Karmic Healing (Akashic Records Healing)

‘As you sow so, shall you reap’.

– Galatians VI

THIS BELIEF has guided our philosophy for many millennia, across traditions. It also drives our healing philosophy at Inner Journeys. We too believe that – “No one heals before their time” As in before we are karmically ready! 

Recent research in the realm of LBL or Life Between Lives stage has also shown that we choose our present life blessings and suffering based on out past karma known as Prarabdha Karma and our on-going life lessonsPrarabdha Karma are the part of Sanchita karma, a collection of past karmas, which are ready to be experienced through the present life and healed.

We all have seen examples, where some people get cured by a simple medicine, while others perish despite having access to the best of modern medicine or suffer for years. Good people suffer so much, while others despite bad karma are seemingly having an easy life. But the truth is, in the realm of Karma there is no dichotomy or paradox. Nobody gets away with anything. God keeps his books balanced.


1. What are Akashic Records

2. How does it work

3. What all can it Heal

4. What do I have to do during the session

5. Who can Benefit

6. What can be healed via Karmic Healing through Akashic Records

6.1 Fears or Phobias

6.2 Relationship Issues

6.3 Money or Career Blocks

6.4 Health Issues

6.5 Healing for the Terminally Ill

6.6 Spirit Release

6.7 Inner Child Healing

7. Testimonials or Feedbacks

8. How to Book A Session

9. Step by Step Guide to Akashic Records Healing Session

10. Akashic Records Reading

11. Future Guidance

12. FAQs

Akashic Records are the records of all our past lives stored in a cosmic library, known as Akashic Records Library.


Karmic Healing thru Akashic Records involves accessing and healing these past lives collectively. It is a unique way to explore and heal past lives. It is simple, easy and quick. No age, health or mental barrier. Accessible to all. No matter where you live. As it is as simple as Distance Healing.

The origin of our method of Karmic healing or Akashic Records Healing lies in a familiar technique of Surrogate Past Life Regression, wherein a person used to go into hypnotic trance, to access Past life Records of someone else, (usually a family member or friend). Whereas here the therapist goes into a deep meditation and as a surrogate accesses and heals the past life memories, records or files, stored in Akashic Records Library. This lies nowhere but in our own Unconscious Mind.

If you can pray and believe that your present hardships are due your past karma, we can help you, find answers to your life questions, find life purpose or life lessons, future direction and hopefully lead a better life for yourself or your loved ones.

Many people are unable to access their past lives through traditional one-on-one Past Life Regression, as they can’t go deep enough in the subconscious mind, are fearful of hypnosis or are simply too analytical thus blocking the subconscious mind access. In such cases, Karmic Healing (Akashic Records Healing) or Psychic Regression presents a viable option for those in need.

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What are Akashic Records?

Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for ‘ether’ or simply put sky. Akashic Records are compendium of all our past life events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent. In meditation and hypnotic trance people have seen them as library on the non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.

In ancient Indian wisdom tradition, the Garuda Purana talks about Chitragupta, the heavenly scribe who records every action of each life form from birth to death. He is the records of good and evil, hence he is also god of justice, who decides are fate post death. Biblical history mentions this concept of records as “the Book of Life’

“And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the Book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.”

– Revelation 20:12

Meanwhile the central text of Judaism, Torah mentions it as the ‘Book of Remembrance’. More recently it was mentioned in the works of American mystic, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) and Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) (Read more)

Watch this video to understand more about Akashic Records Healing (Karmic Healing):

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How does it work?

Karmic Healing helps in reducing his karmic baggage or Karmic Dosha (कार्मिक दोष) due to which one suffers. Once we clear whatever is ready to be healed, the suffering is reduced. Through Akashic Records we access the related past lives, and heal all the people harmed by us directly or indirectly. Release their pain, suffering and trauma. Restored their natural health and abundance. Once healed these soul can drop their curses and vows against us. This in turn reduces our karmic baggage.

Remote Akashic Records Healing works just as a Surrogate regression session normally works, where a person goes into trance or deep meditation to access the past lives of a loved one, say a spouse, sibling or child, and heal those past lives.

Here the healer enters a deep meditative state and psychically (intuitively) accesses the Akashic Records as a surrogate on the behalf of a client with Spiritguides. First a reading a done to ascertain which lifetime or lifetimes the problems, be it health, relationships or work is coming from.

