Remote Family Tree Healing (Ancestral Healing)

Ancestral Healing or Pitr Dosh Healing

Family Journeys: Families travel in a group, lifetime after lifetime these souls meet each other in different roles. Sometimes as friend, enemies, parents, siblings and grandparents or children. Each teach each other important life lessons. To help the family tree evolve.
We all inherit certain things from our ancestors; that could be money, looks, property, legacy, name, fame and goodwill. We not only inherit the physical DNA of our ancestry, but also its karmic DNA. No matter how far to run away, we can never run far enough to not be affected by our family tree and its dysfunctions. As the saying goes: A fruit never falls far away from the tree.

Family Tree

We inherit habits and behaviour patterns. For example, often people say you resemble or your behaviour resembles your grandmother or great uncle.

We also inherit the curses, illnesses and blocks related to relationships and financial issues from our ancestors. These blocks trickle down the family tree and trouble generations and starts getting worse with time. We fail to understand the obstacles that we come across. In some families, despite putting in all our efforts we don’t get success in any of our endeavours. Strange ailments and suffering plague families, generation after generation with no respite, till the origin is sorted. Usually people have tried all healing, and medical possibilities before realising the need to go deeper – into family history.

These kind of blocks are often referred to as “Pitra dosh“, Generational or Ancestral Curses.

Each year during Pitra Paksha fortnight, we offer prayers and thanksgiving to our ancestors. It’s a ritual we have been following since ages but some of us still suffer from ‘ Pitra Dosha. So why not offer them healing as well. So that they can be freed from their past life karmas and curses that have an impact on the entire family tree.

“We’re all ghosts. We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.”― Liam Callanan, The Cloud Atlas


Family journeys is a unique psychically guided journey through the Family tree, created by Priyanka and Abhishek with their Spiritguides, can help you find the root cause of blocks, Ancestral curses and black magic and remove such blocks. Through prayer, forgiveness and healing with Spirit Guides and Angels.

Interestingly, souls who join the family tree have their own karmic baggage. That is why they have karmic matching or resonance with the dysfunction. For example a woman who was married in family, where every second daughter in law has fertility issue or special children, herself had past lives related where she either killed children or cause the death of children to have karmic block related to children.

It is a heart warming experience to witness ancestors coming down to help their descendants. Revealing old truths in family history which now need to be released. Family imbalance, misdeeds, crimes of forefathers, which need acknowledgment and possible correction. Often ancestors come back into the family to help.

It’s like reviving the family tree and nurturing it to grow and prosper so that the souls of our ancestors can rest in peace , enabling present and future generations to live in peace and experience abundance.

“People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.” ― Edmund Burke

Who can be benefited by the Ancestral Healing:

If your family has distinguished repeating pattern and limiting beliefs showing up across generations like:

* Early / unnatural deaths.
* Genetic or mental disorders/illnesses, specific ailment early diabetes/cancer.
* Infertility issues/Deaths of newborns or of one child.
• Financial blocks/career blocks/ property stuck in litigation (curses on Samriddhi, money)
• No Marriage/ late marriage /conflicts in marriage (curses on Dampatya sukh, happiness in marital relationships)
• Daughters/ Sons suffering in a similar manner over generations (Curses on Santaan sukh, happiness from offsprings).
• Family fights, anger, violence, excessive animosity; debauchery, addictions and disharmony, litigations..
• Financial losses that are unexplained.

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Requirement for Session:

1. Family Tree or Genealogy chart of 3 more generations or from where a pattern has started. You can ask elders in the family, or places where genealogy records are preserved traditionally, for example Haridwar, Varanasi, Gaya, Pehowa, Trimbakeshwar, Kurukshetra. Make sure you have names of wives as well, especially if an ancestor had two wives, deceased siblings or natural deaths in ancestry.
2. Names and Pictures of present family, parents and grandparents, along with all siblings and their spouses, as far up as possible.
3. A note of any pattern coming down the generations.
4. Name of the family deity, Kuldevi or kuldevta, if there is one. Plus name and location their main shrine. Every surname has its origin and thus spiritual head. If you are not using a family name, no need for this.

If you feel that you have a similar pattern running down your family tree then feel free to contact us.

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Mail us at

Message or call : Priyanka : +91 9594280000; Abhishek :+91 9810206293

Charges: Rs 8 – 10,000/- depending upon healing work.

Note: Family details need to be send at least two days prior to the session, for us to study.

Limited Sessions. Call today!


“This session of Abhishek and Priyanka was awesome!!!! We recently got this done and it made me wonder if all the various daans and pooja’s etc that the pandits ask to do for Pitra dosh makes any difference. Those so called ‘upays’ of the pandits lost all relevance after the session. This is energy level work and is deep unraveling and cleansing. I’m sure the benefits will show up soon too. It’s just been 3 days and we’ve got so many indications that work has been done on our family tree.. Great job Priyanka and Abhishek.”

– Kanika


1. How do I know my family has Pitr Dosha?

Draw a chart, look for patterns of dysfunctions. Else make a family tree chart, paternal and maternal, prioritizing which one has dysfunction or anomalies. Once you have made, you can the chart to us, with pic of at least 2 members of the tree. We can do a psychic reading to tell you for sure. Often family folklore has this information, some elders talk about it. Pujas are also done for Pitr dosha nivaran (removal) to no avail.

For example in one family, the grandmother lit a diya in the backyard each evening, where no children were allowed. Only later, the family found, she knew of the Pitr Dosh, wherein each person lost their first born over generation, due an ancestral curse.

Timings: 11:30 am – 1 pm, 2:30 pm – 5 pm

2. I don’t believe in this form of healing, should I still go for it?

No. If you don’t believe, it’s not for you. Don’t bother. Try something else.We believe when the time comes for healing belief also comes, automatically. Hence we never try to convince anyone. We believe we have to be karmically ready as well. No one can heal us beyond our karma. Or before our time. So we would suggest sewa (selfless service/volunteering) instead. Earn good karma and God will ensure the best healing path shall open up for you.

3. Am I interfering in my Karma through this?

Only people who are ready would come for healing. Also whatever is karmically allowed will be healed. This is not a free pass to heal all ills. Some prarabdha we have suffer. No escape, as they are part of our life lessons.

4. Once I have gotten Family Tree healing done, do I still need to heal my past lives through PLR?

Yes. Because only the issues in your life coming from the family tree would heal. Some issue would be your own past life karma. Plus the karmic origin, due to which you had a dysfunction matching with your family tree also needs to be. Often guides suggest one or two members of the family to go through Akashic Records Healing for healing specific lifetimes. Often Family tree healing opens doors for further healing of the family. Alternatively, an Akashic session opens doors to Family Tree Healing.

5. How soon can I expect results?

From a few weeks to 1-2 months. Result depend on Family collective karma as well. Though we have miraculous results over the years, we cannot make any claims or guarantees. If you believe, come! We will try our best to find the origins of your family dysfunction and of God willing heal it.

6. What is payment mode, and does it need to be made in advance?

Yes. Preferred payment mode is Bank transfer. Prior to the session, only the base fee needs to be paid. As complete fee, we only get to know once the session is over.

7. Do I need to be physically present for the session?

Not necessarily as the session can be done remotely as well, via phone, WhatsApp call or Video call.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.


May you be free of suffering..

Love and Light

– Priyanka and Abhishek

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