Are you prone to overthinking?

“Be Still and Know That I am God”

– Psalm 46:1

Has it ever happened to you? That you were lost in your thoughts, and then suddenly it dawns on you, – “O this is a thought loop I’m stuck in! I just need to get out of it! I don’t have to fix it, it is taking me nowhere!”

You blink – take a deep breath and let go! Walk away. From all of it. Sounds familiar?

Mind loves ruminating over the past, or worrying about the future. That is habit we have practiced, perhaps since childhood. Often childhood trauma or experiences of fear causes the mind to get into survival or panic mode.

A mind that experiences trauma become fearful. And a fearful mind is always restless, anxious and thinking of survival techniques. Simply trying to keep us safe. Childhood trauma is one big reason of having a overthinking mind. This can come from growing up in a household of aggressive, controlling (harsh disciplinarians), narcissist, manipulative, passive aggressive or plain abusive parents. Victims of sexual abuse are further more prone to overthinking. Imagine a child’s mind is trying to make sense of a trauma or such complex situations and thus gets habitual if this behaviour, via over-planning, catastrophizing (thinking of the worse), self-blame, self-sabotage, self-hate, shame or guilt. This anxious energy makes mind to go haywire, loose control and sometimes get stuck in loopy thoughts, which have no solution or exit. That is why Inner Child Healing and Trauma Release sessions (Online /Offline)have proven to be so effective in dealing with an overactive or disturbed mind.

No doubt, an overactive mind has its benefits, for example, it is agile, it can cram a lot of information, knowledge, and is adept at multitasking. But do too much of it? And you find yourself with no energy left to do other things. For, it is the same mental energy and faculty we require, to fix something practical, make quick decisions and yes action, right in the moment. Because we lack presence of mind, because our mind is pre-occupied or exhausted.

Though sometimes when someone’s energies are not clear the become restless. By that we mean they have some negativity or dark energy, that too can cause mind to misfire or behave restless. Presence of a negative or disembodied soul (spirit) in aura can also cause these symptoms and even suicidal thoughts. We have had cases where even after years of trying a person couldn’t meditate, then they require other interventions like Energy clearance Session.

Otherwise in most cases it is just habitual.

Action vs thinking: Contemplate and think by all means, but be aware, no point getting carried away. You have an innate inner wisdom with speaks when we are silent, quiet. So listen. Listen close, my friend. Also when a man habitual of overthinking latches on to a negative or dark thought, we all know the consequences can be disastrous! So don’t indulge in overthinking, make mental health a priority. Thinking doesn’t fix your life, body, or relationships, your action does. We doubt ourselves so much that we sabotage your own self-confidence and intuition repeatedly. So listen to your intuition, your gut-feeling and act on it immediately. That is how your self-confidence also will increase and your happiness in life — by following your heart, your bliss! The problem is that we often second guess or self doubt are own best ideas, that eventually we are unable to change ourselves or our life circumstances.

The good news is that any habit is learnt behaviour, and thus can be unlearned. Hypnotherapy is one way, meditation is another. Like any other habit, if we want to change this habit too, we need to practice some different, something viable, fruitful – try staying the moment! Let me give you a small technique to practice: It called Instant Action!:

Every day practice doing at least one thing as per your intuition on your own, without listening to the doubting thoughts. Just do it, without fearing making a mistake. This simple daily practice, done consistently will heal your self-doubt issues in the long run.

“It’s one good habit that change our entire life.”

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Meditation is a mental gym, for retraining the mind, to develop focus and mental power. Mindfulness is a mental muscle, naturally takes time and effort to build and strengthen.

One way can be practicing mindfulness meditation daily, even it is for 5-10 minutes.Some have even benefitted by doing a 2-minute meditation. Many people who were on anxiety medication, I have seen turning around their lives, by investing in quiet time for themselves. It’s worth it.

You can also develop mental serenity or calmness by observing nature and its beauty. A flower in a vase, or a nature photograph would do as an object of contemplation. If you want to experience stillness, practice being still. Practice, and that too shall become a habit. Soon you will be to catch yourself sooner, before go down the rabbit hole of dark thoughts, and instead steer your thoughts away towards your happy place, your quiet place within – your stillness and bliss.

Love & Light

Abhishek Joshi

If meditation interests you, try some of our soothing meditations: Visit our Youtube channel to choose from a series of guided meditations for specific needs.
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Meditation to Get Rid of Repetitive Thoughts. – A Breakthrough technique for Getting Rid of Repetitive Thoughts, Intrusive thoughts, Negative Thoughts, Ruminating Thoughts, Unwanted Thoughts, whatever you might want to call them, they are not you . Because, you are not your thoughts. Now freedom is yours to grab, through some simple techniques…

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Cover photograph and text copyrighted Abhishek Joshi. Other photographs by pixabay.

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