In the Healing session, we go to the karmic origin lifetime/s of an issue and heal the suffering of the victims souls — people whom we have harmed or killed. As guided, we employ various healing techniques like Energy Healing, Angel Healing and more importantly Healing with Spiritguides and deities, to heal the victims, free them from suffering. Thereafter they are able to forgive and drop curses and find peace. This reduces our suffering we are enduring as a karmic clearance. Sometimes it is hard to believe in the lifetimes that show up during healing. But then, if there is suffering, there would be a corresponding karmic baggage to clear and life lesson to learn. That is what we seek to find and heal in our heal sessions. Even though, in present life the personality traits might not match as souls do evolve, some do carry the imprint.

As always forgiveness is important tool in past life healing, and whatever the client is karmically ready can be healed. No claims are made here, as a healers we cannot, we only facilitate. Though we have had wonderful and inspiring results over the years. In fact we started with our friends and family, only much later seeing the results our Spiritguides allowed us to practice it publicly. We are grateful in sharing the unique tool with fellow beings. Who wants the benefits of past life regression but cannot undergo, for various reasons. In fact, when they have received the healing report many have said that the lifetimes mentioned in the report were the same they had seen previously when they regressed during an individual Past Life Regression session, but could not see it conclusively or get clarity.

Many people tell us, they don’t understand the process fully, yet know instinctively that Karmic Healing will help their loved ones in suffering. So want to go ahead. We take on their cases with joy. 

What all can it Heal?

We can also access lifetimes traumas from where our fears and phobias are coming from. Clients block these lifetimes due to fear of seeing extremely traumatic or fearful experiences. Sometimes we have perpetrator lifetime, where we have harmed people. These require karmic clearance, healing and forgiveness with all the souls involved is perform calling upon the soul of the subject. Thereafter, we check for curses or vows from various lifetimes, so that all the curses that karmically ready to released, are dropped. Usually this involves extensive healing and counselling of the souls involved, with help of Spiritguides and angels.

In case after initial reading for Psychic diagnosis, Energy clearance or spirit Release Therapy is required for removal of spirit attachments or Foreign Energies, you will be duly informed in advance. Sometimes black magic also makes a person susceptible to illnesses and spirits, which needs to be cleared first.

What do I have to do during the session?

Akashic Records Healing does not requires your physical presence, as it is done remotely. It works just as distant healing does. A forgiveness prayer is sent in advance. It is to be done daily for week-10 days. If the person is not able to forgiveness prayer due to medical / age related reason, some loved one can do on their behalf. Sometimes when a soul is not remorseful, or unwilling to move towards light, healing gets hampered.

Rest you can carry on with your normal every day routine work.

After the session, a brief summary report is sent usually within a day. This includes guidance from Spiritguides and future directions.

Who can Benefit

  • Those who have been unsuccessful in accessing their past lives themselves. This might be due to various reasons like, energy blocks, third-eye block, or the subconscious is not prepared enough to open up to past life information. Or they have not been able to access the origin lifetime of current life problems during traditional PLR session. This is where the need for an expert arises to handle files with dexterity and access the exact lifetime file, from thousands of lifetimes in Akashic Library records.
  • Some people are at distant locations, not comfortable with phone/Skype session and while some are not open for Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) but their family members or loved ones want them to heal or at least to find out what is the cause of the problem and healing requirements.
  • Besides normal cases, we have had excellent results with children and the elderly who can’t take sessions personally, or skeptical people whose families want them to heal or want to find answers. Many of our clients are outstation people, who find it hard to visit us or are uncomfortable with phone session.
  • Since multiple lifetimes usually 4-5 are cleared in a session around a chosen issue, it turns out be economical compared to personal PLR session, which might take 2-3 sessions, depending of the complexity of issue and readiness of the your mind to access the subconscious mind. Here, usually 1 or 2 sessions are adequate for a issue, say relationship, work or health etc.

Find your Life Lessons

The biggest benefit of any Past Life Healing, be it via Past life Regression or remotely via Akashic Records Healing, is learning crucial life wisdom. We understand the history of our soul’s journey. We get to know the life lessons we missed in previous lifetimes and thus had to suffer greatly, in subsequent lifetime as a consequence.

