Free Guided Meditations

Healing For Mother Earth

1. Healing For Mother Earth with Archangel Raphael

2. Healing For Mother Earth with Divine Healing Light

3. Chakra Healing and Energising Meditation with OM Chanting

4. Meditation To Release Anxiety

5. Meditation For Inner Peace

6. Past Life Regression: Healing a traumatic lifetime of epidemics

7. Ho’oponopono Meditation: For forgiveness and unconditional love

8. Meditation for Inner Child Healing

9. Spiritual Journey to Connect with your Spirit Guide, Wise Ones or Ascended Masters

10. Angel Meditation: To know and connect with your Guardian Angels

11. Heart Meditation for Inner Stillness

12. Mindfulness Meditation for Emotional Release and Healing

13. Healing The Stored Physical & Emotional Pain

14. Meditation for Deep Relaxation

15. Contemplative Meditation on Trust

16. Meditation For Emotional Closure

17. Meditation for Creating Aura Protection Shield

18. Healing Meditation for COVID

19. Meditation to Release Old Hurts and Righteous Anger

20. Unwrap the Gift in Suffering

21. Meditation to Connect with Inner Self

22. Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief

23. Meditation for Self Healing

24. Happy Place Meditation

25. Meditation for Emotional & Mental Detox

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