When Do You Really Need Courage During A Spiritual Journey?


When do you really need courage during spiritual journey?

When we set to find God or ourselves When we wish to heal ourselves. Or for that matter alter the trajectory of our lives or that of a nation.

Turns out there is no time when wouldn’t require courage. Down right essential for our passage to light. Within.

Here’s is an excerpt from the classical text of the Master himself.

There’s no courage”, The Prophet said, “before the war has begun.”

Drunkards vaunt their bravery when you speak of war.

But in the blaze of battle they scatter like mice.
I’m astonished by the man who wants purity
And yet trembles when the harshness of polishing begin…

When a man beats a carpet again and again. It’s not the carpet he’s attacking, but the dirt in it.
– Rumi, Mathnawi

Be prepared, with all the courage your muster, and then some. Once you have used it all up. Pray. Grace might take you forward where on your own you won’t able to.

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