When we sincerely follow the wisdom and unfinished lessons that are revealed during the session by Spiritguides, we grow. Souls that are willing to grow, heal faster.

“Those who do not learn from their mistakes, are doomed to repeat it!”

Our Life Script is based upon our Past karma

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“प्रारब्ध पहले रचा, पीछे रचा शरीर ।

  तुलसी चिन्ता क्यों करे, भज ले श्री रघुबीर।।”

Each one of us incarnate in the physical body with a life script. Written by us along with our guides, prior to our birth in LBL stage. This also depends upon our prior karmic baggage and unfinished life lessons. Thus by choosing the prarabdha karma, the karma we choose to clear in current life, we lay the bedrock of our life script. Therein lie our life lessons too, endurance, patience, humility or forgiveness. Some of prarabdha can be healed, but some the heavy prarabdha or karmic baggage we have to endure. As physical, emotional, mental or financial suffering. It is all our karma, and that is why blame never helps and forgiveness and letting go, always do. 

Do Sewa in good times, so that when bad times come, you have enough good karma to help you heal, find help, solutions or guidance. Without good karma and divine grace nothing is possible.

Read more: Why Healing is not an entitlement but a Privilege

What all can be healed ?

Akashic records Healing covers all the aspects regular Past Life Regression Therapy can, and more. Issues that have karmic origin, be it relationship karma, health or financial karma.
  • Fears or Phobias Past life traumas. Often karmic origin lifetimes are tough to access in normal PLR, so souls resist seeing their karma, and thus impede their healing.
  • Relationship Issues: Relationship conflicts, betrayal, isolation, Marriage blocks.. Sometimes we have harmed people in relationship in past lives, we suffer due to that karma and curses. Vows like “I will never get married” (Vows of Celibacy) or I will never leave you, no matter what (Staying stuck in a bad relationship) can cause lots of hardships.
  • Money or Career blocks When we have harmed someone financially in past lives, we suffer financially in current life. Result? Work gets stuck, business losses, fraud or litigation. Career blocks, no growth despite efforts or potential. Even work block commonly known as Kalsarp Yoga in Indian Astrology we have found comes from killing snakes in past lives. So that can be healed as well. People have found this financial karma coming from lifetimes as dacoits, thieves, property fraud, money lender lifetimes etc.  Further, for Relationship and Work-related blocks there always is a Childhood trauma and some dysfunctional patterns, which also blocks work and relationship growth. So Inner Child Healing and Shadow Work are key components in healing  such blocks for the long term.
  • Health issues Chronic or unexplained aches and pains. Migraine, Depression, Cancer, certain Diabetes, Infertility (Childlessness), Unexplained or undiagnosed medical issues. Often once the karmic blocks are cleared, people have found the right doctor, Healing modality or even therapist.
  • COVID-related healing (read more)
  • Healing for the Terminally ill When you have a loved one, terminally ill, like Stage IV Cancer or is bed-ridden for long, Akashic Healing can help heal the lifetimes which are the source of current suffering, and thus ease the suffering, and sometimes the person passes over with ease. (Read further: Healing for the Terminally ill)
  • Healing for the Deceased Loved ones: Yes you can still help. As no soul ever dies, we only leave our physical self, our karma travels with us. (Read more)
  • Spirit Release Some people have spirit attachments causing sudden mood swings and erratic behaviour, even creating relationship and office conflicts and money blocks. If diagnosed this would require Remote Spirit Release Therapy.
  • Astro-Akashic Healing: A healing discipline, which combines the wisdom of Vedic Astrology with  Akashic Records Healing. Read more.
  • Psychic Detox (Psychic Inner Child Healing): When a person is unable or unwilling to take on personal Hypnotherapy sessions. Read more.

  • Autism Spectrum and Congenital Disorders: In cases of Autism spectrum, Genetic or brain disorders, congenital diseases, Cerebral Palsy etc, Akashic Records Healing does have a positive impact, we have seen some improvement in functionality, and better chances of therapeutic or medical interventions arise once karmic baggage is cleared. Usually one or both the parents have related Karmic blocks. In some cases Mental illnesses run down the Family Tree, for that we need to Family Tree Healing also. For example, in one case the Akashic Healing resulted in  finding a more suitable occupational therapist. Since such diseases are part of the life script chosen by the soul, they are largely irreversible. We don’t want to give any false hope to an already suffering family.

