Past Life Regression Therapy

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” True Healing is a journey towards wholeness.”

At Inner Journeys, we believe in Holistic healing. Any technique which takes a person towards wholeness  is better, compared to one that only alleviates current issues of life. A journey of soul goes across lifetimes, so we have to think long term. Right? Just as Karma follows us across lifetimes, so do our dysfunctions and unlearnt life lessons.

That’s why when we take on a person as a client, we work towards physical, emotional, spiritual as well as karmic healing. As compared to modern medicine which focuses only on the physical body, we work through the mind-body connection, thus achieving better and sustainable results. So many times, when say a Cancer returns a wise oncologist explores what is not healed that the symptoms are recurring?

Holistic healing strives to empower a client in the process, as he/she gets a better understanding of themselves, their shortcomings and life lessons. Gradually over subsequent sessions, various mysteries and so-called anamolies of our life script start making sense, and curriculum is revealed we know why we are here – to grow! Everything is designed to awaken us. Challenge us to grow. We grow through our choices, in actions, words and thoughts. Actions have consequences, and embedded in our ever predicament is our life lesson. Willing to grow? We are here to help.

We always guide our client towards taking charge of their healing, by teaching them meditation and healing during session. More importantly, integrating the life wisdom revealed in a session. For we know, that is how life change. When finally we give up our need for people around us to change, and instead we are willing to change ourselves – our behaviour, our attitude and belief systems to bring them in greater alignment – That day, we are ready heal, o yes we are! Heavens move for such a soul, who has finally found that state of grace, of surrender and indeed humility.

“You treat a disease, you win, you lose.You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.”

– Patch Adams

The Mystery of Past Lives Explained

We have all lived in past lives, many lands and bodies. Their memories are stored within us. Just as childhood memories are stored in the subconscious mind, our past life memories are stored in unconscious mind. Read more

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is much like a deep guided meditation, wherein you relax and allow your consciousness to access the memories from the subconscious mind, which holds the answers to life questions. Once we release the residual energy and unhealthy beliefs from those lifetimes, we feel lighter here, in this lifetime. 

It can be an excellent tool for self-discovery, to clarify life-purpose, relationship conflicts, career goals etc. Know the growth trajectory your soul is on across lifetimes. The wisdom you gain from those lifetimes can be then incorporated into your present choices. Come, experience it for yourself.

Age Regression and Inner Child Healing can help in healing the traumas, triggers and unhealthy belief systems of this life time. Emotional healing can help you come out of the bad memories of the past an live a happy life.

Healing session is guided and carefully monitored by the facilitator where you can connect with your soul, aura and chakras, So that the negative energies and foreign bodies can be cleansed and cleared.

What all can Past Life Regression Therapy heal?

* Insecurities, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, depression, panic attacks, irrational fears, phobias, obsessions, addictions, nightmares, unexplainable physical pain, blocked feelings, loss of life focus or etc.

* Understanding relationship conflicts and difficulties. Repetitive life patterns. Discordant and unfinished severance of past relationships.

* By going to the root cause and bringing about an understanding of how the body/mind connection works, Past Life Regression helps in healing diseases, illnesses and ailments of a psychosomatic nature (born in the mind and manifested in the body).

* Overcoming lack of direction, spiritual direction, low energy levels, unexplainable changes in behaviour, emotional outbursts etc.

* Stepping beyond limiting self–beliefs, negative or destructive mental attitudes like lack of confidence, low self-esteem, lack of trust, poverty consciousness etc., to allows us to realise our full potential.

* Helps to reconnect with the purpose of your life.

* Helps to overcome the fear of death.

* Helps you to overcome unexplained dissatisfaction in life by bringing about alignment between your life purpose and your life path.

Other Benefits:

Understanding karmic lessons, and life purpose. Tapping into wisdom of the soul and applying it to present life problems. A tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth. Overcoming spiritual and emotional blocks. Relationship harmony. Connecting with inner abundance.

