Transcending the Mind

Transcending The Mind

Transcending the Mind.

One of the wondorous milestones in the spiritual journey is to realise that you are not the mind. And its nature is not yours. No matter how torturous it might feel right now, the good news is that the mind can be healed. Also it can be trained. Just as you have trained it to overthink, overindulge, wander or scatter, it can be taught to be still, focus and be attentive, through regular mindfulness practice.

We also realise all the random, scary thoughts that arise in our mind, are not true or need not be ours for that matter. Neither do we have to act upon them. You always have a choice.

Once when a devotee complained that his mind always wandered and that he could not control it, sage Ramana Maharshi immediately replied, “It is the nature of the mind to wander. You are not the mind.” He continued, “The mind springs up and sinks down. It is impermanent, transitory, whereas you are eternal.” (Talk 97)

Be still and transcend.

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