There is always time for self-reflection.

In moments of self-reflection we discover who we are. Silence and stillness preceeds such an encounter with ourselves and our truth.

When you think you know a lot, you haven’t discovered the level of your ignorance. Yet. When you think you know everything, you know little or nothing at all. Only recycled information that poses as wisdom.

Think again.

Develop an inner life, a life of contemplation and deep self reflection. Do enquire into your self, look at your life, and your everyday choices, do they reflect presence of inner wisdom, or just virulent ambition and an acquisitionary zeal?

Examine what are you really seeking? Do you sense the presence of grace, inner peace, surrender or inner fulfillment? If not yet? Keep exploring for ways of finding them, they are not as elusive as popularly believed; for a true seeker God himself becomes the way. For there is no way to God, but God himself. As there is no other way to love or peace than love and peace itself.

Examine the path you are already walking. As all of are on a ‘path’, whether we realise it or not. It will take us where it is meant to, don’t be surprised in the end. For you have walking on it everyday, as particles of God, that you are.

The truth is even the Universe is ever expanding, still discovering itself through us, our journey, our choices and mistake, and experiences of joy and suffering alike. Our journey embodies the journey of the whole Universe itself.

It’s a sacred journey you are on, my friend, do not waste it, just looking at vaudeville and side shows of other people’s weakness and judgments borne of vanity. Rather look within, and examine your own darkness and imperfections, as well as your light, and yes gifts you are born within. That which you need to bring out in the world to be the change.

Otherwise, it is just same old, same old. So keep shining while you discover your deeper light, and deeper life. Knowing that each day is not a dress-rehearsal, but a day of life itself. So live it well, my friend.

Don’t wait for the dawn, become the dawn yourself, for yourself and then for your fellow beings.

“The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me. My eye and God’s eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love.”
~ Meister Eckhart

— at Zorba the Buddha.

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