Every transformation demands as its precondition “the ending of a world”-the collapse of an old philosophy of life.” ~ Carl Jung

Difference between Past Life Regression and Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a technique that uses hypnosis, or a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. This recovers memories of past lives or incarnations, or Regressing into a past life memory is easy to experience, anyone can on their own through guided meditations available online, through intuitive drawing and spontaneous recall during deep meditations. Under hypnosis you are alert at all time, just relaxed – so no one cant take your password, and definitely you don’t fall asleep – you remember the session completely.

But to heal a memory and integrate its wisdom you need the help of a therapist, especially if you require energy clearance, learn to work with higher beings, angels and spiritguides. A therapist can guide you through this process, using experience and various healing expertise. And that is Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT). Often people make the mistake of doing PLR via video on their own. They can disturb their energies via contamination or incomplete healing. If you are curious about Past Lives, find a therapist you can trust and take the plunge. It is one of life’s great adventures. 

What happens during a Regression session?

Though we do carry some imprints from our past lives in the Unconscious mind, every behaviour has its origin in current life, as every behaviour is after all a learnt behaviour. When practiced long enough and regularly, such a behaviour can become a habit – a neural pathway. Good or bad, habits are cultivated, consciously or subconsciously like language and life skills, we learn by mimicking or responding to our early caregivers or life environment. In Hypnotherapy, we recall or access the origin memory or First Senstizing Event (FSE), and work with it under state of hypnosis employing various healing techniques. For dysfunctional behaviour issues we seek the origin of the behaviour in current lifetime, mostly childhood experiences and heal it, reprogram it etc. We can also train our subconscious mind to practice certain positive and healthy behaviours, and social skills. Remember the general advice of practising a new skill or an affirmation for 21 days? Developing new skills like neural pathways takes time.

Similarly, every incident, every suffering, has a karmic back story – a culmination of multitude of choices leading many past lives. Since energy can’t be destroyed and every action has an equal and opposite reaction that’s basic science. In Theory of Karma, “what we sow is what we reap” – choices have consequences as embedded in them are the life lessons we are here for. In a Past Life Regression session, we access the past lives from where current issues have originated and healed them. In the process we heal our victims, their suffering, seek forgiveness and pray to them to drop curses, if any. Similarly we heal ourselves, release trauma and hurts etc, also let go of any grudge, curses we might be holding on to. We can release fears, phobias or any negative emotion or imprint, which might have origins in a past life.

Often in a session, a person is able to access memories from 1 or 2 lifetimes, depending upon how quick and open their Subconscious mind is. Since an issue may come from multiple lifetimes hence as many session might be required. Once we start the healing cycle we can plan subsequent sessions – fortnightly or monthly.  

Real healing happens when we are able to integrate the wisdom received in the session in our everyday life. When we are willing to move towards wholeness. PLR is not a quick fix, especially for behavioural issues like anger, emotional numbness, apathy or workaholism. These we have to be worked with regular mindfulness, hypnotherapy sessions and Shadow Work. 

A regression session is much like a deep guided meditation, in which you relax and allow your subconscious mind reveals deep memories, the storylines which hold the answers to life’s questions and conundrums, plus insights from celestial guides. Once we release the residual energy and unhealthy beliefs from those lifetimes, we feel lighter here, in this lifetime. For time is but a continuum.

Experience it for yourself. PLR also helps us find our strengths and lessons we carry forward from past lives, so that we can build on them in future. Everyone experiences a past life in their own unique way.

During the first experience of regression people usually think that they have made up a story or imagined a life time. Many times it happens so that place, year and even names of a past life get validated later on. To get most out of a regression process, keep an open mind and avoid using your logical mind during the regression process. You will have ample of time for analysing it later on.

Just go with the flow and let the information pour into your mind without questioning it.
When the PLR Therapist instructs you to step into a past life you may experience one of the several reactions.

. You may see yourself quite clearly. (Clairvoyance)
. You may see quick impressions.
. You may  seem to “Know” without seeing.
. You may not see anything, but feel as if someone is telling you what is happening .

