Healing for COVID-19

Healing for COVID-19

The onset COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, saw many of our past clients entrusting the healing of their loved ones in our hands. Befuddled ourselves, we prayed for better ways of helping those in dire need. Soon help came our way, as insights and ideas for a new healing technique started flowing in meditations. Gradually, this led to the development of a healing process, especially for COVID-19 patients with our Spiritguides. With whose blessing we at Inner Journeys have been a medium of healing for many COVID-19 patients since then. There successful recovery and rising demand has encouraged us to share this healing to a wider circle.

How is COVID healing different from Akashic Records Healing and Energy healing?

Our first step is to do an Akashic Records Reading and Intuitive Reading to check if the person has Karmic blocks related to the current suffering. We have seen those who don’t have much karmic baggage to clear, recover without major complications or hospitalization. We also check if there is a life endangerment, so we can prioritise the session, and do what is best for the person.

For COVID healing, we use an Integrated Healing approach. Combining Akashic Records Healing (Healing past life karma and curses) with Angel Healing, Crystal Mandala Healing and of course Energy Healing with Spiritguides.

Every case is different. Also, every energy system responds differently to healing. That is why, we can’t guarantee anything, besides having seen good results. We entrust healing to guides and Angels, as facilitators, with a prayer – May what is best for the person happen. We know, only that much healing will what the person is karmically ready for.

COVID healing involves 3 steps:

  1. Energy clearances: Here will clear any soul attachments and Black magics, from past lives or current, which otherwise become a major impediment in recovery.
  2. Akashic Records Healing: We believe every suffering as a karmic origin. We access and heal lifetimes, where the client has karmas and curses related to COVID symptoms or epidemics etc.
  3. Energy Healing: We invoke Divine light and Angels to clear Chakras, and do energy healing to clear negativity. With clearer energies and a stronger aura, the patient recovery becomes faster.


There is a spectrum of possibilities that one can expect which can vary from fast recovery to proper medication and of course less suffering.


Anyone can get it done for self, for a family member or a friend.

Even if you suspect that you might catch the sickness, you can get it done as a prevention.


It’s been more than a year now that we have been doing healing sessions for COVID patients and there are certain things we have learnt while doing such sessions.

The purpose of sharing our learnings with you all is to create awareness about COVID healing sessions.

A. Healing happens with God’s will and Grace.

We are only the channels and mediums for healing. We can only heal as much as good Karmas you have to heal. Let alone us not even celestial beings can heal someone beyond karmas. We can only help reducing the suffering by karmic clearances and energy healing.

B. Nothing is untimely in the world of God.

Sometimes answer to our prayers, pleas and healing is end from physical suffering and we have to accept it with a grain of salt. Most of the times the patients recovers and sometimes their soul chooses to use COVID as an exit point. We have no other option but to accept it and trust the Divine.

C. Sooner the better.

Sometimes people come to us when their loved ones are very critical and doctors too have given up. As healers we can only do our best to heal the soul but if physical body has deteriorated then the fact is a soul cannot live in it.

So even if there was a chance of recovery and survival, soul will have to exit the body as it is no longer fit for it to dwell in it.

By the time people come to us and we do the healing soul has already chosen to leave and we can’t do anything about it even after doing all the karmic healing possible. In that case, the healing helps lessen further suffering, as we do in cases of the terminally ill.

D. You get what you manifest.

Only thing that will help you survive during these difficult times is faith and trust on Divine that you are safe, protected and taken care off, by God.

More you get fearful and anxious about COVID the more you will invite it at your doorstep, simply because in fear our vibrations go low and so does our immunity. So, I suggest chant, pray and do Simran and increase your vibrations and positivity, it will boost your immunity and even if the virus hits you, it will cause minimum damage to your system.

E. God is watching.

Discourage the black marketing of medicines, medical equipment, essentials and food supplies and stop making money out of the misery of fellow beings.

Most of the COVID patients I did healing for had lifetimes where they were mean, nasty and stingy towards needy and victims of some epidemics. Some of them had lifetimes of medical malpractice or black marketeers.

