Has All Your Thinking Helped You Heal?


“Has all your thinking helped you heal?

Can you set it aside then for while, and pray?

Can you just feel your breath for while and be still?

What if it works? Try.”

I don’t believe in convincing or conversion. People who require convincing can be convinced out, by someone else or even their own minds, using a better convincing argument. It is God or life that can gives us a conversion experience.

Heck many people don’t believe in God or soul or past lives for that matters. God doesn’t mind, not does our soul or past lives. Am I to be bothered then? I realise that moment it is not their time yet. To heal or to grow, they are enough converts already. Who can do better job than God. So I can learn to relax, teach and heal who ever comes my way. Simple.

Otherwise I meet so many people who have read a lot, thought a lot. But got trapped in the thinking. Didn’t find solace or God.

They developed a pseudo, mental spirituality. Which is all words, and talks. Only that. Little heart or willing to be vulnerable to another soul, let alone to God.

Guarded as they come, not willing to reveal much, though with clear ideas about life and further more clear agendas even for their own healing path.

They are proud of their thinking, their minds, and viewpoints which they stubbornly defend at times. Almost like those fundamentalists we so detest

They are in for a surprise, in life.

When mind fails. To give answers, provide viable solutions and to find peace and love. In life, we are seldom given explanations. Life doesn’t entertain our vain inquisitiveness. Nor does it give us answers and solutions before we are ready to receive, with humility and courage to follow the guidance.

I have been there.

People like that seldom talk about their emotions or feelings. Not because of their fault, rather because their painful emotions and memories they can handle or haven’t been able to confront.

They seldom heal or lead happy lives. They missed the heart. Yet that is where spiritual begins. In the heart. Otherwise the mind would have healed itself long ago. No need to pray then. Or to be silent and still. And access something beyond us and greater than us. And also within us.

Do you miss love, try feeling your heart. Feel.

Today close your book, and sit with yourself for while. To feel the life coursing within you. You have travelled the world, now it’s time to travel into yourself. Meet yourself. Open the book of your life. And be healed thus.

Give it a try. If it works for you, great.

Otherwise you can always go back to thinking.

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