Basically your experience can come up purely in either of these ways.

. FEEL: “I can’t see anything, but I feel I am in big city..”
. THINK: “I can’t see anything, but I think I am in a forest..” 
. IMAGINE: “I am standing in an open field and I see a village..”

Go with your first impressions, first thoughts or feeling. Do not try to “see”, no movie reel plays as most people believe Past Life Session to be. So, regardless of your initial reaction upon entering your own past life doubt, disbelief or scepticism, you will need to answer the questions as the therapist asks them. As the regression progresses, you will find the impressions becoming stronger. If you actively analyse the process while in session, you will only retard the impressions, and eventually make the session null.

Your mind is on a journey through your soul’s experience of lifetimes. Let it travel freely. Analysis can wait until your session is finished, after you have collected all the data.

What are various therapies that are included in a session:

Each session involves: Discussing life history including traumas and birth and pre-natal history, thereafter depending upon the issue, we can choose one or more of the following:

REGRESSION THERAPY is beneficial for:

  • Healing and understanding chronic and unexplained ailments and pains.
  • Healing relationship conflicts, block.
  • Clearing work, career or abundance blocks. Watch the video to understand more:
  • Healing Fears and Phobias
  • Freedom from Vows and Curses.


– Inner Child healing for Emotional healing

– Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind for Behavioral issues, like anger, control, emptiness, disconnection, depression, self-denial, workaholism or self-sabotage, self-hate/self destructive behaviours
– Healing childhood memories and sexual abuse
– Soul retrieval
– Birth Matrix Reimprinting or reprogramming: If you experienced rejection at the time of birth or pre birth or some anamoly set in.


– Life between Lives (LBL), Know your life purpose
– Akashic Records Access
– Healing with Spirit guides, Deities and Angels (Angel Healing and Angel Guidance)


– Spirit Release Therapy
– Energy and Chakra clearance
– Learn Energy Healing and Aura protection
– Learn Meditation

FUTURE PROGRESSION for Future clarity

Follow-up sessions are usually advised 15 days after the first session, if required or to explore further. They are important for sustained healing effect.

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. Cleverness is mere opinion, bewilderment is intuition.” – Rumi

How does it Work?

Past Life Regression (PLR) accesses the memories embedded in our subconscious mind and subtle body and the wisdom of past life from the unconscious mind.

If it is your first time, relax..

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During the first experience of regression people usually think that they have made up a story or imagined a life time. Many times it so happens that the place, year and even names of a past life get validated later on.

To get most out of a regression process, keep an open mind and avoid using your logical mind during the regression process. You will have ample of time for analysing it later on.

Just go with the flow and let the information pour into your mind without questioning it.

Different kinds of regressions:

Age Regression: To resolve current life problems or issues

Womb Regression: To heal prenatal and birthing traumas

Fear and Phobia Regression: To release body memory resulting in various fears and phobias

Health Regression: To trace and heal somatic pains, and unexplained ailments

Past Life Regression: If the source cannot be found in current life, we go to the lifetime where the issue or conflict originated

Relationship Regression: To understand and heal relationship conflicts and patterns. Watch the video to understand more:

Future Progression: If deemed to be beneficial, we visit a future time to obtain some clarity or closure

Spiritual Regression: Life Between Life Regression (LBL): Going back to the time just before you incarnated in your current body, maybe to understand the reason behind the choice of your parents, your body and important relationships; also to understand your life-purpose. (Possible after you have undergone couple of PLR sessions)

Akashic Records: For people who have successfully seen their past lives, now they can collective clear their past lives through this innovative method of learning to access your Akashic Records or Library. Lifetimes of suffering or victimhood, of being a perpetrator, wisdom and powerful lifetimes. Group and Individual sessions.

Then we also have an option of Remote Akashic Records Healing for those who  have been unable to past lives previously, too analytical, or taking psychiatric medication which would make going into trance difficult. 

