Can Future Progression visions come true?

Can Future Progression visions come true

~Can Future Progression visions come true?~

When we go beyond the conscious mind we can travel anywhere on the timeline of our life. And indeed lifetimes. From early childhood, womb state to our past lives. Nothing is inaccessible. Then using the same methodology of Regression we get to travel into a future time as well. Some get glimpses of a future life, while others access to coming years of current life. Giving them much need clarity.

Rita (name and some details changed to respect privacy) attended a workshop to figure out, why it has been difficult to get back with her ex-boyfriend, Ajay. They had been together off and on for many years, even her young son from a previous marriage is very fond of him. But now Ajay had moved away.

During the course of the workshop she saw many lifetimes where she had betrayed, abandoned and even killed him. This gave rise to apparent conflicting feelings in Ajay, which eventually took toll on their relationship. At the end of workshop during a Future Progression she saw new reality which amazed her.

She saw that she was married to someone else in Melbourne, her son was now a teenager. Perplexed her logical mind didn’t want to believe what she saw. Things took a dramatic turn when at a party a few weeks later, she actually met the guy she saw in her Future Progression. The guy was mesmerised by her instantly. She too felt a deep connection.

However this uncanny incident troubled her. As this meant the future wherein she saw herself married to this guy was already manifesting. But then what about the relationship she wanted to rebuild so badly? She came seeking answers, How did this happen?..Clearly there was some block which needed to be explored.

She went to a lifetime where she was a working woman like this life, and earned more than Ajay, who was her husband in that life. They had a son, who she recognised as her current son. Then again the father and son shared a strong bond.

Sadly, things went haywire when she start shaming and mistreating her husband for earning less. Slowly he slipped into depression and committed suicide at age 32. Leaving behind a distraught son, whose soul then cursed her: “You don’t deserve to be with a loving man like my father.”

During healing even after much counselling the son’s soul refused to drop the curse. He added a clause. If she learns to love unconditionally, then the curse will go. Otherwise the Future Progression will hold. Once again we learn that future is never straight-jacketed, it evolves, shifts as we do. And deteriorates as we do.

Her principle lesson across lifetimes has been humility. And to learn that sheer wilfulness can’t get us to our destiny. Sometimes we have to earn our happiness, not by earning more, but by learning our life lessons. Of humility and love.

“You are what your deep, driving desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

– Brihadaranyaka IV.4.5

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