Inner Conflict Resolution (Parts Therapy)

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When you feel there are two conflicting sub-personalities or parts in you, which are fighting with each other, or sabotaging each other.

Often it starts from either of parents, give us conflicting or contradictory messages. Say something, while doing the opposite. When parents manipulate a child, to follow the line, thwarting their natural instinct. This power struggle or suppression backfires sooner or later.

When we hear two conflicting, controlling or critical voices in head, we forget which way our heart calls us to go.

This constant inner conflict, which often shows up in our decision making and emotional connections aka relationships stagnates our growth.

If you feel you are ready to HEAL, we are here to help you.

Session duration: 1 – 1 1/2 hours, over Zoom or at our centre in Gurgaon.

Fee: Rs 7000 INR per session

Msg or Whatapp: Abhishek: +91 981020 6293 (11 am – 7 pm IST), Priyanka: +91 9594280000

or share you problem with us in detail at

Our unresolved inner conflicts sabotage

our life goals and purpose.”


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