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Our home or workspace is much like the human body, it needs clear air and sunlight, and good vibes to flourish.

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In other words to create a happy home or a workplace we need it to find a balance of natural elements, light, air and space etc. This translates as  ensuring ample sunlight, flow of natural air and decluttering our homes regularly. Clutter be it in our mind or in house and office space is where negativity dwells and flourishes.


Are you living in a sick building?

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Sick buildings lead to sick inhabitants or employees, constant illness and conflicts, fearful or negative vibes that people often pick up as, “This place doesn’t feel right!”

Often negativities infests from past inhabitants or past use of the land. Many people discover later much to their that it was built over a graveyard, and many people in the area are experiencing haunting. Even deceased ancestors who haven’t crossed over and hang around, because they haven’t had closure.  In one ancestral haveli, great, great grandfather’s soul was still there, saying, “Who will take care of this house?”

There can be spirits from our previous lifetimes. People we have killed or harmed in anyway. People sometimes feel a presence or shadow in their home. They start feeling negative as soon as they enter home or a certain space or room


Space clearance is done to remove the negative energies from the land, house, shops, offices and factories.
The signs of negative energy can be loss of money, positive vibes, family conflicts, bad health and debts.

Sometime the problem can be with the land as well. For this we connect with Guardian spirit of the land or Bhu-swami to find issues or curses upon the whole plot or area. Sometimes there are ancient burial grounds or cemetries deep underneath.

Once the Geopathic energies are cleared one can feel a flow of positive energies and abundance in all possible ways. Other source of negativities may include souls, Black Magics done on the property. Souls are attracted to a home with dark energies, plus past life enemies of one or inhabitants can also resident.

Sometimes the energies of the inhabitants are not clear, the house automatically get contaminated. So, individual Energy clearances are also advised simultaneously.  
After energy clutter is cleared the physical decluttering is advised.

Space clearance is done remotely, via video or video call if we feel the need, we don’t do site visits.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

  1. INITIAL READING: To begin with, you would need to send us pictures and a video of the home or office space, with description. The video should be starting from outside the main entrance and then going room to room explaining as we go along. Do forget to point out any areas of concern. If it is a large space, you can make videos area or floor wise, whatever is comfortable, and send us via Whatsapp or email. (Note: Shorter videos are easier for Whatsapp. Longer videos can be easily sent as a links from Google drive)
  2. STREET VIEW: Also send a street view of the apartment building or house via photo or video. So that we can view the land or plot in which your space is constructed. 
  3.  All this information will be studied to gauge the quantum of healing, and we will inform you of the total fee, which you can deposit to book a session.
  4. ONLY READING: If you want you can get just the Reading done to find whether your home requires clearance or not, it can be done for a fee of Rs 2000 INR only. 
  5.  THE SESSION: Once we are sure a space needs clearance, we can decide on mutually suitable date and time (in a case a video call is being done). Often we do the healing using the video you have sent, so that you can continue with normal routine or if time zones dont match. During healing, we go room by room and we would simultaneously clear it for souls, entities, dark energy or even black magics at times. 
  6. Some times there are souls who are past lives enemies of inhabitants, people they have harmed in past lives. Some people have related curses, so often on the spot Akashic Healing (Karmic Healing) is also required to heal those souls and send them to light in peace. Sometimes Karmic Healing session is recommended for later.
  7. POST SESSION: Post session, we would want you to sent a fresh video, so we can check energies again. If possible, a video call, whatsapp or Zoom call can also be done. You would take us through the home or office space again, same way as you did initially.

Does Karma effect the spaces we get to inhabit? Certainly. Often when people are in a karmic clearance phase, they end up unwittingly buying a bad property, or in a bad neighbourhood. This leads to years of suffering and financial loss. Such houses are often difficult to sell, as people sense negative vibes. An advice, if you selling a haunted property, make sure your get its clearance done. Else it would be your karma, if your sell a haunted house to an innocent buyer.

