What does it mean to be Empowered?

What does it mean to be Empowered?

A recent brilliant podcast by Priyanka on empowerment (see link at the end) made me wonder a few things…

How is it different from being powerful? Is being merely powerful enough? Or is it those who can make empowered choices? Doesn’t it mean, wise choices? Choices empowered by Wisdom.

Well then, that’s clear. To live, and to die, with head held high is the greatest victory or the mark of a successful life.

Men and Women both need to live empowered lives – empowered by a clear value system, wisdom, conscience and to live responsibly and honourably. Only then we can have a social impact we can be proud of, and a footprint, that would be inspiring for generations to come. We all know that those merely powerful or famous, are all but promptly forgotten by history. This includes the tyrants and the despots, the rich and the famous. But the wise? They live on for millennia – through their words and their deeds.

When our wisdom shows up in our everyday personal life as well and not just in our elocution, that is when we can call ourselves mature, congruent and wise. Till then, we only live in pretence, and only thinking about what we can get away with. But can we? The wise live knowing that our souls record every karma. And that under the law of Karma, no one gets away with anything. That simple fact, has clearly been evident over the years, in our work of healing Past lives.

Strength or power is not just physical, sexual or financial, it is beyond that – emotional, mental and indeed spiritual. That makes for a complete man or woman. Isn’t it astonishing, that we have fewer example of those these days. Both in the public, private arena. Simply put, responsible man and women. Why so?

Because we have started worshipping at wrong altars. Of power and fame. For instant gratification and famedom. These Demigods lead us to moral corruption and spiritual bankruptcy!

What is missing from our collective culture is the wisdom culture. Celebrity culture has long overshadowed the wisdom culture. The archetypal wise man and women. People we can look up to.

Not just in reel life, we all need a Gandalf, a Dumbledore, Yoda or a Buddha in our life, at some point or another. But then, why not our whole life? Why only when in trouble? When we have willfully driven ourselves into a ditch or when we are in a mess? Wisdom is accessible to all the time. Don’t kid yourself by saying I’m confused. Our intuition is always guiding us towards a better choice. All you need to do is to find, requisite courage, patience and yes humility. Because without these virtues, we can’t lead an empowered life.

We need start honouring the wise men and women in our society. And listening to our own inner wisdom. And follow it everyday. Tokenism don’t help us in the long run. Like Guru Purnima. Wisdom has to be at the head of our spiritual practice. When Wisdom becomes a part of our daily practice, every day small and big choices, that is when we will see a shift our inner as well as outer landscapes.

When we look up to the wise, our children will also learn to value people who make wise choices. This will free us from our false or illusionary definitions of power! Power without wisdom is a waste. Just as a body without soul, Gyan without Bhakti. Wealth without the spirit of Service (Sewa), a relationship without love and respect. A job without passion and, a life without a calling.

So my friend, choose the wiser choice, no matter what the situation. In short – CHOOSE LIGHT! If you are choosing the Light, you are empowered.

And yes, it takes practise as you would discover. So get going now!

– Abhishek Joshi


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