Remote Spirit Release & Energy Clearance

“May you be Free of Suffering..”

You have been feeling a presence around lately? Have you sensed that your energies are not clear despite regular meditation? Or you feel negative or sense you have absorbed some negativity. You have been feeling consistent presence of a deceased loved one around, who has long passed? You hear voices, that have bizzare, scary and unknown personalities? Moods of your loved ones gradually becoming erratic, so are their choices, they have picked up strange habits. Persistent nighmares, irrational thoughts or pervasive mental fogginess.

Over the years, at Inner Journeys many people approached for Spirit Release and Energy Clearance for Aura Clearance. People who have had no or little idea about spirits, to Energy healers, who via a misstep in a healing session have acquired Spirit attachments. Luckily, with the blessings of our Spiritguides, we have been able to help many.

We have found that there is a lot misleading and confusing information about Spirits on the internet, so here we are providing some information. To help understand the concepts better and God willing find your own pathway to healing.

What is a Spirit Attachment?

A spirit attachment or soul attachment is a spirit that has attached itself to your energy field or aura.  A ghost as known in common parlance is simply a disembodied soul – a soul without body. These souls can be of four types:

Environmental or Lost Souls: Often these are souls who have not crossed over into Light post death, and have attached to your energy field for the purposes of using your energy and sometimes manipulating your behavior to serve themselves. Some souls do so inadvertently, as they do not have way to cross over into the light as they cling to a weak aura, which is like a house with weak or broken walls. When such people visit graveyards, or haunted places, contamination happens. Many times, when passing by a dead body, who died unnaturally. A lady had soul of drunkard she saw dead on beach during morning walks. The drunkard soul thought at least now he can now enjoy a luxurious life he so desired all his life, so preyed on the soul of this rich lady.

Karmic Souls: Sometimes they are souls you have a connection from a past life and they are bound to you. Either you had harmed them in past life, so they want revenge or made a promise of some kind to be together. That is the reason, they can’t be healed regular energy healing. To heal, we have to access the lifetimes they were harmed, and help them find peace. Once they find peace, they automatically want to go back home – to Light.

Ancestral Souls: Deceased family members who aren’t able to cross over into the light, often cling to family members for sustenance.  This can be due unnatural death, lack of resolution or anger/revenge thought, or extreme grief and suffering in the family left behind.

That is why, it is advised to let go beloved deceased no matter how close. Do not cling emotionally after natural grieving period. Their objects and clothing given to charity.

Tantric or Black magic Souls: These are Souls sent via black magic to harm you, from current or past lives. They naturally are most harmful.

What kind of people become vulnerable?

•  People who have had boundaries violation issues growing up, like sexual and emotional abuse become more vulnerable, as they are naturally fearful and vulnerable.

• Young children and even teenagers or older people with debilitating illness, bed ridden. Though sometimes people with strong physical health can also get spirit attachments.

• Alcoholics, psychedelic or psychoactive drugs users (LSD, DMT or marijuana etc) can have an aura breach and give access to these souls.

• Lack of a proper meditative, worship or prayer practice, which keeps aura clear and healthy with regular interaction with divine energies.

• Inability to let go or heal past emotional traumas, making the personal emotional vulnerable to outside influences, meek, submissive or simply unaware of personal presence, extreme extroversion. Emotional disconnection.

Long term solution: Develop a robust emotional and spiritual life, plus connection with higher beings helps in maintaining a strong aura field which repels negativity and dark energies. 

Symptoms of Spirit attachments

  • Unable to think clearly. Mental fog.
  • Irrational or intrusive thoughts. Complusive thinking. Aggravated OCD.
  • Sometimes there might be no perceptible shift inside, yet things get stuck or chaotic around you. Work getting stuck, projects, deals and relationships falling apart.
  • Consistent overreaction to minor triggers, causing breaking down of close relationship. Despite psychology counselling.
  • Erratic mood swings like anger or depression, with no respite from medical treatment. Extreme or destructive rage. Swinging between manic and depressive phases, despite years of medication. In cases of Mental illnesses and autism spectrum, these souls agitate and disturb energies and thereby aggravating the symptoms, making the person hard to manage.
  • Restlessness, indecision or constantly anxiety, feeling on the edge.
  • Desire to be alone, self-isolation, or to be in dark rooms, alternatively fear to be and sleep in dark. These fears increase during night time and many either can’t sleep or sleep with lights on. Nightmares or repeatedly terrifying dreams where you are trying to escape, fighting or feeling attacked.
  • Many people with spirit attachments have experienced a presence around them, a shadowy figure, something they could never understand let alone explain to anyone.
  • Persistent non-medical pains in the back, usually upper back or lower back, shoulders and head. Shifting pains. Sudden drop in energy levels. Lethargy or sluggishness.
  • Losing direction in life suddenly for no apparent reason or sense of purpose.
  • A feeling that something is off.
  • Sporadic suicidal thoughts, with no reason to have them.
  • Moving away from spirituality, prayer, and worship. Sudden aversion to personal deity worship. Some people feel a stench around such people, often of rotten flesh, urinal etc. Or they themselves feel so.
    However, where the soul is taken over by dark spirits, the person can experience a complete change in personality or restricted physical activity. This state is called soul possession. But don’t lose hope, God willing such cases can also be helped. 

But what about Black magic, is it real?