Personal karma and temperaments of inhabitants also have an effect on harmony of a home. Some people are advised subsequent individual healing for clearing personal karma, through Akashic Records Healing. No wonder, before investing in new property, people prefer to get a Reading done, so that we know the property, personal or rented would be good for us. 

Need help?

Write to us about your issues at

Msg us at +91 9810206293, +91 9594 280000

Fee: Rs 8000 – 15000 INR.

  • Fee varies depending on healing work required.
  • Prior to the session you would need to deposit the base fee of Rs 8000. Rest can be paid after the session, based on the amount of healing work done.
  • Fee non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • In case you are not sure, you always get an Energy Reading done of the space by sending  location pics or videos. Fee: Rs 2000 INR only. In case healing is required, reading fee will get deducted from total fee. 
  • Payment via Bank transfer, Google pay, UPI. Clients from outside India can use Xoom PayPal, Wise (formerly Transfer Wise) or any other transfer service. Any transfer fee is to be like client.

Guide to Maintaining the Good vibes

Once the house is cleared, maintain it’s positivity by daily Meditations, Bhajans and prayers. Keep clutter to minimal. Many times when house major clutter or excessive storage, we advise to first do do basic declutter, then get a session done. House should be place of joy, not a museum. Be careful while recycling old or reclaimed furniture. Everything old has its vibes. Sunlight, good air circulation and spaciousness, especially in central part of the space, go a long in creating a happy home! 

The most important aspect is positivity of its inhabitants. People who are positive or maintain high vibrational levels keep the place positive despite Vastu Doshas. Constant fights, negative talk, and arguments create a unhappy home, which in turn attracts more negativity. Stay positive. Live positive, create a happy place! That way, your home can become your sanctuary. 



Q. How to maintain the house energies once it has been cleansed?

A. Just like dusting house, regular energetic cleansing is equally important. Meditations, devotional Practices and rituals, like bhajan, chanting and puja help. But most importantly the emotional energy of the residents. Happy people, make for a happy home, same with positive people.

Also it’s the people who make the house a home and we all carry our individual karma, past life baggage and present life issues.

Some of our  family members might not have a clear energy, which contaminates the environment. Individual energy clearance when recommended is advised.

Q. What about the soul attachments the people living in the space, will they also get cleared?

A. Space clearance is about clearing the environment, and not individual energies. If someone already has soul attachments they would naturally require separate Energy Clearance session. Even pets, like dogs or cat who absorb household negative energies, like children with fragile auras, would require individual energy clearance. In case, you sense sudden change in their temperament, or illness.



  • “For the past 10 years, every evening dogs would assemble in our back lane and bark all night. We used to wonder, someone’s house is sure haunted in our neighborhood. After our house clearance, that night dogs were silent for the first time..much to our surprise” – Jyoti, Delhi (name changed)
  • “A few months ago, we got our House clearance done by Priyanka and Abhishek. Being an old house with a temple that was open to public, a lot of people from different walks of life visited the house. We were surprised to know what all came up during the course of the clearance that had led to so many issues which most Pandits used to label as ‘Pitra dosh’.. Something that never got healed even after several rituals of Pitra dosh actually showed up as soul attachments in the house that was causing a lot of health and work issues for all family members. We would highly recommend House clearance for overall well being of the family as well as removing work barriers because we don’t realise how much our energy space affects work, health and relationships etc till we start seeing the benefits post the house clearance. It greatly helped in breaking old patterns that were stuck in corners of the house…”

          — Anonymous Family in Agra 

  • “Earlier, I used to kind of hold my breath and feel some kind of immense pressure (I always dismissed it as some psychological thing due to the lack of ventilation) in the house. Now, I feel very light and free now in her. ” – Megha

  • “Thank you. I feel a great difference in the house post the clearing done..Thank you” – Kirat

Need help?

Write to us about your issues at

Msg us at +91 9810206293, +91 9594 28000

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