Beyond Eclecticism

Beyond Eclecticism

~Beyond eclecticism~

The most eclectic
of all experiences,
is this breath.
Of life,
moving thru you.
Right now.
Breathe fully,
with awareness
of the life it carries.

No need to chase
the eclectic, the exotic
experiences, places
or moments;
you are eclectic already.
Born out of
breath of God.
No breath is ordinary,
neither is any moment
nor experience.
It is our perspective
that requires
a shift.
Just be
and discover
the extraordinary in you.

If you can’t find
God in the ordinary,
you still haven’t found,
the light.

So, stay ordinary,
find God instead,
that would be
an extraordinary thing to do.
Chasing power, fame
and fortune
is so ordinary.

Presence of God,
is what makes
a life extraordinary
and worth cherishing,
rest of the lives are
all forgotten.

Stop chasing,
what seems extraordinary
for the moment,
or to the ordinary world.

Dare to stay ordinary
embrace yourself completely.
Then go a step further
stay invisible,
rather become visible
to God.
Through the love
you carry in your heart.
That’s the only thing
God sees.
God is love,
and so are you.
Otherwise you’d stay invisible
to God, and die ordinary.

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