“We do our best in healing, the rest is in God’s hands.”

Not sure where to start? Or if you have problems in multiple areas of life, consider getting Akashic Records Reading done. This would help us know the quantum of karmic baggage to clear in each area of life, and plan out subsequent Healing and/or Hypnotherapy sessions accordingly. Read here


  • “You’ve done magic literally…. I don’t know from where the gates of opportunities are opening suddenly.. I would’ve ended up lost n nowhere.. 🌸. For so many years nothing happened…. and after you did what you did at least calls have started to come…. Amazing…” – Rachna (Could start career again after many years of break)
  • My brother-in-law found a job after 2.5 years of wait! Got healing done last year. – Shyama
  • “I would like to express my heartful gratitude 🙏. After your healing my son is now more confident. He has also started going to nearby market all alone with confidence. I can see lots of changes in his body language. Thank you Lord Krishna for sending abhishek to rescue my son” – Niti, mother of 9-year old, fearful boy, who couldn’t be alone.
  • “My sister is better… she’s more communicative and spending time with family . Heartfelt gratitude…” – Shikha, Sister of a self-destructive woman, who had cut off tied from family.
  • “I took your help for my son’s behaviour (5-year old with behavioural problems and anger) last year. He is so better now…While healing my son, you told me that I had some spiritual boon, that was cursed, which you removed. I was able to find and do the Pranic Healing Course. And I have started to practice. Thank you, this happened because you healed my past.” – Snehi, a young mother
    6. ‘In the Healing report, it was mentioned that my work will stabilise in 3 months and I did find a new job.”
    – Tanya
  • 7. “My son got a job interview (after many months of hopelessness), I’m sure it is because of your healing…” ~ Aditi from US (name changed)
  • IMG-20201013-WA0025
  • “After so many years of marriage and infertility issues, my nephew finally was blessed with a child. Thank you – Madhu
  • “My brother’s court case, which was running for years, got dismissed. Thank you.. ” – Prashanthi
  • “After years of no hope, and even astrologers saying: No chance , we were blessed with a bundle of joy! Thanks..” – a new mother
  • “…my son has finally landed a job in Canada! Many thanks..” –  A happy mother 


  • “I reached out to Abhishek with a lot of skepticism, just to get some clarity in life about what path I should take – but after my first healing session in April 2020,I have been blessed with clarity, courage and forgiveness and life has just changed – and I am not able to believe how my life is right now! From a toxic relationship of 22 years to being free and single in a new country with a new job, after finishing my responsibilities as a mother – Words can’t do justice to how I have evolved as person and how new doors have opened up for me. I can’t thank Abhishek enough for what he has done for me !”
    – Hamsa GayathriWhatsApp Image 2021-10-29 at 9.50.23 AM
  • “Abhishek’s healing sessions have always worked liked magic for me. His healing sessions have turned things around for me both in personal and professional life…”

    -Anonymous, Australia

  • More Testimonials 

How to Book a session

If you have faith in spiritual healing and you want to get a healing done for yourself or for a loved one, do contact us:
Abhishek : +91 9810206293
Priyanka: +91 9594280000
(Working hours: 11 am to 7 pm IST. )
Or share your problems with us at info@innerjourneys.life. As always your information is kept confidential, so share candidly so we can help you better. 
 Fee: Rs 6000 INR per session
Payment can be done via Google Pay, UPI or Bank Transfer. No cash deposits please.
How to pay if you are living outside India:
  • You can use Xoom PayPal (not PayPal) or any reliable transfer service like Wise (formerly Transferwise), Remitly etc, which transfers fee directly to our bank account. Transfer fee will have to be borne by the client.
  • You can use an currency online  converter to get actual fee in your local currency at the time of payment. Like this one.
  • While communicating over phone or whatsapp, please note India time IST is GMT+ 5:30. Our working hours 11 am – 7 pm
NOTE: Spiritual healing is based upon mutual faith and trust. Thus, we reserve our right to deny any client, in case we find him or her to be skeptical, rude or not ready for healing
  • Prior payment is required at the time of booking a session. It is advised to book 1-2 week in advance. Message us whenever you transfer, we will book you for next available date.
  • Fee non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Please do not embarrass us by bargaining or asking for a discount. Any good treatment is worth saving up for. Space out your sessions as they may become comfortable for you. Many people take monthly sessions, but complete the entire healing cycle as suggested by guides. It is advised that you take healing for all areas of life where blocks emerge, as they are often interrelated, thus you would benefit more. Further more, once a healing cycle is complete, guides are in a better position to suggest remedies or directions. 
  • Do not get disheartened if guides ask you to wait before 2nd or 3rd session. Earn good karma meanwhile as suggested.  Often people who are sincere and are willing to grow, as in change themselves have better healing opportunities. 