So be aware…

When you think no one is watching and commit a sin, don’t forget God is always watching and is keeping an account of all your deeds. (Read more)

F. Learn to obey rules.

Similarly, we need to maintain social distance and wear masks as by not doing so we are going to harm ourselves and our loved ones and COVID will not lose its ground.

Let’s learn to obey rules not only the ones laid by nature but also by government.

We need all the five elements to survive and the truth is none of them need us to exist.

If you want to put up a brave act then built the internal strength and be a pillar of strength for your family, friends and neighbours. If you don’t like social distancing then call your friends and family regularly to ask about their emotional and physical well-being.

Let’s hold each other together and contribute to raise the collective consciousness and awareness by filling the world with universal love and light.

We are sure… This too shall pass!

G. What can the family members do?

Prayer. Family members can do the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra japa and any religious prayer with the following intention: “May the benefit of the Mantra (Prayer) go to…. (name of the person).”

Prayer circles can be formed amongst close friends and family, and chain prayers can be done for the well-being of the prayer, as the traditional practise is, in times to need. Most importantly, our prayer should be: “God please do what is best for the person.”

Session Fee: Rs 8000 INR

Bank transfer, Google Pay or UPI.

For people outside India: Xoom by PayPal (Not PayPal), Wise (formerly Transfer wise) or any reliable transfer service which can transfer to our bank account. Transfer fee if any will have to be borne by the client .

May Krishna guide us all… Always!

Note: Some people have a lot of negative energy and soul attachments in their system, especially from dark lifetimes. This prohibits COVID healing session. In that case a prior Energy Clearance Session would be suggested.

Team Inner Journeys

Healing for Mother Earth

Healing Meditation for COVID-19

Here is a guided meditation to help you heal and recover from COVID. We have only uploaded it after getting a positive feedback from some of our clients, who have reaped the benefits of this meditation.

Please share the following Healing meditation with COVID patients (and those vulnerable), if you happen to know any. Might help:



  • Here is my recent personal experience around one of the many covidhealing through Priyanka – an experience of covidsurvival when everyone else said no. Priyanka’s prayers are heard! She is Guided – God’s Meher to Humankind. One feels HisGrace through her healings.

I must say Mausiji’s (aunt’s) survival from covid is Guided. On that unfortunate Saturday, Mausaji (her husband and my uncle) left us. Both of them had been hospitalized in Delhi, fighting covid out for over 10 days. Although my uncle’s condition was relatively better than my aunt’s, fate played him the victim, very sadly. Doctors, that Saturday, gave up on my aunt too – with 90% lungs damage, oxygen levels hovering around 60-62 and no signs of improvement for days, doctors finally told the family they could not do anything to save her. She was critical and chances nil.

The Healing:
Nothing is really a coincidence in this world – including your reading this testimonial. One thing led to another that Saturday, and there I was, sharing about my aunt’s grave situation with Priyanka. Many times I have reached out to Priyanka for help – however, this time I was a bit hesitant given her extremely busy schedules, especially in these times with #covidhealing. She is always so kind and a genuinely compassionate person, and makes relentless efforts to do healing… It so happened that Priyanka had an hour before her next session. I am deeply in gratitude – she offered to do healing that time! It all happened so quickly, like a magical clearance!! The Guidance from covidhealing stated next 2 days are critical observation, and also mentioned aunt’s #covidsurvival chances being there! Nothing short of a miracle as it sounds, over the next 2 days, the vitals did start showing improvement – oxygen levels went up from early 60’s to 70’s and then 80’s!!! Her covidhealing was arranged in heavens, delivered by our #Priyanka angel.

Recommendation: Please be open – Healing stays forever. It is our fixed deposit for all lifetimes. Help your own with #covidhealing
Having been through scores of sessions with Priyanka in the past, I knew that I have to be open to accept the #Guidance that comes out of her session – no matter what the Guidance is. The Guidance from her sessions is the Truth and we have to learn to accept, as God’s will and His best decision for not only us, but also the person/ people being healed, in case not directly us.

However, I also know that healing from Priyanka is a blessing which remains with us forever, be it this lifetime or some other. Priyanka’s session is always a win-win, no second thoughts.

