Fixer To Healer

Fixer To Healer

~Fixer to Healer~

No one likes to be fixed, but everyone wants to be healed and heard.

Can you be a healer, instead of fixer?

The difference is compassion, co-passion, to be willing to feel what another person feels. And yet, to be willing to wait with them as the storm passes over. Be willing to meet them where they are, as they are; right in midst of their confusion and tribulations, to be a soul companion. Silent and willing to listen, and receive their hurts and fears and confusions. To be a channel for catharsis and then healing.

We are not what we know or can do or say, rather what we allow to happen through us. Truth is, sometimes you will not have all the answers, or words to assuage someone’s suffering. Sometimes, you can’t even say I understand, because don’t, as you do not have that visceral experience in your sou’s lexicon.

Can we stand there in our humanity, frailty and vulnerability and encounter there’s? When we are able to stand there as love, healing happens. Afterall it is love what heals.

Better still can we treat ourselves that way? What if you can also feel what you feel when you feel low and need healing ourselves without trying fight, run away or judge and fix immediately?

What if you can instead be that patient, quiet and compassionate presence you so need sometimes. And start there.. Don’t try to fix yourself, you will fail and hate yourself more. Not to say, feel more unloved.

Instead just be, and try accepting all that you are and have right now – problems, weaknesses and failures first, and allow the wholesomeness to emerge thus.

Self-love, acceptance and respect the key to healing. Because care is what love feels in the beginning, before anything else. Allowing yourself to fail, yet again and still feeling loved. Can you make yourself feel cared for by yourself and accepted fully? Today?

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