Examining Our Prison

Examining our Prison

Examining Our Prison.

We are inside
a prison of our making.
When we are not willing
to be ourselves.
It is facade and a prison.

Examine, where
you are not being yourself? And why?
Why who you are, isn’t enough for you?
What else are you trying to be,
other than yourself?

Free yourself.
Allow yourself, to be your weak,
weird, vulnerable, unpopular
or imperfect self.
For therein lie the many gifts
of your soul.
Self-approval is the freedom
door from constantly seeking
external approval.
Where we feel vulnerable
to others rejection or disapproval.
May we examine our own
self-rejection and self-disapproval.
That’s the freedom,
we have been seeking,
the self-acceptance we need.

Open the doors.
Come back.
To yourself.
That’s the journey.

with yourself.

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