Service before Self

We often wonder, how come some people heal so quickly, while for other the same medicine doesn’t work. Some people kee jip going from one Doctor, healer or Therapist to other, while other heal with Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Alternative medicine.

The answer is karma. No one can heal beyond karma. When the time is right, faith also comes in traditional healing methodology. So as a rule we never convince anyone. Yet miraculously people come from far and wide, giving us an opportunity to facilitate their healing. There again, whatever healing they are ready for karmically happens. That is why, we too give no guarantees. Simply because we cannot.

Why Sewa?

Our rewards in life will always be in direct ratio to our service.” – Earl Nightingale

Why do we need to help others? Or to be of service? Sometimes after one or two sessions guides have stopped the healing and told us, that’s all good karma the person has to heal. That is why, despite best medical some people aren’t able to heal.

Over the years, many people were advised Sewa as a remedy for further healing. Sewa or Service is an act done to serve another. Not a gesture of our magnanimity, rather as a opportunity for us to offer help to fellow beings. To be hands of God, caregivers. Come to think of it, we only help ourselves. What we sow is what we reap.

Though the ideal Sewa is Nishkaam Sewa, Selfless service, which gives us Grace and merit in future lifetimes. However when you have heavy karmic baggage to clear in current life time, it is advised by spiritguides to do good karma wherever possible. Sakaam Sewa, means you are knowingly doing sewa to gain merit and blessings to assuage your current suffering.

Types of Sewa

Physical Sewa: Volunteering in orphanages, old age homes, shelters.

Annasewa (Food Sewa): Offering food, meals, fruits, whatever possible to the poor or needy. Especially young and the old.

Prarthana Sewa (Prayer as Sewa): For those who can’t step out or serve in any above way, or are bed-ridden offering prayers for those in need is big start. We all know at least one person who needs a prayer. God knows, we too need for someone to pray for us. Pray that others may be healed, comforted or find peace, healing and well being. In mysticism, such prayers are called Prayer for Intercession. Simply put, seeking divine intervention in other people’s life.

After every healing session you would be guided as to which specific Sewa is good for you.

Note: Sewa means serving people outside family, or strangers. Family members we are anyways meant to help or take care of. Though that too has its merit.

Just any good karma has it merit, any ocassion we hold back from helping others, fellow beings, let alone harm, brings demerit. Becomes part of our karmic baggage. So beware!

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”
– Muhammad Ali

Gupt daan (Silent Service): Sewa needs to done without any public display or knowledge, following the traditional advice if ‘Gupt daan’ or Secret Charity. This was protection a person from ego inflation etc. Ideally only you and receiver may know. Because God sees it all.

If you feel like bragging, posting pictures in social media or feeling proud about it, be careful. That is why, old saying goes, “Neki kar kuye mein daal” If you do anything good, immediately forget about it. Stay free of doership, else you would an inflatable ego to deal with, in the longer run nothing else.

And yes, have same behaviour publicly and privately.

Gau Daan: Donating a cow. This daan or donation is often suggested when a person is at their end of life, and in great suffering, unable to get freed from the mortal coil.

Traditional wisdom says Donating a good cow to someone who would care for her. This remedy is quite effective as we have seen.

Second option is adopting a cow, but for her natural life and third is donating to a gaushala (cow shelter), sewa as feed to cow.

Gaudaan is ideally suggested when last bit of karmic clearance is left. Often that is when Guides suggest. Right at the end. As some brave souls choose to clear their karmic baggage through physical suffering towards the end of life, so that they go lighter!

How sewa is important for future generations too?

Yesterday, I again had to turn down a desparate client for Karmic Healing session.


The spiritguides said, that the person doesn’t have enough good karma to heal yet. They further adviced the person to do some Sewa in course of a month and check again.

It was difficult for me to share it with the client and it was even more difficult for the client to accept. I understand it is difficult for anyone to accept that not every thing in our lives would heal, not every person gets better. One day we realise that money cannot heal all our ills.  Somethings are part of our prarabdha, our life script. Like a child with Autism spectrum, learning disability or a person with mental disorder. Sometimes it doesn’t get better, we have all seen our loved ones suffer and even die.

This brings me to an important insight I want to share. This came to us during a series of Family Tree Healing sessions, for families suffering from Pitr Dosha or Ancestral curses. As always they were all suffering due to bad karma of their ancestors, who at the price of their sucess and power, forgot the simple doctrine of karma. What we sow is what we reap.

They frequently indulged in bad karma, generation after generation, feeling invincible or exempted by the law of nature. Mistreating the poor, helpess and weak, trapped in darkness of their arrogance, greed or lust. Often they harmed people within or around their families. God does not excepts bribes and nothing goes unregistered or stays hidden. Every thing is recorded. Generations tell these tales as they suffer.

But surprisingly, the common theme in these families, where gradually over subsequent generations, fortunes and well being declined, was the lack of emphasis on good karma – via Sewa, selfless service. Let alone devotion.

In a family, the soul of their grand mother revealed in dismay, “This family never did sewa how could they ever flourish?..they never helped anyone or each other.” In another family another Great grand mother said, “They didn’t do any declined” Lastly, an ancestor said, “This family neither did good karma or Sewa…”

Fate of these families, present a cautionary tale. Remedy? As was given to a Sikh family by their ancestor,  ‘Vand Chhako”..(Share your wealth, good fortune with others) do sewa. Another grandmother said, Teach men devotion so they will be freed of their greed and lust. And to women teach Sewa, so that they learn to help other, bring family close.”

As healers we come across many such cases where we see a person or family suffer but we can’t do anything beyond a point, just because we can only heal as much as a person is karmically ready for.
Healing happens by grace and miracles happen only when one has faith, and for both to happen one needs good karmas.

Our suggestion is stay humble and learn to share with others and care for others. No matter how much you earn give a portion to someone who is less privileged than you. If you can’t spare some money then spend some time with under privileged. Go to orphanage and read stories or play with kids, visit old age homes and give emotional care to elders. Don’t wait to do charity or sewa till you face a downfall, start doing it when grass is green in your garden.

Remember blessings are like umbrella, they will protect you when it pours down. It’s only wise to buy an umbrella when sun is shining brightly, rather than hunting for one when it’s raining.

Healers can only help you when your soul is ready to heal  and you have good karmas to heal your life.
We are just the medium to initiate your healing journey, ultimately it’s the choices that you had made in past lives or in present life which will enable your smooth healing.

So, while you take of yourself, your family’s needs, please spare a thought for your family tree and future generations as well. This reminds me of famous verse by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji..

“दे सिवा बर मोहे ईहे, शुभ कर्मन ते कभुं न डरूं..।।”
(O Shiva! Give me this boon, that I may never shrink from doing good deeds..)
– Abhishek Joshi, 2020

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