Don’t be in a hurry, to heal, to recover, or to grow. Give yourself time. We all need time.

Things happen only when we are ready, when it’s time. And that, only God knows! Isn’t that enough to keep us humble?

Real wisdom or insight comes only when we are ready. Open and empty like a worthy vessel to contain Divine wisdom. That is the reason, sacred texts are equated to the Sacred itself. Reading them, is a sacrament, a sacred act. Not like reading a self-help book, which we lying on the bed, before sleeping. We have to prepare ourselves mentally via meditation, invocation and incantations, before picking them up and before getting access into their inner space, their sanctum sanctorum. But a kernel of wisdom can lie dormant within us for years. The moment under the pressure of hardships, we apply it to our practical life, that is the day, that is moment, it germinates from within like the shining light called wisdom. The journey of the seed is over. And this my friend is nothing short of a miracle.

Simply put, wisdom comes only with Divine grace, we can only pray for that. Fake it, till you make it, doesn’t work here. Actually, backfires as God knows our truth, better than us.

May be try to do some inner work, better ourselves and our karma. That’s all.

Rest we must learn to wait. Let go and let God guide us. Towards the light, healing and recovery.

We have no real idea how God runs his Universe. Sorry scientists to burst your bubble. God will never bother proving himself. Why some people spend their whole lives in darkness and suffering. Why some people heal and others don’t. We have no idea, how miracles happen, yes, they do. That’s why, in the end people turn to mysticism – the mystery called God. The unknowable and unfathomable. That’s why, at the end of his life even the great philosopher, Adi Shankara spoke: Bhaj Govindam, Bhaj Govindam, moodh matey… “Pray to the Lord, you fool. Pray. At the time of death, these rules (knowledge) will not help you, only He will.”

The day, we get it, we can’t help but become suddenly silent, bow our head and take off our shoes my friend. Just the Biblical Job would have. As we have just knocked on the doorway of Sacred knowledge. Only knocked yet. This door opened for the Divine fool more easily than the ‘wise’ and the erudite. Therein lies the catch.

So, if I can offer you a single advice it would be – Let go all your knowledge, become empty of your cleverness, and then be silent. May be, if you feel like, pray: Lead, kindly light…

Just in case, you are done with that, here’s another Upanishadic prayer: “Lead us from darkness to the light…” (Tamasoma Jyotir gamaya)

So, as you raise your hands in prayer, allow me to add Amen to that.


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