We often wonder, how come some people heal so quickly, while for other the same medicine doesn’t work. Some people keep going from one Doctor, healer or Therapist to other, while other heal with Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Alternative medicine.

The answer is karma. No one can heal beyond karma. When the time is right, faith also comes in traditional healing methodology. So as a rule we never convince anyone. Yet miraculously people come from far and wide, giving us an opportunity to facilitate their healing. There again, whatever healing they are ready for karmically happens. That is why, we too give no guarantees. Simply because we cannot.

Sometimes after one or two sessions guides have stopped the healing and told us, that’s all good karma the person has to heal. That is why, despite best medical some people aren’t able to heal.

Over the years, many people were advised Sewa as a remedy for further healing. Sewa or Service is an act done to serve another. Not a gesture of our magnanimity, rather as a opportunity for us to offer help to fellow beings. To be hands of God, caregivers. Come to think of it, we only help ourselves. What we sow is what we reap.

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