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We can only take up clients, whom our Spiritguides allow us to work with. Some clients are meant to work with others, with whom their energies align better. Universe wants what’s best for you.

Fee: Usually, ₹ 6000-8000 INR depending upon session, mentioned separately, in individual sessions page. Session fee needs to be paid in advance, at the time of booking the session.

Fee payable in advance, via GooglePay, UPI or Bank transfer. Clients from outside India can pay via Xoom PayPal, or any reliable transfer service like Transfer wise. Any Transfer or transaction fee is to be borne by the client only.

Time slots for personal Sessions: We have two slots for session, 11 am or 2:30 pm. Monday to Friday. Duration 1 12/ – 2 hours Subject to availability.

Prior payment is required at the time of booking a session. It is advised to book a few days in advance.

We offer Remote Healing or Distance Healing in certain cases. Else we advice a live session, be it Online: Say via Zoom Video Call

Locations for personal sessions: Inner Journeys, Sector 57, Gurgaon OR Inner Journeys, Mahendra City, Bhopal.

Fee for every session is mentioned in their respective notes above.

Cancellation Policy: In case, you want to cancel a session, it needs to be done at least 24 hours in advance with a valid reason, so we can allot the slot to someone else. No-show or late cancellations, will cost you 50% of the session fee. For new clients this would be 100 % of the fee. Details here

How do I decide which therapy will help me?

A single problem can have lots of origins. Let’s take the example of a common problem like Migraine.

Case study: Migraine

Migraine is usually due to past life head injuries, often more than one in severe cases. This in turn comes from collective lifetimes where we have cause head injury and harm to people in same area. To heal, we heal these lifetimes in Remote Akashic Records Healing or Live session via Zoom. Then comes the second reason, current life issues, which precipitate or aggravate the issue in current life.  This starts at a certain age, the same age when there was a head injury in past life. Alternatively, an important trauma happened in this life or a threshold was crossed in stress. Like Higher class in school, work failure or marriage. There can be emotional issues like;

1. Indecision, namely you are split between two choices. Your intuition is telling you something which you are ignoring, for years now.

Question: What are ignoring that your heart is telling you?

2. Not expressing or being able to express your emotions. Often migraine is triggered by emotional stress. This eventually shows up environmental stress and triggers.

Question: Who is giving you headache?

3. One more issue I have seen common with migraine is perfectionism. Pressure to perform. Trying to have or show a perfect life. Especially emotional perfectionism. Often migraine patients have excellent professional career built by stamina and vigour. The same is missing from their personal life. Checked out from their Emotional or personal life for various reasons.

Question: Who are you trying to impress or get approval of?

As you have seen, just like the problem sources can be many also are healing approaches, like Inner Child Healing or Parts Therapy and Shadow Work. We decide as we go along with the healing. Yes it is a journey. Let’s discuss your story.

Write to us about your issue/s at

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