We Are Not The Story Lines We Live

Story Line

We are not the story lines we live, rather what our soul learns, through them.

The storylines are perfect, so are the characters in it, as our soul has written and selected them. We choose the drama according to our soul’s agenda for this lifetime. The play is then enacted by our soul group members amongst themselves to help each other grow. Thus as actors, antagonists and protagonists, it isn’t wise to get trapped in the scripts, we are playing roles in currently.

What we see as bad karmas, ours or someone else’s are mistakes of the intellect, our soul always feel the hurt we cause another.

Time to let go and move on. The more we hold on to our story lines, more we hold others in theirs. They did what they knew best at the time, as did we. We have all been trapped in our darkness from time to time.

Forgiveness offers us an exit from this eternal cycle of karmic retribution, and from guilt, which makes us seek punishment. Self-compassion makes us drop all our hatred and grudges as we realise they only prolong our suffering and turmoil. Freedom lies in stepping out of the story, and viewing life as our soul does. It frees us from victimhood and allows us to receive the wisdom embedded in the storyline. That gives us endurance, the humility to accept the characters we have chosen, and a greater capacity to forgive.

We choose our experiences as a soul, especially the traumatic one. This is the key fact revealed in each PLR session. People are not the roles they play. This knowledge frees the person each time. PLR also helps us see our lives symbolically, rather taking everything personally, where we get stuck.

Without giving up our storylines, we cannot be free. We cling so strongly to them, thinking we are them, yet PLR shows us, we can heal them, and yes transcend them.

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