Shadow Work Facilitator Training

“If you are irritated by every rub, 

how will your mirror ever be polished?”

― Rumi

MASTER CLASS – Shadow Work

A 3-day Master Class exclusively for Clinical Hypnotherapy graduates of Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences.

What is a Shadow?

Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, one of the pioneers.

Shadow is the part us, which has not received the light of our awareness. It is our unhealed wound or relationship, the addiction we cannot overcome and our undiscovered powerhouse – Inner Gold. 

It can be the trait that irritates or triggers you or a quality that you idolise in others. A concept developed by noted Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, Shadow is nothing but the unknown, unexplored or unaccepted part of our personality – our dark side. The part we repress, deny or hide. Thus, what we resist, persists in the unconscious. Be it Personal Unconscious or Collective Unconscious.

Shadow is instinctive and irrational and shows up repeatedly in our dreams, shadow projections and irritations. And it continues to control our choices and behaviour. We may wear masks or build fortresses around us or even try to overcompensate, but shadow never goes away till we acknowledge it and deal with it. And yes, heal it!

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are“, said Anaïs Nin, though the thought often attributed to the Babylonian Talmud. Engaging with our shadows is an ongoing journey. Everything and everyone has a shadow; stronger the light, more pronounced the shadow. Every archetype has its shadow side. Stronger the light, darker the shadow. 

Dream Therapy can also be an excellent tool to work through your dreams and access the Wisdom of your powerful Subconscious, Carl Jung called his method of going deep, ‘active imagination’.

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” – Carl Jung


  • Understanding Archetypes
  • Discovering Shadow with a Client
  • Shadow Mapping
  • Shadow Projections & Dreams
  • Client-Centered Hypnotherapy in Shadow Work
  • Gift of Shadow
  • Shadow Integration
  • Using the Wisdom of the Subconscious
  • Golden Shadow
  • Unconscious sources of the Shadow
  • Life Transformation
  • Avoiding Transference
  • Empowering clients with Self-practice tools.

Eligibility: This Master Class is open only to practicing Hypnotherapists, who are graduates of Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences and have at least year of professional practice. Those who we feel have successfully practiced, the Clinical Hypnotherapy tools of Inner Child Healing, Subconscious Healing and Parts Therapy, as these tools become the bedrock of our Shadow Work Training.

Trainers: Priyanka Shukla & Abhishek Joshi

Duration: 3 Days: 11 am – 6 pm IST (spread over two weekends)

Fee: Rs. 42000 INR

Certification: Post training, the students will have to submit at least 6 successful Case Studies of the Shadow Work session, based on the evaluation of the Trainers and Viva, they would become eligible for the title: “Shadow Work Facilitator” from Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences.


Abhishek Joshi 

Co-Founder Inner Journeys Within & Beyond  (Estb. 2015), and Founder-Director Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences (Estb. 2019).

ABHISHEK JOSHI is a Spiritual Counsellor, Certified Hypnotherapist & Trainer (IMDHA, USA), Karmic Healing Master and Shadow Work Trainer, Past Life Regression Therapist and Psychic Healer. He is the Co-Founder of Inner Journeys and Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences, an Approved school of IMDHA, USA. He specialises in PTSD, Trauma Recovery, physical, sexual and Emotional Abuse Recovery, Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work and Psychic Healing.

As a spiritual healer, he started his journey in 1998 with Pranic Healing and Reiki. In 2014, he started his full-time practice as a Spiritual Life Coach. He Co-Founded Inner Journeys in 2015 with Priyanka Shukla, which conducts individual sessions, workshops and retreats in various cities, including, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bhopal, Kasauli and Rishikesh. In 2018, he Co-Founded Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences and started Training Programs for Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

He has been a member of IACT, USA and an on-panel therapist at a prestigious spiritual centre in Delhi for several years. Today, he facilitates personal sessions, workshops and retreats across India, besides taking online sessions and Workshops. He has dedicated his life to helping people heal and facilitate the spiritual journey of fellow beings.

Priyanka Shukla

Co-Founder Inner Journeys (Estb. 2015), and Founder-Director Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences (Estb. 2019).

PRIYANKA SHUKLA is a Co-Founder of Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (IMDHA, USA) & Trainer and Karmic Healing Master and Shadow Work Trainer. Besides being a Certified Ericksonian Life Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist, Psychic Healer, Medium, and Channel. Certified Angel Healer & Trainer, Certified Numerologist and Core-Somatic Integration Therapist. She has also learned NLP, EMDR, EFT and other healing modalities. She specializes in Family-tree Healing, Spirit Release Therapy, besides Space clearance. She is the facilitator of workshops and retreats, and her passion is Healing of Young Adults, Women Empowerment and Conscious Parenting.

An MBA, she has worked with a Management Institute as an Assistant professor, and later she ran her own Event Management company before she was driven to the spiritual Healing modalities to help people heal. Today, she takes individual Therapy sessions in Delhi, Bhopal and Mumbai. She often travels to take healing sessions and workshops on Chakra Healing, Past life Regression, Akashic Records, Life Between Lives (LBL), Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing and Angel Healing in various cities, including, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bhopal and Rishikesh.


  1. “Best Spiritual Life Coach” Award at Astral Global Awards, 2022
  2. “Her Power” award by The Brand Story 2021
  3. Featured as a Guest on “Good Morning MP Show” on DD Bhopal, 2019
  4. Interviewed by Heal Your Life program on MSTV
  5. Facilitated by Inspire award 2018 for ‘Master Trainer in Akashic record Reading and healing’.
  6. Most reviewed Healer by Life Positive 2017.

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