Step by Step Guide to Akashic Records Healing Session

  • WhatsApp or email (info@innerjourneys.life) us a recent photograph or simple selfie, in good light with clear eyes looking into camera. To avoid shadow over eyes, try clicking a photo facing a light source. 
  • Write the issue/s you want healing or answers for in detail. Along with a brief bio and including the timeline of the problem. Eg. Medical history, relationship or career timeline, depending upon the issues you have. 
  • In the case relationship issues, do share the pics of people you have conflict with. Say parents, in laws. This can also be with a belligerent boss or office colleague. All can have past life back story. 
  • Make sure you share all the issues at the outset, so we can help you better. As often issues are inter related. Limited details limits healing. 
  • Importantly, please inform us in advance, if the same problem runs into your family tree, paternal or maternal. In that case, Family Tree Healing would need to be done as well for healing Ancestral Curses.
  • Please share if there is any trauma memory in childhood to heal, be it sexual, emotional or physical abuse. Or any unusual, paranormal experiences in the past.
  • Next we will send you our bank details, to make bank transfer. (Or Google Pay, UPI etc). Clients from outside India can pay via Xoom PayPal (not PayPal), or any reliable transfer service like Transfer wise. Any Transfer or transaction fee is to be borne by the client only.
  • Thereafter we can fix a date for healing session (or reading). You might have issues in many areas of life say health, relationships or work. We start with the healing for most important issue in the first session as guides suggests or as you think apt.
  • On day of session, you can to do a forgiveness prayer, in the morning. This would be sent to you in advance. You can also meditate on the day as usual. Other than that you can carry on with your normal routine. Our healing process is independent of what you do otherwise. 
  • Once the healing is done, a brief summary report of the session is sent to you usually the next day or in the evening. This includes guidance received from Spiritguides about the journey ahead and next healing etc.
  • If need be, we can discuss, the findings and clarifications over call, chat or email.  All questions you have about past or future, need to be asked about the session. So, when we connect with Spiritguides and Angels, we can find some clarity for you. 
  • Often Sewa (Charity or volunteering) is advised post healing by the Guides, when there is heavy karmic baggage. Read here

Akashic Records Reading

If you want you can only get an Akashic Records Reading done. To know the origin of the current problems, and get the healing done at your own pace. 
Reading is like psychic or Intuitive diagnosis of the problem as in finding the number or kinds of lifetimes from where the problem/issues is coming from. Thereafter healing can be done in the Healing session.
If you have questions about your current life challenges, Spiritguides are always happy to help you. For philosophical questions like life purpose, answers come when you are ready. 
Reading also is for future guidance or clarity about future directions, though for that we also have an option of Angel Guidance.

Whereas in Healing, we actually go and heal those very lifetimes and heal the victims and situations, using Energy healing, Angel Healing and of course forgiveness.

Fee: Rs 2000 INR per person. (Three questions or problem areas) 

To know more about Akashic Records Reading and how to book a reading, Click here:  Read more…

Akashic Records Access: For people who have successfully seen their past lives through Past Life Regression, now they can collective clear their past lives through this innovative method of accessing your Akashic Records at the Akashic Library with the help of Spiritguides. Lifetimes of suffering or victimhood, of being a perpetrator, wisdom and powerful lifetimes.  Individual session. Fee: Rs 8000 INR per session.


Q. How is Akashic Records Healing different from Past Life Regression (PLR)?

A. Both attempt the same thing, healing our past lives. While in PLR we access our past lives ourselves in a state of deep meditation (hypnotic trance) guided by a Hypnotherapist. In Akashic Records Healing, the Therapist accesses your Past Life Records via Akashic Records Library, and heals the same lifetimes, in a form of surrogate Past Life regression. This makes Akashic Records Healing a faster, economical and hassle-free method. Why? because in Akashic, one can get up to 5-6 lifetimes healed in a single session, while in PLR this could take as many as 5 or 6 session, as healing depends purely on how quick your subconscious is. Though in PLR, when we see our past lives ourselves, we believe in them more readily, and its wisdom, plus many receive personal insights.

