides in me.
And in that moment of Self-actualisation, I understood the meaning of true and everlasting happiness. Happiness that comes with living in full consciousness, happiness which is independent of others, joy that is not dependent on situations.

The blue print of the life of a ‘Karm yogi’ was Crystal clear in front of me and path that leads to ‘Satchitananda’ was shown to me once again…. By Krishna.❤️🌺

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