You Are The Hero of Your Story!


Till when will you dwell in your past?

Till when will you cry for what went wrong in your life?

Till when will you keep blaming your past for your present?

Till when will you live in the shadow of what went wrong and because of whom?

Some day you will have to take charge of your happiness and get a grip over your life.
One day you will have to bury the debris of your past and put the skeletons of memories on fire.

At some point in your life you will have to understand that past cannot be changed but present can be shaped.

The moment you will realise that being a prisoner of your past is only stopping you from being the saviour of your life, that moment you will know that it’s not the people who have hurt you in past are ruining your life, it’s you who is destroying all the possibilities of a beautiful present and a wonderful future.

How and what it could have been is the only thought which obstructs the path of what it can be.

Staying a victim is easy, blaming others for a miserable past and present is convenient. But the one who decided to heal it and takes responsibility of the present and is willing to open the windows for the light to come in can only open the door of peace and love.

The one who understands that every single person has a role to play in our life and every difficult situation or person, helps us learn and gives us an opportunity to grow can only live the life to its fullest.

The one who never forgets about past, keeps thinking about it in present and ruins the future as the energy which can be used to create a new reality is burnt out in sulking and cribbing about the past.

If you believe that people around you are responsible for your sadness, anger, wounds and pain then sorry to say, but your happiness, joy, prosperity and gains will always depend on someone else.You will keep feeling powerless and you will always be a puppet in the hands of your past.

If you really want things to change then don’t wait for people to change, be the change, to win the game.

Step out of the dark tunnel of stupid blame games. Thank all those who have given you the pain. As they have done their bit to shape up the warrior that you can be. Now it’s your choice if you want to continue fighting with the shadows of the past or you want to move forward and write the story of your life.

Remember what is already written in past cannot be changed but you can write the present and have the power to decide how your story will end. As ultimately only you have the power to write your story and only you can give it a satisfactory ending.

Chose wisely…
Release yourself from the prison of your past, let go of the self pity and uncage yourself.

Your actions are the creator of your script and you are the hero of your story.
So… My dear souls!! You better write is well!!

Love and Light
Priyanka 💫

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