Find your Life Lessons

The biggest benefit of any Past Life Healing, be it via Past life Regression or remotely via Akashic Records Healing, is learning crucial life wisdom. We understand the history of our soul’s journey. We get to know the life lessons we missed in previous lifetimes and thus had to suffer greatly, in subsequent lifetime as a consequence.

When we sincerely follow the wisdom and unfinished lessons that are revealed during the session by Spiritguides, we grow. Souls that are willing to grow, heal faster.

“Those who do not learn from their mistakes, are doomed to repeat it!”

Our Life Script is based upon our Past karma

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“प्रारब्ध पहले रचा, पीछे रचा शरीर ।

  तुलसी चिन्ता क्यों करे, भज ले श्री रघुबीर।।”

Each one of us incarnate in the physical body with a life script. Written by us along with our guides, prior to our birth in LBL stage. This also depends upon our prior karmic baggage and unfinished life lessons. Thus by choosing the prarabdha karma, the karma we choose to clear in current life, we lay the bedrock of our lifescript. Therein lie are life lessons too, endurance, patience, humility or forgiveness. Some of prarabdha can be healed, but some the heavy prarabdha or karmic baggage we have to endure. As physical, emotional, mental or financial suffering. It is all our karma, and that is why blame never helps and forgiveness and letting go, always do. 

Read more: Why Healing is not an entitlement but a Privilege

How to book a session?

If you have faith spiritual healing, or want to heal an aspect of your life do contact us:
Abhishek :  +91 981020 6293
Priyanka:  +91 959428 0000
or mail us at 


We can only take up clients, whom our Spiritguides allow us to work with. Some clients are meant to work with others, with whom their energies align better. Universe wants what’s best for you.

So whenever you approach us for healing, please first send your name, age and recent photograph, so we can check with our guides, if we can proceed with your case. Once you send us the basic information required, we will inform you within a day or two maximum, as we understand your time is also precious.

Fee: Rs. 7000 INR per session (payable in advance, via GooglePay, UPI or Bank transfer)
Inner Journeys, Sector 57, Gurgaon
Inner Journeys, Mahendra City, Bhopal.
via Zoom app (Video call)
Duration: 1 1/2 – 2  hours, including time for initial interview, discussions and post session counselling.
Time slots: 12:30 pm – 2 pm Or 2:30 – 4 pm. IST (Mon – Fri) (depending on availability)
NOTE: Spiritual healing based upon mutual faith and trust. Thus, we reserve our right to deny any client, in case we find him or her to be skeptical, rude or not ready for healing. 

Step-by-step guide for booking a PLRT session:

  • WhatsApp or mail a recent simple photograph or selfie with eyes clearly visible.
  • Write to us, the issue that needs to be worked on, in detail.
  • Or send a voice note on WhatsApp
  • Share all issues in advance, be as candid as you can be, it will help us guide you better.
  •  Once you deposit the fee, we will give you the next avaible date. Usually there is wait for 1-2 weeks, so please be patient with us. Fee non-refundable and non-transferable. In case no show on session time (30 min or more), or cancellation on session day, 50% fee will be deducted. In case of any emergency please inform at least two days in advance as our session are booked way in advance.
  • If you are not sure where to start your healing journey, or if you have multiple issues, consider getting Akashic Records Reading done to know the full extent of karmic baggage and guidance from Spiritguides. Read here
How to pay if you are living outside India:
  • You can use Xoom PayPal (not PayPal) or any reliable transfer service like Wise (formerly Transferwise), Remitly etc, which transfers fee directly to our bank account. Transfer fee will have to be borne by the client.
  • You can use an currency online  converter to get actual fee in your local currency at the time of payment. Like this one.
  • While communicating over phone or whatsapp, please note India time IST is GMT+ 5:30. Our working hours 11 am – 7 pm
  • Sometimes Sewa advised post healing by guides, when there is heavy karmic baggage. Read here
Fee for other Sessions:
• For Energy Clearance, that is Spirit attachment, possessions or Black magic removal healing: Rs 6000
Family Journeys: Family Tree Healing or Pitr dosh removal: 8,000-15000 per session
Remote Akashic Records Readings and Healing: Doesn’t require physical presence: Rs 6000/-
May we all healed. 
Abhishek and Priyanka


“I wanted say that i really learned lot from you. Now i can see things differently. In a way i feeling very light now day and much happier.”

