Faith Is When We Believe


Faith is when we believe, even when there is no proof. Or reason to.

God is nowhere but in our faith. If everything was proven rationally or declared safe to assuage our anxiety, caused by our need to control and hence the fear of losing it, we wouldn’t ever develop faith! If we do not show faith in moments of choice and crisis, we have no faith. God is merely an imaginary concept, not something we truly believe in or rely on. Faith of good times can hardly be called so. Such faith takes us nowhere, as it is akin to not believing in God. Once we trust God’s interest in our well being, we can relax into the flow of life, which we cannot control anyways, and let go our constant struggle to rein in life.

All nature thrives in faith. Without faith a soul would never incarnate or leave the body. Nor would a seed drop to the ground or a tree sleep for the winter.

Faith becomes the wings that carry us across troubled waters and unknown portals.

Developing faith is a spiritual practice of a lifetime, for only when we surrender, are we ever resurrected, by the descent of grace, and become a witness to a miracle. Sometimes suffering becomes essential for us, to encounter grace. Sometimes a situation arrives, where grace is the only way out, as the only way out is upwards, closer to God, emboldening our faith. Fierce grace, it is called, and those who pray for it sometimes encounter it!

When we realise our innate oneness with God, we also realise that love is a given, then faith not only comes easy, but also natural! Even if we do not see or understand, we are never alone or unsupported.

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