Angel Card Reading

Angels are always around.

Angels are always eager to guide those in need. Pray, listen to your heart. If you want further clarity you can ask questions about your life challenges and future choice.

Angel Card Reading is an excellent tool for Divination and receiving guidance from Angelic realm.

Fee: Rs 3300 INR for three questions

Msg or whatsapp: Priyanka: +91 9594280000

or mail: info@innerjourneyslife

Payment: Google Pay, UPI, or Bank transfer, whatever payment method you prefer, let us know, we will share payment details accordingly.

If you are living outside India: You can use Xoom PayPal (not PayPal) or any reliable transfer service like Wise (formerly Transferwise), Remitly etc, which transfers fee directly to our bank account. Transfer fee will have to be borne by the client.

You can use an currency online converter to get actual fee in your local currency at the time of payment. 

While communicating from another time zone, please note our Working hours 11 am -7 pm IST. (IST = GMT +5:30). 

Angel Guidance for you!

Step-by-step guide for getting a reading done:

  1. Share your Story & your problem: We need to know you and your problems fully, so we can help you better. So please send us the your name,  Take your time, list out the problems you have in detail, say Health, Relationship, Work etc. Also share bit of backstory of the issues. Medical history for health issues, Relationship history for Relationship issues and similarly Work or career history for Work/Money related issues. Also share a biographic note about yourself. Alternately, you can also send Whatsapp voice notes, on each issue. Or narrate your story over audio, if it suits you better than writing, we are fine with both. Send a note is better, so that we have reference during reading, and nothing gets missed. Subsequently, if need be we can talk of further over phone or Zoom. For reading: Ask three simple and clear questions, avoid subquestions.
  2. Share your Photograph: The next important thing would be your recent photograph, along with those of other involves is the issue. The photograph should be recent if possible, with eyes clear. Avoid shadow on face or reflection on spectacles. Also mention your current age.
  3. Payment: Make the payment and inform us. Google Pay, UPI, or Bank transfer, whatever you prefer, let us know, we will share payment details.We would schedule your Reading subsequently on a next available date. There could be 1-2 week’s wait, so please be patient with us.
  4. Session: This is remote session, which means your presence not required, so you can carry on with your normal routine. We do it our end, sometime during the scheduled date and send you the report.  In a Reading session, we meditate, connect with Angels and through Angel Cards get information and guidance.  
  5. Summary Report: The Reading report is usually sent in the evening, by 8 pm IST, as a PDF file via Whatsapp or email whatever you prefer.
  6. Discussion: Once you have read the report, we can discuss any clarifications if needed.

You can also get a reading done for a loved one, you are concerned about, to know how to help them.

If you have faith in spiritual healing and you want to get a Reading done for yourself or for a loved one, do msg or whatsapp us:

Please ask all your questions prior to the Reading session only, when we go into meditation to connect with Angels and Guides. Post session, we can only offer you clarification, subsequent questions will require another Reading session.

Want to learn Angel Card Reading yourself?

Click this link. Angel Card Reading is part of our Level 1 curriculum in Angel healing Practioner Training.

DISCLAIMER: Intuitive Reading is not a replacement for medical diagnostics, or professional advice.

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