– Ritu Aggarwal,  2018

“Today I am happy! Today am at peace with myself! Today I can stand up for myself. Today I do not lie any more. Today I do not hide! Today I share my thoughts with my family and friends! Today I live and will have a beautiful tomorrow for sure! This is what I got! Thank you Priyanka and Abhishek for being there!!!”
– Anubhav

“..going within and knowing your Inner Child is AMAZING.. Feeling Grateful to God for giving me the right facilitator’s Abhishek & Priyanka in the right time for improving my Inner journey…”
~ Ranveet

“..It was overwhelming. An eye opener through closed eyes. Soul searching and soul stirring.”
~ Neeraj

“I was a seventeen years old Jewish woman (during the Holocaust) who was summoned from my home and enrolled to work at a factory…I had excruciating pain since I turned eighteen during the current lifetime. I healed my right leg which has been troubling me again this life time, and I healed my broken skull, thus healing a migraine that showed up suddenly 22 years back and has been my constant companion ever since.”

– Minu

“There are many untold tales to discover in our lives. One such method is hypnotherapy through which we can play peek a boo to our past lives and get to know who the real person we are. I too tried it myself playfully and my eyes opened knowing the truth. Finally i got answers to innumerable questions regarding my life purpose, the real ‘ME’ that I am since many birth. PLR (Past life regression) helped me lose the fear of death, fear hidden in me being an emotional person. I found strength understanding the truth. However, my inquisitive mind wanted me to delve deeper to try and find more answers. This led me to attend LBL (Life between lives) session. This is the journey of a soul in the spirit world after death from previous birth and before taking next birth. This journey helped me meet my soul group, who are they to me in this birth, also got answers to the pattern of lives each of us are living. What are the lessons to be learnt? Am I doing enough with the lessons learnt from previous lives? These answers helped me improve my ways and habits, even though sometimes I lose track, I do come back for good. After the LBL session helped open the vastness of life, I attended another session of journey to the Akashic library to clear the Karmic baggage and ask and receive forgiveness from many souls for the highest good. I could clear and let go the traumatic birth records in the library and found peace doing it. I was able to clear the negative energies, anger, pain, burning fire within as guided. I helped give light to few souls within my soul group for crossing over too after their tragic death. During these sessions we learnt various meditation to improve our psychic gifts we are born with, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.

I would like to thank Abhishek Joshi specially for guiding me throughout the sessions with his peaceful loving voice taking me deep through guided meditation. Abhishek helped me explore the journey and make the correct choice of living life. He inspired me to learn hypnotherapy and help guide others in their soul journey. I consider him as my mentor too. Gratitude!!! Love and Light!

– Munni Banerjee

How do prepare for your session

Start on this Meditation Daily. So, your mind stabilizes and you learn how to relax and go deeper into your mind. Thus you will improve your chances to access the Subconscious Mind during sleep. Watch your dreams 2-3 days prior. Many people get key dreams, as the Subconscious Mind tries to help.

Be relaxed, have a light meal, and make sure you have had a good night sleep. A fatigued mind doesn’t go into trance, rather falls into restful sleep. That is why we avoid post work session, as mind slows down after a long days work. 

By practicing, this mediation you can easily train your mind to go in hypnosis.




Q How many sessions would I require?

A. This depends on the issue, usually 1-2 sessions are sufficient for an issue. Though sometimes having experience regression, people want to explore many other aspects of their lives.

