Finding God’s Will in Tragedy

~Finding God’s Will in tragedy.~

What role does God play in Pandemics?
Is he sleeping, absent? Shouldn’t we wake him through our ardent prayers?

“No!” said, my Spiritguides with much amusement. “You think God doesn’t care about all this? On the contrary. “

“The human species has been trying for spiritual growth since the 1960s, at the advent of the New age. But little has been achieved. Why? Due to excessive karmic baggage collectively, and some souls weren’t able to evolve fast enough. While, there were some souls who wanted to use this opportunity to clear maximum karmic baggage through suffering, so they can rise swiftly in lifetimes to come.

The simple truth is that only we are karmically light, can we rise. Why do you think the new age didn’t work? We have unprecedented access to ancient wisdom, text practices and rituals from global compendium called internet. Yet are we any happier? Lighter or wiser than the previous generation?

That is why mass tragedies happen, when we get clear karma collectively. COVID pandemic is not an oversight, that missed God’s radar. He is still in charge. The planning started years ago, minute precision is undertaken when mass transitions happen, so only those whose time has come, must die. That should be our prayer. May Thy will be done, as always.

God is in charge. He is suffering with us, through us. Yet He God is also the one who is waiting for us, collectively on the other side. Yes here again, God knows. When it will end, or how will it play out.

Therein lies peace of God.

-Abhishek Joshi

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