“In August 2016, I joined the inner journeys workshop, not having the slightest clue of how that workshop was going to change my life. Once Abhishek helped me heal my inner child in that workshop. I have taken charge of the remote of my life. He helped me know myself better, making me aware of and helping me heal my shadow areas. I stopped looking outside for validation and happiness and started to understand and experience what our traditional yogis talked of inner joy and peace. Through a combination of several healing modalities he helped me heal my past so that my present becomes more beautiful. I do not have words to express my gratitude for the soul guided journey that Abhishek has helped me tread on. I can have nothing else but gratitude to have got a spiritual life coach in Abhishek Joshi. May the journey towards my light never stop.”

– Vaishali

I am really thankful to you for wonderful therapy of inner child healing and PLR. I find my life more merrier and peaceful after that. There are no more fears from men and I have made more male frndz. I have developed acceptance towards them and now I find them friendly. I can work with them, interact with them without any hesitation and fear. Also I can see changes in my nature and attitude that now I do not worry much about things or people.. rather I take things as they come from universe.. the obsession towards perfection is declining gradually and now I accept imperfections, find myself comfortable in that.. Also now I don’t feel lonely rather I feel free and look for peace inside myself to introspet myself whenever I am sitting alone. That day when I hugged my inner child and promised her to be with her forever.. I loved that and that made a difference I believe.. Now I know whatever the situation will be, I will be there for myself and will take my stand.. trying to bring little assertiveness but inner child healing made it easier for me. Thanks a lot sir for your wonderful therapy..it worked well..I am happy and peaceful from inside.. God bless you.”

– Kanika Khurana

“I had one PLR and one Inner child healing session with Mr. Abhishek Joshi last year and my experience was transforming. I went to him at a very depressing stage of life and my inner journey helped me uncover many wounds that lay buried within the heart. Since then I’ve been on an upward curve and trajectory. Mr. Joshi puts the client at ease and it is easy to share the issue with him as his years of experience in the field is apparent. I will definitely recommend him to everyone who is looking to turn inwards to find a solution.”

– Kushagra Singh

“Thank you so much Priyanka. Feel so blessed to find you. I still remember the time I was so helpless with lots of anxiety. You helped me finding out the cause. Thanks for spreading the light. You are doing the tremendous job. Loads of hug and best wishes. Love u bhaut sara.”

– Shubha Sharma

“Priyanka is an extremely sensitive and intuitive being.. She helped me look at my life from a different perspective and so open my mind.. I did PLR with her and highly recommend her and the experience..”

– Matteo C

“Priyanka is a gifted consultant! With a compassionate heart, strong intuition and understanding. Priyanka helped me to go deeper into my pain and gave me tools to heal my inner child. Priyanka thank you so much for the change you have helped me achieve. Your open heart, intuition and finely tuned skills are a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome. You are a true blessing.”

– Hadar Luria


“This session of Abhishek and Priyanka was awesome!!!! We recently got this done and it made me wonder if all the various daans and pooja’s etc that the pandits ask to do for Pitra dosh makes any difference. Those so called ‘upays’ of the pandits lost all relevance after the session. This is energy level work and is deep unraveling and cleansing. I’m sure the benefits will show up soon too. It’s just been 3 days and we’ve got so many indications that work has been done on our family tree.. Great job Priyanka and Abhishek.”

– A family in Agra


1. “My deep gratitude for efficiently conducted level 1. I learned a lot and am eager to learn more on further level. ”

– Kushagra Singh

2. “I went through multiple therapies from Inner Child Healing to PLR, and there was an immediate change which I could notice in myself. At that point, I realized this is something which I really need to explore. Then, I started my certification for a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. To say the least, this has been a journey..and it has transformed me and my life completely..”

– Amandeep Sandhu

3. “Thank you for the amazing 3 days! Safe to call them life changing”

– Sanya


1. “Don’t have words to thank u Abhishek for all your guidance and support and expertise

After yrs feeling healed, and able to experience something   positive peace luv happiness enthusiasm.

Planning to start afresh in life, relations, job, and health. Let’s see where God guides me.

Stay blessed and stay happy and alive.”

~ Dr Kavita, June PLR workshop

2. “The workshop changed my thinking pattern n I am able to reason out the reasons which looked unreasonable… Life is beyond logic..