Q. Does healing of past Karma help?

A. Yes. It does helps a lot of people! That is why people get Akashic Healing done and benefit from it. But the most important thing is having faith that it will work. Because if you want to feel the magic then you need to believe in it. 🙂

Q. What do I have to do on the day of healing? Do I need to visit Inner Journeys centre that day or be on call?

A. You don’t need to come our center or be on call, as Akashic Healing is done remotely. You can carry on with your normal routine.

You just need to do a forgiveness prayer in the morning, which is sent to you in advance. Report is usually send by the evening, or following day with future guidance from guides. It can also be mailed to you if you so wish.

Q. How many issues can be healed in single session?

A. One. Usually one issue say health, relationship or work comes from 4-5 lifetimes, which can be healed in one session. Though sometimes two issues can be come from same lifetime. A person can have many issues, so you can choose the most urgent one to healed first. However many interrelated issues also get healed. 

We understand that only great suffering brings people to healing and especially Karmic Healing. However, we need to remember that Akashic Records Reading or any other healing modality is only healing what we ready for karmically and not a wish fulfilment or quick fix to all of our life’s problems. If that was true, we would have healed and our loved ones of all the ills and problems. Isn’t it? No one can heal beyond their karma.

We only facilitate, it is God who heals.
– Abhishek

 Only what is in the scope of healing or shall we say Karmically ready and  what have past good karma for will get healed. That’s why traditionally sewa and devotion to ishta are recommended for life improved, we too recommend the same. Ultimately our karma and prayer invokes Divine Grace or Kripa, which creates miracles.

Beyond that some Prarabdha Karma we have chosen in our life script as souls to go through and grow.

Q. How many sessions does it take to heal a issue?

A. Usually one session is enough for an issue. Though depends on issue per se and the karmic baggage.

Q. I have lots of issues, blocks and emotional baggage too. Don’t know where to start. 

A. If there are too many issues, it is a clear sign of karmic blocks or curses in each area from multiple lifetimes. Collective healing for lifetimes, which Akashic Healing does, helps. Start by getting an Akashic Records Reading done. Read here. So you know the quantum of karmic baggage to heal to begin, so sessions can be planned.

Individual PLR will definitely help, but will take longer time and many sessions. Best way would be to first get an Akashic Records Reading done, to find out, what all healing is required. And how many sessions will be required over all.

Sessions can be planned issue wise fortnightly or monthly as per your comfort. Say Work, health or relationship healing session as per the order of severity or urgency. Once karmic blocks are cleared in an area the right Healing or pathways too emerge in an area.

Also a good tool for behavioural issues especially if there is childhood drama is Inner Child Healing.

So you first get an Akashic Records Reading done at a nominal fee, so that we can plan out your healing journey.

Q. I have had relationship issues all my life, will they all get sorted after this?

A. That would be wishful thinking, won’t it be? Often our important karmic life lessons come from our relationship journey.

Healing is about growth, if we are unwilling to grow or change our behaviour, there is a limit to which healing can impact us. As a contrast people willing to work on themselves and their triggers via Inner Child Healing and Shadow work have positive relationships in years to come. 

Q. We are getting divorce, does it still make sense to get healing done for my wife?

A. Often even when there is an impending divorce or break up, still people get Akashic Healing done for their spouse. Why? Because they don’t want to carry forward the karma and conflicting patterns to another lifetime or relationship. Karmic baggage and curses travel with across lifetimes and we are bound to reapeat the same story again. Furthermore, only when the healing done, we can know for sure the life lesson we need to learn via a suffering. If we do not learn from it, and grow, we are bound to repeat it.   

Q. What is the guarantee that the issue will heal?

A. Results in any healing really depend on how our energy system and our soul responds to healing, plus how much we are karmically ready to heal. So one really can’t give us guarantee. No medical doctor gives that much guarantee. Isn’t it?

Though we have many testimonials for amazing results, as with any other healing modality, we too cannot offer any guarantees. We do our best with each person, but ultimately God heals, plus we cannot heal beyond our karma. Like medicine no healing or therapy can guarantee results.

