Somatic Therapy

Tapping into the Wisdom and the Healing power of your Body.

What we resist feeling, persists.

What we feel, we allow to Heal.

Listen to your Body. It has the power to heal your life.

Healing is a journey, a journey towards wholeness, completeness. That’s why, for us at Inner Journeys, healing begins at the soul or Karmic Level – The Unconscious Mind, where we store past life karma, baggage, patterns, imprints, fears, traumas and dysfunctional patterns, and yes the shadow traits. Here we have the tools of Past Life Therapy or Karmic Healing, and yes Spiritual regression to understand the spiritual purpose behind our difficult or challenging life script.

Second step is current life and its memories – The Subconscious – Where we get to use tools like Inner Child Therapy, Part Therapy and Shadow Work.

Then as we go deeper, we find the trauma stored in the body – at the somatic level. This where Somatic Release, or Somatic Healing comes in. To create an Integrated module for healing, that’s Holistic healing for us!

Healing Happens at Many levels.

Are you Ready for your Next Level?

Feel it, and Heal it!

What we don’t feel or heal our body and mind reveal the pain and suffering. Listen to what is body trying to tell you, where does it need healing, care or concern.

The Body keeps score and stores trauma as cellular memory, muscle memory or as fascia. Thus it stays eternally in Flight-Fight mode or Survival Mode, this makes Somatic Release, an important, and imperative step in the recovery from PTSD and C-PTSD (Complex or Childhood PTSD). 

Do you want your Para-sympathetic System to kick in finally? Do you want to finally learn to take it easy?

When we do a Somatic release session we learn to go deeper and release trauma that is inaccessible cognitively. We learn to witness, acknowledge and accept our own suffering thus we are able to free ourselves – From the expectations that one day our pain, suffering and hurts will be acknowledged by those who have harmed us or by the Parental figures in our lives. When we witness it ourselves, we begin to take our power back! That is why Somatic or Bodywork is important as it is deepest level of our trauma.

What the Body Remembers

Your Body is your vessel for this lifetime. It is a sacred receptacle for your soul, that requires your tender-care and love, every day! So my friend, be ready to devote at least 5-10 minutes every day, in self-soothing and various relaxation exercises you would learn during our session. We would take you deeper at the pace your body allows. It is a collaborative journey.

Today, there is so much Research and Scientific data available about the Mind-Body connection and Repression Trauma that now we cannot refute it and numb out. We no longer stand a chance for long term recovery or healing, if we continue to believe that what I do or say, and more importantly think now, does not affect my body. It does.

Healing work is difficult, and inner work is even more. That is why so many of us waste so many years, waiting for it to all go suddenly, succumbing to self-pity and despair till it wrecks our body, mind, career and yes relationships. So start today, and be patient with yourself, your body, which is doing its best. Allow it to rest, recover and heal, at its own pace. Trust the wisdom of the body, it will help you heal.

Body Reset through Somatic Therapy: When body feels relaxed it begins to reset from trauma survival mode to parasympathetic mode. That is when body’s natural healing capabilities kick in.

So as much as you can keep your body and mind at ease the better for it to come back to healing mode.

Letting go is our task. Past we can’t change agreed, but what happens next lies fully in our hands, in the choices we make today. Make one good choice today. That is self care.

Choose peace, ease and letting go everything. Choose to become whole again. Facilitate your own healing.

Learn more about our Trauma Recovery Sessions  (PTSD & C-PTSD): here

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Facilitators: Abhishek Joshi & Priyanka Shukla

Check out their profile here:

Session duration: 1 – 1 1/2 hours,

Online ( Zoom )


Offline at our centres in Sector 57, Gurgaon, Bhopal & Navi Mumbai.

Fee: Rs 7000 INR per session

Contact: Abhishek Joshi: +91 981020 6293, Priyanka Shukla: +91 9594280000 (11 am – 7 pm IST)

or share you problem with us in detail at

Note: No two people have the same trauma journey. So they also have a different recovery path, based on the issues, trauma and progress.

Some people might take 2-3 sessions of Somatic Release, while might need more, depending upon their issues, and progress. Most people take Fortnightly or Monthly sessions where in integrate various Hypnotherapy tools specifics to your need.

Understanding Trauma Recovery


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