What is Hypnosis?

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Hypnosis is a state of deep inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. Going into a trance is easy to learn, much like a guided meditation. All hypnosis is but Self Hypnosis, the therapist only guides you into a state of focussed and relaxation. Wherein based on your intuitive modality, you might get information visually as in dreams (Clairvoyance), feeling (Clairsentience) and knowing (Claircognizance), or in NLP terms Visual, Auditory, Gustatory. Ultimately definitions don’t matter, it is an experience, different for each one of us, as our minds too are unique.

Most problems are not Conscious problems. They are in fact problems with the Subconscious. That is why, it only makes sense to resolve them at the subconscious level. Because the truth is you cannot control the Subconscious Mind, only learn engage with in a way that it will collaborate with us to help you heal. Mere talking can’t take someone really close to the Subconscious than the state of Hypnosis.

Does hypnosis also occurs naturally?

Yes. When we are watching a movie, television, playing a video game or reading a novel conjuring up mental images as we read along. Also when we are driving on a familiar road, and drift into thinking or day dreaming. The driving is taken care by the subconscious mind, we feel as we are on an auto pilot. Often when we come out of this trance car honks, we feel a jolt or suddenly realise, Where have I reached?

Since it is a familiar state, getting back to it won’t be difficult, would it? If you are fascinated by something. Thus, we can learn how to go into a hypnosis, with a little bit of help and training. Provided we are willing to let go, the mind is fresh and alert. A tired or stress mind often would go into sleep rather than hypnosis.

All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis

A hypnotist or hypnotherapist can only guide us, we take ourselves into hypnosis by trusting and taking ourselves deeper. So you might either go into hypnosis directly, swiftly as most people do who play along without much analysis or need of explanation, they just want to get better. Or you might feel yourself resisting going into hypnosis like a child resisting not going to sleep at night, as you will lose control. Don’t help or fight, just allow what is about to happen, whatever your Subconscious tells you. So if you continue this fight or reject Hypnotherapist’s instructions, in that case the third thing will happen – nothing! Suggesting that your Subconscious is not ready. If you are not ready you are not. What can you do? Hypnosis is collaborative journey and not a passive or passive aggressive one. In case the therapist finds you uncollaborative, he can end the session right way.

It is good to practice simple meditation, breathing or relaxation exercise for week-ten days prior for better success rate. Also to watch your dreams, and sudden insight usually the subconscious mind starts becoming knowing healing is on its way. It gives us clues and directions regarding the healing journey ahead. Listen, take notice.

Yes, not everybody goes into trance, over analytical, skeptical, intellectual or fearful usually block themselves. Nobody can take you into your Interior Castle as St. Teresa of Avila would put it, if you are unwilling to drop your logic and reasoning and walk across the drawbridge to your soul – deep within us. Do us a favour, if you are a skeptical, take your time educate yourself about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, before calling us. Many good cases studies and scientific research is now available online – you will find them. It will save you your money and us, our time.

How effective is Hypnosis on Zoom or Video Call?

The Hypnotherapist is only giving you instructions to follow like take a deep breath or relax. It is you who is following the instructions closely and doing all the work and healing, using the power of your powerful, powerful Subconscious. So, it doesn’t matter, he or she is sitting 5 Ft. or across the ocean. A hypnotherapy will facilitate your journey to wholeness, if you trust. So trusting the Hypnotherapist is very important. Take your time find someone you can put your faith in.

Hypnotherapy and its Benefits

Hypnotherapy is psychotherapy done under hypnosis, when we are hyper-suggestible -open to suggestions. With access to the subconscious mind, we can then use array of therapeutic tools to deal with an wide range of issues. Read here

How do prepare for your session

Start on this Meditation Daily. So, your mind stabilizes and you learn how to relax and go deeper into your mind. Thus you will improve your chances to access the Subconscious Mind during sleep. Watch your dreams 2-3 days prior. Many people get key dreams, as the Subconscious Mind tries to help.

Be relaxed, have a light meal, and make sure you have had a good night sleep. A fatigued mind doesn’t go into trance, rather falls into restful sleep. That is why we avoid post work session, as mind slows down after a long days work. 

By practicing, this mediation you can easily train your mind to go in hypnosis.

Need help or healing? 

If you believe in Hypnotherapy or spiritual healing, we are here to help you.

Write to us your issues/problems in details: info@innerjourneys.life

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Fee: Rs 6000 INR per session

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