We understand that only great or prolonged suffering brings people to healing and especially Karmic Healing. However, we need to remember that Akashic Records Reading or any other healing modality is only healing and not a wish fulfilment or quick fix to all of our life’s problems.

Q. I am not sure about this modality, what do I do?
A. We do not convince anyone about the efficacy of Akashic Records Healing or guarantee any results. We love working with people who have faith already. We know they are ready for healing. Else we don’t take up such cases. When someone is karmically ready for healing, faith we have seen comes automatically. That’s is the most beautiful journey, how Universe guides us towards healing.
So take your time, do your research. Above all, trust your inner wisdom. As many people say, “I really don’t understand, I just know, you can help me.” 
Most people come to us through word-of-mouth referrals, which is the best way. If you aren’t convinced – wait. Or try something else.
Q. I got Akashic Records Reading done for my ailing father, now doctors say he has only a few weeks or days to live. Should I still get the Karmic Healing done?

A. It is more sense to get Karmic Healing on death bed, so that the soul become lighter of Karmic baggage, and has a smoother exit, and easier transition into the Light. Many people contact us specifically for this. So that their dying relative get easier exit, having suffered so much. (Read more here) There is no greater Sewa than helping the dying. Is there?

Q. I only now discovered this healing modality of Karmic Healing, can I help my deceased parents in any way?
A. Sure you can. Karma can always be healed. For this reason, we have a specific healing, called Healing for Deceased Loved ones  (Read more here)
So many times, individual karma of many deceased ancestors are healing during Pitr Dosha or Family Tree Healing. It is never too late. Death doesn’t change karma, only healing does. 

Q. I got a Reading done for an ailing family member, but now I don’t want to spend that much money, is it ok?

A. No. Getting a reading done, and then not helping a person by getting healings done, would be a karmic choice. It is like getting a diagnosis done and not paying for their treatment. Karmic Reading is Karmic Diagnosis, and Akashic Records Healing is Karmic Healing.  So, get a Reading only when you are sincere about helping someone. Even if they are dying and you tell yourself, “They are anyway dying, why spend money?” Whenever this has happened, a dying parent or sibling has often cursed the person.  Read: Healing for the Terminally ill


Q. I have been asked to wait for sometime for my follow-up session. Why?
Healing takes time to show effect. Usually from a few weeks to a month. Depending upon each case. Subsequent lifetimes take time to surface.
Also healing is all about timing. No one can heal before their time. Just as karma-phal, fruits of our past karma occur with time. Also is healing decided by divine order and timing. We cannot surpass it. You must have seen, people not ready to heal, running from one doctor, healer to another in vain. So we trust our Spiritguides to tell us when a particular karma is ripe enough to heal effectively. Sometimes, this wait can be for years. Be patient. Learn your lessons. And yes do good karma meanwhile.
Q. Can I get Akashic records Healing done for my husband who doesn’t believe?
A. Sure. If the intention is good, our Spiritguides allow. Sometimes the person is a newborn with debilitating illness or a terminally ill person, both can benefit. Often after getting benefitted a person get healing for various family members, as a personal gift on Birthdays and special occasions.
Q. Can I get Akashic Records Healing done, while I undergo Reiki or Pranic Healing?
A. Sure. Both work on different aspects of energy body. Hence compatible. We have practiced both in the past, so we know that for sure that to heal past lives we need to use the tools of Past life Regression or Akashic Records Healing. 
Q. Can Akashic Healing help in abusive marriage or in case of a cheating spouse? Can behaviour also be changed via this, anger, dominating or control issues?
A. By healing past lives, we can clear the karmic blocks, baggage and curses which got you trapped into this dynamics in the first place. However personal behaviour changes when a person decides to change it. Through mindfulness, Meditation and Inner Child Healing. Though we have seen many cases when past life anger or revenge feelings are released, cordiality is possible.
Usually after the session Guides give guidance, regarding the journey ahead. Since relationships involve behavioural issues of both the people. If both our willing to make changes, things get better sooner. There are no quick fixes in relationships as you can imagine. They are part of our learning as well. 
More importantly, you can find out what are the lessons you are supposed to learn through this challenging situations. Once we free ourselves emotionally and learn to empower ourselves, half of the battle is won.
Q. After I get an Akashic Healing done with respect to a person or an issue, is it possible that after sometime, some more lifetimes can be ready for healing?
A. Yes possible. Lifetimes surface gradually, in a process like de-layering from the unconscious. Thus, as and when we are ready Karmically, further lifetimes can surface. Sometimes in 6-8 months to an year’s time. If we do sewa and Meditation, it can happen faster.

