You Are His Unique Creation

You Are Unique

You are unique.
You are beautiful.
You are the source of light.
You are your own powerhouse.

I understand that we all need friends and family to be there for us to share our happiness and sorrows, highs and lows, moments that we win and times that we feel like a looser.
It takes courage to ask for help and it takes compassion to offer a non judgmental space for a person to ask for help and heal.
Sometimes the best healing happens when we are allowed to speak out our heart and empty ourselves.
Sometimes people find comfort when they have someone to just listen to them and not trying to fix them.

The only reason behind this whole process of healing is that we all know how to heal ourselves. Once we start delayering ourselves of emotions like anger, sadnesses, guilt and shame. We are able to reach to the core of our own subconscious where all our wisdom is stored. This is the place where we unite and connect with our Higher Self which knows exactly, how to heal itself.
This is the space where the most empowering and permanent healing happens.
As a Friend or as a healer we can only help people vent out and share their stories with us, give them tools and help them see the solution.

But the healing will only happen when the person is willing to heal, when he/she is willing to look within and understand that what it takes to heal is already inside.
A friend may help you to bandage a wound but to heal it, is your journey.
It’s your internal mechanism which will decide the speed of your recovery and also it’s permanency.

My prayer for all is ~
May you discover your inner strength and may you connect with your light.
May you find your internal powerhouse.
May you heal faster and learn your lessons sooner.

Amen 🌺

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