We didn’t realize throughout the workshop the amazing power n wisdom of Abhishek to heal n guide as if his positive energies were helping us…we all were together in our journey for some reason…”

~ Meeta, June PLR workshop

3. “I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experience you gave us. God bless you”

~ Rajesh Jain, June PLR workshop

4. “Thanks for the wonderful workshop. “

~ Vibhuti, June PLR workshop

5. “I wanted say that i really learned lot from you. Now i can see things differently. In a way i feeling very light now day and much happier.”

– Ritu Aggarwal,  2018

6. Today I am happy! Today am at peace with myself! Today I can stand up for myself. Today I do not lie any more. Today I do not hide! Today I share my thoughts with my family and friends! Today I live and will have a beautiful tomorrow for sure! This is what I got! Thank you Priyanka and Abhishek for being there!!!
– Anubhav

7. “..going within and knowing your Inner Child is AMAZING.. Feeling Grateful to God for giving me the right facilitator’s Abhishek & Priyanka in the right time for improving my Inner journey…”
~ Ranveet

8. “..It was overwhelming. An eye opener through closed eyes. Soul searching and soul stirring.”
~ Neeraj

9. “I was a seventeen years old Jewish woman (during the Holocaust) who was summoned from my home and enrolled to work at a factory…I had excruciating pain since I turned eighteen during the current lifetime. I healed my right leg which has been troubling me again this life time, and I healed my broken skull, thus healing a migraine that showed up suddenly 22 years back and has been my constant companion ever since.”

– Minu

10. “It was an eye opening workshop. Sometimes in life we keep on living wondering what is missing in life. And with just one session the answer came. It is a starting point for me but both Abhishek & Priyanka showed me where & how ‘I can heal my life’. Learning of a lifetime.
Much love 💕
~ Rohini


1.  During the inner journey retreat in Kasauli, I was able to see the light in me. I realised I am the light. The facilitators of the workshop – Abhishek & Priyanka have very interesting ways of working. They helped us see and clear the blockages in our energy fields. During these 7 days we were empowered to work on our triggers and dark sides. The wisdom & calmness that Abhishek has, soothes my being. Sometimes mere conversations brought a lot of awareness & the strong point of views that I was holding onto. The duo facilitators enabled us to go to the origin of our unwanted ‘interesting point of views’ and helped us to either destroy them or embraced them for their wisdom they had brought.

My personal favourite was working with our shadow sides. We were told to look for things we don’t like in others and then find them within. Whatever we judge in others, we judge in ourselves. We were taught to access the side that could accept this shadow & embrace it for what it is.

I am grateful to have both of them in my life. How did I get so lucky? And wonder what else is possible?

~ Amanpreet, Kasauli, 2016

2.  The retreat was very helpful, as I could see myself inside out through it. I could see my shadow sides, accept them and be at peace with them and also ward them off to some extent. This helped me come in peace. I could visit some of the less travelled terrains to look for my life purpose, and this was possible only with your guidance. I definitely feel different and my perspectives have changed. Life looks different now.

Though I feel the meditations could be more closely guided and audible, but it didn’t affect the outcome.

You guys always discussed the visions or the results with much patience, scraping out every hidden detail that actually helped me a lot. All I would say is that this was a life transforming event for me, where I could find my life purpose as well as my soul mate. What else one could seek from life. Thank you so much both of you, for giving me the opportunity to be part of this your energies. Thank you.

~Amarrdiip Singh, Ludhiana

3.  Sooner or later, as the journey unfolds you arrive at a point where you have to face the darkness. That very point facing it right in the eye you have to make a decision whether to face it and rise above it into the light or surrender and let the fear consume you.

A lot of times we fear irrationally of the unknown, of beyond the eyes. And then life pushes you to the edge because it is your time to rise above logic and see what the universe holds for you.

You just have to take that first step of faith and trust that there is a higher power guiding you every second, waiting patiently for you to listen, to see things beyond the dark tunnel in the light.

And once you have taken that first step, with every following step the path unveils in front of your eyes. Embrace it, easy or tough it is yours. Keep walking.. Step by step.. Don’t stop. Darkness is a phase of life, we have all been there. But it is not a place to live, so keep moving.

With every step you take, your world will change because now you are on a path that is meant for you. Dint you promise the Father that you will be true to yourself and face what come may before coming here?