Q. What if I do not believe in PLR can I still do a session?

A. Many people who don’t believe in Past Lives and still want to benefit, view past life glimpses revealed as Subconscious imagery. Still they benefit. Know that Healing is privilege for us, not an entitlement as it is God who heals we as therapist can only facilitate.

Unless you are totally opposed to the idea of Subconscious Mind. In that case, there are many healing modalities available. Pick what you are called to.

Educate yourself beforehand about PLR. Don’t expect us to convince you, we don’t – Neither about existence of past lives or the efficacy of this technique.

Start by reading about PLR, Dr. Brian Weiss’s books or videos on net etc, or someone who has experienced PLR themselves. In any case, like many healing modalities we arrive at PLRT, when are ready. If you are not, you are not, don’t push. Try a modality you can faith in or wait.

Q. How do I decide whether I need PLRT or not?

A. If you have relationship issues or problems regarding health, or phobias which you have been unable to resolve for a long time, PLR can help you identify the root of the problem and heal it. That apart, it helps you observe certain patterns in your life and what they have taught you.

Also you can share your problems with us in details and we can guide you better.

Q. Can my problem be resolved by PLRT? Can I be absolutely sure?

A. This only can be addressed once we have learnt about your problem. Like any healing modalities or even modern medicine, we too do not guarantees of absolute or miracle cure, though we have had great results over the year. Every person responds to healing differently, plus it is also about time and karma. If it is time, clients heal in a single session.

Q. What should I expect? Will I remember what I see or experience during the regression? Will I be unconscious or asleep?

A. A regression session is like a deep guided meditation, where you are constantly narrating your experiences to the therapist. So it is not really a stupor or a trance as hypnotism is commonly associated with.

A regression is the process of going deep into the subconscious mind, where all the memories are stored. Many people have spontaneous regression during deep meditation, which is perfectly normal, or they may get insights in dreams – images from the past – which can be used for further exploration.

There is nothing to fear as it is a natural and common process in the evolution of soul, not some black magic. No one can make it happen for you if you are an unwilling subject. It is a participatory journey, dependent upon trust and faith and the wish to heal oneself.

Q. How does it help?

A. Through regression we go back into your past and release trapped traumatic or negative energy such as pain or sadness that is part of our body’s memory. We also release unhealthy beliefs such as mistrust or guilt, or vows we have formed in the past. The results soon start showing up as the body starts healing quite soon. That itself proves the genuineness of the experience.

Once a person relaxes and begins to trust the process, they find it easier to access deep memories. That is why subsequent sessions become easier as a person relaxes more easily.

Q. Is the session recorded?

A. No, it is not required, as you remain aware of the process throughout the session, talking to the therapist, who will guide you through the session in case of individual session. Longer sessions like LBL can be recorded.

Q. Can I heal my behavioral issues like anger and apathy issues through PLRT?

A. Sure, we can heal imprints of behavioural issues and also victims of these issues. However it is important to remember that behaviour issues like aggression, apathy, emotional numbness, greed, lustful nature and yes workaholism are unfinished lessons from past lives and you still have to learn them. And that is why they have again come in your current life script.  So, we would suggest work regularly with a good hypnotherapist or counsellor to overcome these habits, also practice Mindfulness meditation, Sewa and tithing.

Q. Are there other people around me during a session?

A. A session takes place in a healing environment, so no one else is allowed in normally. Complete privacy is ensured throughout your session. Though you can choose to be accompanied by a friend or family members, however they would be sitting another room.

Usually clients prefer a session alone with the therapist as they can share the intimate details of their lifetime freely.

Q. What if I forget present life memories?

A. Not a chance, only remember deep hidden ones. Erasing memories is not possible. Come to think of it, it is not even possible to heal past life memories. Best what we do is to diffused the emotional charge from them.

Q. Will knowing my past hamper my present life and its relationships?

An experience of past life enriches our life. Knowing our past story, we can clearly understand, what is the learning or lesson we are carrying forward. We understand our life story and relationships better. Most are afraid of seeing their dark lifetimes, but in truth we all have had good and bad lifetimes, that is how we get to experience the whole spectrum of human experience.

