Ready To Live With The Mysteries?


Ready to live with the mysteries?

Then you are ready for mysticism. Otherwise spirituality is where you will limit yourself.

What if you couldn’t fix things, anything? Be it, your life, your body, career path or even your loved ones. What if you were to watch someone dismantle their own life, single-handedly and painfully slow, right in front of you. Unable to overcome their darkness.

What if you feel excruciatingly powerless in such moments, but instead of resigning, you choose to surrender? To the great mystery called life.

Where things are not explained to us or any reasons given. Where illogical things happen all the time. In fact more often that we would like.

What if you can never grasp the idea called God. At least through the mind. And no matter how much logically you deny his existence, things happen that suddenly make you aware of the dawn within, mysteriously.

Then what?

May be wonder for a moment, has all our knowledge and wisdom helped us heal so far? Find peace or God for that matter?

What if we are being asked to drop our sense of entitlement?

Wisdom like healing is not an entitlement, but a privilege. Earned over lifetimes. We have to become worthy of it. Period. Worthy vessels to hold the truth or the light divine.

Knowing this, what if instead you choose to relax, even if for a brief moment, into this mystery. No questions asked. Settle into the quiet, as mystics have, over millennia.

They dwelled upon the mysteries of God. Gradually God revealed to them the clearer picture. Though it only makes them quieter. Seldom sharing the view from the mountaintop, only the possible pathways up to it. For who knows, what pathway would lead you home, which towards definite disaster.

They all look the same, to untrained eyes, unwilling to see through the mysteries, paradoxes and mixed signals. That are thrown at us often as move along the path to help us dismantle our ego structures and mind driven ideologies. So that we can live free. Free from dictates of the ego and surrender to gentle whispers of the soul instead.

But first, are you willing to be still long enough and be quiet?

May be, just may be then you will begin to listen. You will allowed a glimpse into the big mystery.

Who knows.

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