You can send you photo, if you want and we can do a reading. Often people get an intuition or some block emerges.

Q. I am afraid to know about my past karma, can it still work?
A. Yes it can. If you are afraid, we would not sent you the summary of session. Only the guidance received by guides would be sent. But forgiveness prayer and sewa if recommended by would be part of spiritual medicine.
Q. I am kind person, have never hurt a soul, all in life. but my report says I have killed many in the past? How is it possible?
A. It is common to be astonished or even fall into disbelief as you find about your past karma. But then, who hasn’t done bad karma in past, we ALL have. No wonder we have suffering. Often we wonder why an innocent and pure child has to suffer. And then exploring Akashic Records we find the karmic origin to our current suffering and that when possibilities healing and solutions.
Q. I have chosen my life script, isn’t Akashic Records Healing tampering with it?
A. When we fall sick we do take medicine. Don’t we? We don’t resign to an illness simply because it is due our past karma or life lesson. We still go to doctor and take precribed medicine. Similarly, all Healing including Akashic Records Healing is nothing by Spiritual medicine and an ancient one at that. We take it because we want ourselves and our family to get better.
For generations, women were made to stay in bad and abusive marriages because their families told them, “It is your karma, clear it in this life only, by suffering.” Only years later women realised, How come men in bad marriages are never told that? It was but an excuse, given by non-supportive parents and family shirk from their responsibilities. Ultimately each one has to decide that they too deserve a better life. One bad marriage need not be a life sentence. Nor two. Nor should be one illness or bad life situation.
What if, the life lessons is finding courage to leave a bad or toxic relationship?  No matter how dismal a situation might seem, it is always important to improve our life condition.
Moreover, only that much healing will happen, what we are karmically entitled to. The life lessons we have chosen, are indelible. People who are willing to grow, naturally heal faster. 
Q. Can Spirit Release also be done remotely?
A. Yes, since we use Akashic Records to heal the past lives from where the distressed or hurt souls are coming from, we can also perform remote healing successfully. Everyone wants peace.
Q. Can Akashic Healing completely cure Autism spectrum or Schizophrenia?

A. Over the years, we have seen in cases of lifelong Schizophrenia and Mental illnesses, effects of Akashic Healing can be seen as improvement in some functions and clarity.

We can’t provide a complete cure as it’s the script one has to live in this lifetime. We can only help in reducing the impact or bring down the spectrum by doing karmic healing.Nevertheless, within two Healing sessions, we get to know how each person is responding to the treatment.

You must be aware that only that much healing will happen, which a person is karmically ready for. What you can ensure is that the karmic baggage which caused this suffering, will be eased and future lifetimes, can be better.

However, as a surprise when the Karmic block is cleared the right Therapist or Doctor has been found.

Q. I have some questions about my future, can I also find that in Akashic Records Healing?

A. No. Akashic Records Healing is where we heal your negative Karma from Past lives around a specific issue. For queries around future events or choice, get an Intuitive Reading done. Read more 

Q. Can I experience Akashic Records Healing myself?
A. Sure, if you are interested in undergoing personal session for Akashic Record under hypnosis, that facility is also available. As it is part of our advance regression series, they need to have undergone, at least one prior successful Past Life Regression session with us or any therapist.
Duration of this session could be up to 3 hours, as often 4-5 lifetimes are there to explore and heal related to an issue. Fee: Rs 8000 INR per session. Though the number really depends upon who much you ready to heal karmically, and how quick and open your Subconscious mind is.
Feel free to ask for any in clarifications.
May we all be healed.
Love & Light
Abhishek and Priyanka

Aids in Healing:


• Prayer

Mantra Healing

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Rumi

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Statutory Disclaimer: Healing or meditations are not a replacement for any professional or medical advice or medical prescription. We strongly recommend that you consult a Medical Doctor or Health Care provider, if you have any physical or mental problems.

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