Please do not delay covidhealing for your near and dear ones – with God’s Grace, you may save life covidsurvival. At a minimum, with God’s Grace and the karmic situation, the person healed may be cured of any karmic debts and break this type of unhealthy pattern for lifetimes to come – that’s the most benevolent gift you could ever give to your loved ones or acquaintances. Time is to act now. And if you happen to know the person Priyanka is, you are truly Blessed indeed.

God bless you always ♥️🙏
– Rachanaa

“Seeing much improvement in Papa’s health. Oxygen Levels have improved significantly. Back to 98+ level. His anxiety also has gone down significantly. ”

– A daughter

• “There are times when logic, science and our intellect fails to provide an explanation for situations in life. Being an engineer myself, while I have been open to looking at spiritual healing as a legitimate approach, I never engaged or came across a practitioner who had a methodical approach.

While I live in California with my wife, my parents reside in Delhi. In the last decade, my parents have endured frequent hospitalization due to heightened anxieties, loss of confidence and depression related symptoms post their professional retirement. During this period, we consulted several neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists for treatment and counselling. When the symptoms did not subside, we would also consult pandits, astrologers for guidance. While there were temporary improvements, none would be able to provide guidance on the underlying causes.

Priyanka has been like a guiding light for us in the last year while family members coped with challenges ranging from physical health issues, mental health issues, and covid. We have consulted Priyanka for Energy Clearance, Akashic Records, House Clearance and Covid Healing. I am amazed by the post session impacts on the family members. The most recent being Covid healing where my parents’ oxygen level, which had dropped to 92 and was not exceeding 94. After Covid healing session, we saw remarkable improvements in the Oxygen levels which went back to normal levels of 98-99 within 2-3 days. The only reason I call this out first is because spiritual healings are generally hard to quantify but this healing has resulted in demonstrated improvement on physical health which I could quantify and share. Her detailed observations and healing from Energy Clearance, Akashic Records Healing has helped us understand the deep underlying causes and has brought peace for family members..

..What you will get from Priyanka is deep insight about the underlying causes of your present or past situations and the truth as she sees it ( which may surprise you ). She is very meticulous in her response, and very punctual in sharing detailed hand written reports about her observations and healings provided. You will get guidance on long term remediation of your problems.

I wish many successes to the Inner Journeys Team to bring joy and peace in this world.”

– A Grateful Son

Need healing?

Msg or whatsapp us: Priyanka: +91 9594280000

Any queries? Write to us: info@innerjourneys.life

How to Book a session

1.Drop us a msg.

2. Send us following information:

Name, Age, COVID symptoms and other Health issues.

3 Also a clear photograph, any photo with eyes clear would do.

4. You can pay fee via Google Pay, UPI or Bank Transfer.

5. Pray.


Q. Can I get this done proactively for my family, as a prevention?

A. Sure, many are getting it done. Often not everyone in family has karma related to COVID, so even if they test positive you would find, they recover without much complications or hospitalization.

Q. It shall be joint healing for family or for individual members?

A. Karma is individual, so individual Karmic Healing sessions would be required. Often in family not everyone will requires Healing. Also Energy healing and Chakras clearing has to be done individually.

Q. What is the guarantee in healing?

A. We can’t give any guarantees, we only facilitate, rest it is God who heals. Every person responds differently to Energy Healing, plus we heal only as much as our past good karma will allow. No one can heal beyond it.

So, if you cant bring yourself to have faith this healing method, we would perfectly understand. That’s why we never try to convince anyone. So in that case, try a modality you can put faith in.

Further reading:

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Prayer & Sewa

DISCLAIMER: Healing or meditations are not a replacement for any professional medical advice or medical prescription. We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor, if you have any signs and symptoms of COVID.

COVID Resources

Need help in finding COVID related resources, beds, plasma, Oxygen etc?

• Click here to go to our COVID Resources page

(These are not our resources, created various people’ and organisations, suggested by Volunteers.)

• Plasma Donor Database

We have started an initiative to make a list of all eligible plasma donors who are willing to donate plasma

Click here to enroll: Donor Form

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