Surrender Yourself


When you live your life in surrender then every thing that happens and each person that you meet in your Journey becomes your teacher and important life lessons can be understood and learned with ease.

You just have to trust your guide and your guide, takes care of the rest.

Surrender is not easy. Your guide will challenge you at each step, you will be asked to make compromises, sacrifice your precious possessions and give up on your virtues to follow the guidance. Even when you think that this guidance is not making any sense to me or you feel that my guide is asking me to deviate from my path, but still follow the guidance and trust the process.

Your guide will never let anything wrong to happen with you… Trust!!

Your virtues may just be a set of qualities that you have but for your guide your virtues are precious and reason for Pride. Your guide may ask you to surrender your virtues to him in order to learn a new lesson or to test the strength of your Surrender.

Once you trust your guide and decide to give up on them, he will make sure that you learn your lessons and you walk tall with your goodness and dignity.

It’s like when you feel that you have been asked to jump off the cliff by your guide and a part of you feel that I am going straight down in a dungeon but you want to jump anyways…
Trusting your guide and the moment you jump… your guide catches you and gives you wings to fly…

That is when your guide whispers in your ears “ when you do what I want you to do, then I make sure that the best happens with you.”

Life is full of unexpected surprises.
You get things in your life when you expect them the least. Some times when you learn to live without something then you get it. It’s not because you were not lucky, it’s because you have learnt your lesson and now you have earned it for yourself.

God knows what is best for you, your trust in his plans and your faith in his way of functioning makes life worth living. You learn your lessons fearlessly and stay more connected with your light and life purpose.

You don’t loose the child like innocence and lightness of your soul as you know you are always protected and looked after by someone up there in the heaven.
In my case it’s my Krishna. In your case it may be some other higher being…
Name is not important, not relevant.
What holds importance is the unshakable faith in Divine and his master plans.

Love and Light

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