Q. What is the duration of a regression session?

A. Usually a session lasts for 1 1/2 – 2 hrs. Including time for initial talking, session and post-session counselling to help integrate the wisdom gain during the session. People who meditate have faster session.

Q. How much time does it take to feel the results after the session?

A. Usually, a client may start experiencing psychological changes much faster than the physical changes. Results may take somewhere between a day and a month to surface.

Q. What about follow-up session?

A. Follow-up sessions are usually advised 15 days after the first session.

Q. Does the success of a session depend on the healer/ therapist?

A. The success of PLR is shared mutually by the therapist and the client. Anyone can go into their past lives on their own by listening to audio-tapes, or spontaneously through meditation or dreams, but how you resolve issues from different lifetimes and heal past life memories or traumas requires the specialized help of a therapist. It’s incumbent upon the willingness of the client to access a past life and the expertise of the therapist to guide the client well into the session so that client can find answers to their questions.
The therapist also helps the client assimilate and integrate the information received into their life. Insights, when integrated into everyday choices, become wisdom. Otherwise they remain as mere knowledge.

The fruits of a successful PLR, of course, belong to the client.

Q. What if I cannot access a past life?

A. Once in a while, we do encounter people who are unable to access their past lives. So we advice them to Meditate daily for a month. This opens the subconscious mind and they have been able to access subsequent session.

Another thing, which helps is prayer. This I learnt from one person, who claimed to have failed many noted regression therapists. I had to tell him that it is not their failure.. On a hunch, I suggested her to pray to the deity she prayed to everyday prior to a group regression I was facilitating. She not only accessed the relevant past life, but also got a lot of answers from her spiritguides. That day she was humble, open and ready as she could drop her sense of entitlement and pride. As they say, when the student is ready the teacher appears.

Next some people have spirit attachments, often souls they have harmed in past lives, which block their access to past lives. So Spirit release Therapy helps, be it remote or directly.

Lastly, for those few who fail, I check with my spiritguides, often they have been suggested to do some form social service, volunteering or charity etc to earn some good karma. Afterall, no one gets to heal before they are karmically ready.

Not everybody can experience a past live, and reach a deep state to allow them such an experience. People with doubts and scepticism about the modalities of past life regression or the concept of reincarnation might want clarity before pursuing this path towards self-healing. Sometimes terror, anxiety and apprehension regarding previous lifetimes also prevent a person from relaxing. It might be due to karmic or energy blocks, third-eye block, or the subconscious not prepared enough to open up to past life information.

A subject’s ability to access his or her past life memories depends on their openness to the technique, the ability to relax, and the willingness to explore the subconscious and the dark side of one’s personality. Regular meditators are able to relax and go deep easily.

We heal when we are ready to.

Q. Is there any other way I get information about my lives, if I am unable to access a past Life?

A. People who are unable to go deep or unable to access past life can take benefit of Psychic Regression through Akashic records or Remote Akashic Records Healing, where the therapist accesses the very lifetimes in a state of hynotic trance himself and heals them on your behalf – Read here

Q. What if we cannot identify the cause of the problem in the first session?

A. It’s rare but possible. Because it is the subconscious take us to the relevant file, a therapist can only facilitate the hypnotic state. Sometimes the client is unsure or unwilling to see their dark or perpetrator lifetimes. Resistant client often end up seeing victim lifetimes early sessions, gradually they get ready see darker lifetimes, where real healing happens. Sometimes the client is not ready to see past trauma and pain. As with other things, persistence pays.

Recommended reading:

  • Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss
  • Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Dr. Michael Newton

Our Case Studies:

* Financial and Career blocks from Past Lives

* Healing Past Life Curses

* Sexual Abuse and its healing

* Mystical Future Progression

* Why revenge doesn’t work in the long run

* Spontaneous healing thru Past Life Regression

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