The Unending journey of Love

The Unending journey of Love

~The Unending journey of Love~
A young lady, came to find answers recently, regarding her fiancé, who died 3 months ago in car accident, that too only a few weeks before the wedding. It was traumatic end to a 8-year long relationship or was it? As Past life Regression revealed..

What unfolded was insightful. She saw her fiancé in two lifetimes as her son. In one she lived alone with him in a large home.

In another lifetime in hill village, once again she lived alone all her life, after her husband (fiancé’s father ) unhappy with the marriage, left with the 4-5 year old son, never to come back. She never stepped out of the village, talked to nobody except her neighbour (her grandmother in current life). Interestingly, she is loner is this life too. But far away the son missed her mother and cried a lot, wondered why she didn’t reach out to find him. Gradually she settled as a woman (fiancé ‘s current mother) started taking care of him.

Her soul was asked to connect with the soul of the young boy, and make peace, seek forgiveness. Now she will miss him in this lifetime, and clear the past.

The two souls met again in the celestial garden, in the presence of her Spiritguide. Then what happened next was touching. The soul of her fiancé took her by the hand, and into their large home by the beach, with her fiancé’s mother as daughter and she was also pregnant with a boy, her current father. The year was 2090 AD, a future lifetime when they will be together again, fulfilling old dreams.

She was happy and at peace, as was he. He guided her leave the past behind and start afresh, connecting with joyous people. And she resolved to do so, and I know she will flourish, she has her love to guide and strengthen her.

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