The Holocaust recall – PLR Workshop

Every time I facilitate a PLR workshop I come out amazed and enriched.

A lovely mother-daughter duo came out of the session, as soon as she opened her eyes, the daughter turned to her mother, “Mom I saw it!” Saw what? “I saw the Holocaust!! ..”

We were all silent, knowing something important was about to unfold, and it did.

Here’s the testimonial the participant, (Meenu) generously shared from the session.

“I am an Engineer. I am a woman. I am the eldest among four siblings. I am the older spouse. I am a single mother. I am good with finances and I would like to believe I have good business acumen. I am a hatha yoga teacher, who likes to perfect the asanas rather than use yoga for spiritual evolution. See it? I am a seemingly strong human being, always thinking, analyzing and taking decisions with my head. I use my heart only to ensure I don’t hurt anyone and treat others the way I wish to be treated. I am so easy with my heart that I hardly ever use it. I won’t die of a heart attack for sure. But my head, that’s another story. My thoughts, my calculations, my ideas and processing could clog up my head any day turning me into a numb mumbling zombie.

All that was till 3rd Sep 2016, the day I found the guts to allow myself to be regressed to troublesome past lives and bring about healing. I wouldn’t have regressed, I am sure, had I not been supported by Raushni, my 21 years old daughter who went into past lives with ease on the first day of regression session by Abhishek. (we were part of the three days Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop conducted by Abhishek Joshi at Zorba the Buddha). While I kept falling asleep in sessions, she saw past lives and helped my soul get my mind out of the way in unblocking memories.

My daughter came out of the first session with wide eyes, mumbling, “holocaust, Mom I saw the holocaust”. I felt a kick in my gut, but I decided to ignore it and her, attributing her ‘memories’ to our common obsession for all things related to the holocaust. Many books, articles, movies, stories…. The list goes on. That’s what we do when we are together – read, analyze, narrate stories of the holocaust to each other. Why this obsession, is not something either of us ever gave any thought to. Raushni, my daughter in her regression session went back to her lifetime when she was my four year old little brother separated from me, the seventeen year old sister during holocaust, and who could never reunite with her dear sister during that lifetime.

On the second day of the workshop, during the guided regression by Abhishek, I see it all, the whole holocaust life rolls out in front of me like a movie. I am a seventeen years old Jewish woman who was summoned from my home and enrolled to work at a factory, managing accounts for the chief. I was safe and secure, had the attention of a young Jewish man, whose love I could not return or even acknowledge because my heart was always heavy with grief for my little four-year-old brother and my parents whom I left behind at our home. I kept to myself and just concentrated on my accounting.

However, a few months later my employment at the factory is cancelled and I am asked to work at a construction site within the camp premises. I saw that I was very weak, with short hair, always hungry, but not wanting to eat. I used to sleep on a lice infested bunk bed and could use only half of the narrow bed, as half of it was used by a woman who used to sleep on the top bunk for her child, a four-year-old boy with a quick smile and large deep eyes seeing right into my very soul. The boy pushed into my space, so I slept at the far end of the bed on my stomach with my hand and leg dangling down over the side of the bed. While working at the construction site I used to drag my right leg. One day while carrying load in a push cart at a deplorable low pace due to my leg pain, the German commander shot me in my right hip, I fell down and died, cracking open my skull and bleeding my life out on the hard concrete floor.

I was guided by Abhishek to go back and heal all the wounds on my body by guiding healing light on to the wounds. I healed my bleeding hip, which has been giving me inexplicable excruciating pain since I turned eighteen during the current lifetime. I healed my right leg which has been troubling me again this life time, and I healed my broken skull, thus healing a migraine that showed up suddenly 22 years back and has been my constant companion ever since. Then Abhishek asked me to identify the German Commander. He is my ex-husband from this life time. The little boy who used to sleep in my bed is my nephew from this life. His mother then is my brother now. The Jewish man in unreciprocated love with me is my current husband. My little brother, departing from whom broke my heart into a million pieces then, is my daughter now. We are twin souls always together.

Now to let you know the baggage that I carried in this life from my holocaust life: paralyzing paranoia on leaving my daughter alone though she is a twenty-one-year-old woman. I sleep on the outer end of my bed on my stomach with my one hand and leg dangling down, even though I have a queen size bed to sleep on. I healed them all during the session. It surely was a life changing experience, to say the least.

I am learning to meditate, I try to sit quite and speak to my guide. However, the constant message my guide has been giving me is to empty myself, so that work can be delivered through me. And on asking how empty, I was shown the hollow of a flute ….. and told, “that empty, unblock yourself”.

So, that was the start of my inner healing journey. I saw a few life times subsequently, all adding to my healing and wholeness. And well the hollowness required, I am being led there, for sure.”

-Abhishek, 2016

(Note: The photograph above is only suggestive, not about the above experience)

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