Understanding Meditation

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Meditation can be a tool for clearing up inner spaces. So that light can inhabit them. But are you too busy for meditation?

Or are you simply living a disorganized, cluttered routine?

Many people think they can be exempted from developing an inner life through silence, contemplation and meditation. They forget it is our inner life that makes for a fulfilling life.

We might have a super busy outer life, enough to not bother to develop an interior life. This way we would end up feeling empty, no matter what we might achieve externally. Balance is the key.

Another pitfall for not developing an inner life is that sooner or later the external life, like the bodies we inhabit collapses around us, if haven’t made adequate efforts to build an inner life when we have ample time, we would panic and tend to cling on to the crumbling façade. But that no age-defying cream or supposed elixir of youth can stop.

Most importantly, our inner life connects us with inner wisdom, which comes handy while navigating through life’s small, big and tricky choices, we face every day.

Once you realise the importance of interior life, only thing you left to do is to prioritize. After all what you think is important, you find time for it. No excuses there, right?

Start small, say five-minutes a day, simply watching your breath or just sitting still. It will not kill you, rather enliven you.

In the long run you might feel like elongating your time with yourself. Do that, it is good for you, otherwise stick to five. Meditation is not a one day wonder nor even a sporadic one; it is mental gyming and toning, so consistency pays. And like all good things, mental stamina and calibre takes time to develop.

Best meditations have no agenda, they are about spending time yourself, and God. Soon you will long for this time. After all, silence is the language of God. Not just to de-clutter your mind, but also organize your thoughts, plans, and insights that would flow in readily would aid further.

Sit with yourself today. It might be the best investment you would make in your life.

Just like in meditation, in real life too we can get addicted to certain pleasing experiences and panic or at least get perturbed at the arrival of not so pleasing experiences..Find out what are you clinging to?

Surrender to the flow of inner experiences, knowing they are all passing, transient. Meditation teaches us how to be in observer point of view, a witness (Drishta Bhav) and to let go what is going away any way. Breath by breath.

Free yourself and arrive at a heart that is equanimous and a mind that is clear as fresh water lake.

The mind that clings,
run off into the past or future
is the mind that doesn’t find
the present enough.

Unless you are fully present in it, it will.
It misses you.

Remind yourself, you are enough
and so is the present moment
in all its emptiness or spaciousness.

It is always enough,
it is worth putting all
our attention to, every moment.

The past was just an experience.
No matter how alluring
other places might seem,
don’t get carried away.
Retrain your mind, to come back
to the present again and again,
like coming back to the breath, again and again,
when thoughts have held their sway, for a while.
Gently come back.
Be present, this moment is life. Be here.

– Abhishek

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