I wasn’t this wise before, now I am.

I wasn’t this courageous before, now I am.

I wasn’t this fearless before, now I am.

I never knew what I was seeking outside was there in me, always.

Thank you Priyanka and Abhishek for making me realize my potential that had always been in me. I just failed to understand it before.

It was important for me to go through the fear and loss and grieve to realize that we are indestructible beings.

Love never dies, it is perhaps the toughest and most important lesson or I should say a being of our lifetimes.

And how important it is for us to go through dark, grief, loss and hate to realize and see how beautiful and strong this being is.

Complete, selfless and infinite…

~ Navneet Kaur.


1.  Inner Journey is actually journeying within. A new concept for me of the Inner Child whom I haven’t connected before. So, going within and knowing your Inner Child leaving aside all your inhibitions and especially your trained mind is AMAZING. Accepting our patterns good and bad is a difficult task as I was assuming that I am a very goody goody person. This workshop is an eye opener. Feeling Grateful to God for giving me the right facilitator’s Abhishek & Priyanka in the right time for improving my Inner journey and making me connect with my Inner Child who was lost and so angry with me. Implementing the learning and moving ahead in Life with baby steps. Love to all.

~ Ranveet.

2.   A big THANKS to Abhishek n Priyanka for taking me back the memory lane n making my soul reconnect with the inner child and the universe. The last two days really helped me find a lot of answers n becoming more comfortable to see life in a new perspective. Loved it!

~ Joy.

3.   Thanks Abhishek, Priyanka and Co travellers for a new experience. It was overwhelming. An eye opener through closed eyes. Soul searching and soul stirring. Thank you all.

~  Neeraj.

4.  “Today i saw the world with a different perspective..Instead of taking things as to she / he / they did this.. I reviewed and corrected the thought to me and I could filter out a few unworthy discussions in the meeting.. Which sounded like clutter..Felt more relaxed and at peace..It’s a gradual shift but it’s beautiful..Hope the learning stays intact and become a practice..Thank u Abhishek for all the guidance .

~ Preeti, 45

5.   “Thanks Abhishek, you play an important part in shaping my faith.Sometimes we need someone wise to show us next destined turn. I can’t thank you enough.And I mean every word believe me. “

~  Navneet Kaur.

6.   “I just want to thank you for all that you did for me. I shall be forever grateful for the insight and the faith you restored in me and my life. .. Everything is making more sense than ever.. I still remember your words..And what I saw there with you. I truly am blessed to have that session with you.. Thank you.

~ Gunjan, February 2016

7.   “Before meeting Abhishek, I always kept thinking “why me God.. Why are you doing this to me”. I was stuck in one episode and had made it my life. But those two days gave me an insight. I found the reason for what was till now ‘the unknown’. I found the way to make peace with myself. Things have begun to make sense now, and it’s just the beginning. I hope to follow the inner voice, the trail Abhishek left me with. Abhishek said to me, “Be the hero of your life.” People will come and go once the lesson is learnt. The key lies in finding your story i n this world.

Thank you Abhishek, for now I know what I have to do.. Live my story, and be the Hero of it too. Thank you so much “

~ Gunjan Singh.

8.  “Ever since the workshop I have been trying to figure myself out in a different way. Now when I reflect back I feel that this experience has made me more human. For the first time in my life I am totally focussed on my inner self. Definitely getting answers to who I am. Still a long way to go but yes now I am more aware of my emotional needs that were blocked and ignored for a long long time. Would like to thank Abhishek for being so caring, gentle and yet focussed on my journey with me. U made it easier to handle.

“Tons of thank”

~ Hema Bansal.

9.  “It [the workshop] was indeed a blessing for me. Learnt so much .., need to be realistic.., one cannot please everyone …Childhood healing was actually great … I needed that ..I m more confident n light …I always believed in prayers…there’s a strong feeling of His presence by my side. Thanks to Abhishek Sir n all d fellow participants.”

~ Neelam Gautam.

10.  “…I had so many thought n they brought me to my life story, just from the childhood, and there was so much I never was aware of, so much of pain so much of fear which I never acknowledged, the small little things from the childhood memories , when they subconsciously became my biggest fear I didn’t knew.After the workshop I could share it without Shame and fear my stories, those small small stories and I felt so relieved, it’s like a new fresh journey.If I say in very few words “the workshop for me came as a life changing events”

Thanks you so much…”

~ Tripti.

