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Schooling can be best period of life. It can also be the worst. Depending on how a child handles tough situations in the growing years, and also how much his or her parents are equipped to support, guide and assist in life small-big crisis.

Over the years, while working with adults, having various relationship and various behavior issues, like anger, anxiety and fears, we have shifted our focus to helping children handle day-to-day stresses and challenges of school life. Be it bullying, isolation or pressure of studies. Imagine all this happening when a child still learning skills to understand, language and manage difficult emotions.

Plus modern parents increasingly put more and more pressure to excel, be an all-rounder. Few parents can see the uniqueness of their child and help them harness their own potential. Fewer still are equipped to handle the many crises in a child’s life.

Often unresolved childhood issues or unfulfilled dreams of a parent get dumped on to their child. That is how it becomes a generational pattern of dysfunction. Ironically, during our workshops with adults, where we do Inner Child Healing, most parents realise the impact of single statement that they have experienced in their life. Thus many end up blurting, “O gosh! I have screwed up my child.” Most parents regret handling it badly. So why don’t help parents and teachers heal. So we can protect the next generation.

Coming back to young adults…

Why hypnotherapy is better idea

No one wants to be told what to do. Neither you nor your child. They only need to remind of the inner resources they already have. Thus they are empowered for life.

No counselling help to some. In hypnotherapy, we access the subconscious mind directly in a state of deep relaxation and focus, as that is what hypnosis really is. Read more

  • Memory Enhancement
  • Exam Fears, and Anxiety
  • Confidence Building
  • Public Speaking
  • Handling Bullies
  • Childhood Trauma Release

What else?

Inner Child Healing: Empower your Emotional Self, or the Inner Child from debelitating early life experiences and reprogramming deep-seated subconscious behavioral patterns, go for Inner Child Healing. Read here

Need help?

If you believe in Hypnotherapy or spiritual healing, we are here to help you.

Please share your problem with us in detail at info@innerjourneys.life

OR Msg or Whatapp:

Abhishek: +91 981020 6293,

Priyanka: +91 9594280000

(11 am – 7 pm IST)

Session duration: 1 – 1 1/2 hours, over Zoom or at our centre in Gurgaon.

Fee: Rs 6000 INR per session

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