LBL Workshop

1. “At a juncture in life where many questions regarding events happening in my life were confusing me and making it increasingly painful to bear, LBL workshop came as a blessing. Not only did I get clarity on the events and people I had attracted in my life, I could understand the chronology of events unfolding in my script. Post LBL, I started looking at my life events and people around me with a different eye as my rational mind understood the relevance of each of them in my script. I started dealing with things more dispassionately and saw life as a script I had written with my guides and what was happening was as per my own script. This helped me break the mould of living like a victim and look at life more objectively.

I found my whole approach towards life as such changing post LBL workshop. It’s a blessing that such modalities are there to help us learn and grow. Healers like Priyanka and Abhishek very patiently guided me to connect with my guides so that the journey became smoother. LBL is a beautiful journey and is life transformational. I’ve done it thrice and every time a new layer of my life script unfolded. It’s quite fascinating that the guides reveal only that much of our script as we are ready for. An amazing experience for sure!!!

—— Vaishali, LBL workshop

Angel Workshop

Angl Workshop 1

“We’ve always wanted help and support throughout the day and especially through testing times where we have to make decisions.
Do we ever get help? Sometimes, yes sometimes, no. But how can we be sure that somebody is guiding us, helping us and protecting us through the good and bad times.
We can be.
Angels are the answers. And angels have the answers to all our queries. They are willing to be with us every time we need them or just need to feel blessed. We need only ask.

How do we connect with angels? I think it’s best if you learn it from Priyanka in her amazing workshop. I’ve done two workshops with her and I’d be more than happy to say that they’ve changed my life. Angel workshop was one of them.
It was carefully curated helping us connect with our angels, seek guidance, help and blessings, and feel loved through this beautiful journey of life.
It’s very easy to understand and can be done by people who are not familiar with this concept at all like I wasn’t. So yes, you should go for it, learn the skills to help and guide yourselves and others around you to make the journey a better one!”

– Sandeep Sehgal

“Priyanka’s workshop on getting to know about the Angels and connecting with them was a delightful experience. She spent a good time helping us connect with our Angels. The flow of the workshop was easy and thoughtful. We got to understand the foundations wherein divine beings as our Angels are know from and also did hands on work to be able to access and understand Angelic guidance.

I personally found the workshop tremendously helpful in building my personal practice of connecting with and seeking help from Angels. Recommend this to all – it’s a beautiful experience , a very insightful and helpful one.”

– Parul

Angl Workshop Lvl 2

Angel level 2 was incredible. Honestly, it was highly advanced stuff. I have not utilitised many of the learings. One thing that I’ve used is the psychic readings of photographs and to good effect. Priyanka ma’am makes everything seem very simple and straight forward. During class, I was able to do certain things I never thought were possible for me ever.

I have also used chakra clearing and healing on a friend as well. 🙂

– Kushagra

Divine Healing Meditation:

Today’s meditation was wonderful.. Thanks for making this initiative..
– Ishan
Lots of gratitude to both Priyanka and Abhishek for guiding us towards healing !!! Awesome!!! Needed that peace!
– Vaishali
Very deep and soothing meditation🙏🏻🌸🎊🎉
– Ravneet
Thanks a lot! It was beautiful and so calming 🙏🏼🙏🏼🌸🌸💕💕
– Parul
Thanku very much to priyaka ji & abhishek ji for such a wonderful section.
– Rakesh
Just being … Feeling blissful in the group energy and grateful to both of you for having us meditate all together 💓🌹,
– Rachna
Thankyou…lovely experience
– Pooja Sapra
I’m very thankful sir ….it was awesome. Feeling so relaxed and calm.
– Akshay Fatnani
Thank you so much … it was magnificent!!
– Binu Kataria
I literally swam across the ocean.. to meet mu guide..
– Sameer
“It was so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you so much.
– Samhita Prabhakar
This was very powerful. Thanks!
– Preeti Goyal
Thank you. It was wonderful. I was able to see colors around me today. Like I was engulfed in colorful circles.
– Pooja Sapra
– Saurabh S
Thanks a lot
– Deepali Thakkar
Awesome 🙏🏼Abhishek thank you very much!!!!
– Kshama
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