In severe cases, there is an element of black magic or dark spell often involved, be it from current life or from past lives. Nevertheless these are also due our karma from past lives. Often we blame some relative for this condition or some enemy, but as we have seen over the years such people have  either gotten black magic done on someone in a past life, or had Tantrik or Witchcraft lifetimes themselves. Such people, would naturally  for have lots soul attachments and black magic residue in layers, which surface over the years.

So for a long term solution, healing these karmic origin lifetimes becomes essential. This is where Akashic Records Healing for healing past life karma comes handy. A subsequent Akashic Healing session/s is adviced in such cases.

Otherwise, any form of healing only has a temporary effect. Many people visit Tantriks for quick solutions for life issues but in the long run, it always backfires. As any black magic done by us in any lifetime, directly or indirectly, sooner or later comes back to us. And we suspect people around us, not realising these are own karma. That is why, forgiveness is such an important part of our healing method. As we know only that much healing will happen what we are karmically ready for. Sometimes when a soul is not remorseful, or unwilling to move towards light, healing gets hampered.

Patience and faith is required in such cases, elements surface when it is their time to heal. We as healer can only pray, that the person has adequate good karma.

No wonder sometimes after one or two healing session, guides stop the healing for some clients, and ask them to do some for Sewa or charity to earn some good karma. So a sincere advice, if you want to heal, stay humble and do good karma and sewa, God will send the right way to heal you. It is sad for us to see people in so much suffering, but not having enough good karma to heal. Those who are ready, come from far and away with faith already, that this would help me, no matter what extent. So we always advice, go for healing method, healer or doctor you feel instinctively guided toward.

How do I know that I have Tantrik or Witchcraft related past lives?

Over the years, as a part of our research, we have following common symptoms in such people. Here’s a short checklist. It is only suggestive or indicative not exhaustive or authoritative.

• You have been a victim of Black magic early on in life, or much of current life. This is your Karmic clearance lifetime. Various healing haven’t got you much improvement. You keep looking for a more powerful healer. Rather than turning to prayer. You feel a sense of entitlement in healing, as if healing or a medicine is effective only it works for you. Forgetting it isn’t working simply because it is not your time yet to heal.

• You suspect people to be your enemies, targeting you and doing black magic on you.

• You have unusual interest in occult arts like Tarot and Witchcraft, etc. You would like to feel as powerful as them to manipulate physical reality. You associate Divinity with power, rather than love and grace.

• You have unusually high intuitive or Psychic skills, you feel and proud of them and like to present them as a sign of spiritual evolution, which it is not.

• You have this desire to come across as very pious, pure, religious and  you sincerely feel spiritually evolved and/or powerful.  But privately you are just the opposite with family or subordinates.

• You like to meditate for long hours, even do elaborate rituals, havana, mantra chanting etc but do not have a devotional practice neither have done Sewa. You don’t see any value in them. You crave for exotic practices, meditations and paths. Simple prayer is something you don’t see much merit in.

• You look for a medicine or healing modality, which would give you quick results. You are get impatient as you are used to quick results in past lives as a Tantrik.

However best confirmation is PLR or Akashic Records Reading (read here). If you have two more symptoms mentioned above, you must know that healing takes time. Develop  a devotional or sewa practice

Also note that black magic done by you or even commissioned by you, in various lifetimes, will bounce back sooner or later and as and when it matures. As a result, you will have to go through the necessary karmic clearance. Just like chronic physical ailments, this is chronic karmic ailment, will take its time to heal. Humility, faith, surrender and prayer will you along this healing journey. Plus earning good karma. 

Remote Energy Clearance and Spirit Release Therapy

Remote Healing works like Distance Healing and doesn’t require your presence, physical or online, you can carry on with your normal routine. Those of you who do not want to undergo the experience of Spirit release therapy or are far away from our centres, we offer Remote energy clearance and Spirit Release Therapy followed by Karmic Healing ( Akashic Records Healing). In this, we heal the souls in the very past lives, where we have harmed them. Often these are souls who couldn’t have closure at the time of death, or died holding a grudge against us as we killed or harmed them gravely, thus they strive to seek revenge whenever we are at are most vulnerable. This can continue for many lifetimes. Plus there are often curses given by these hurt souls. Once healed, the souls find peace, and organically move into the Light, no force required. Thereafter we use Energy Healing and Angel Healing to clear the aura and Chakras of residues and negativity. Once cleared, we healed the aura breach, so your naural protection is restored. We also check functioning level of Chakras and advise you accordingly, as to which Chakra you need to work upon.

Sometimes when the spirits are powerful than then soul verging on possession they block the session. In that case Remote Spirit Release have more effective.

After the session, we send you the report and a guided-healing meditation for regular practice. Because a strong aura is our immunity against future soul attachments and recontamination.

Follow up 

Often an Akashic Records Healing session is advised to heal the lifetimes from where the souls have been coming. Also there would a lots more to clear in these very lifetimes, like other victims and curses. So, to avoid recontamination it advised to get the related Karmic Healing (Akashic Records Healing) done within a month or the stipulated time given and  complete the healing cycle.

How do I start?

Everyone responds to healing differently. Sometimes we need to 2-3 sessions, and sometimes healing happens in one session. All depends on the extent and chronicity of your problem and yes your karmic baggage.

You can start by simply getting an overall, Intuitive and Energy Reading done (Fee: Rs 2000 INR only) In Intuitive Reading, we not just do an Energy Reading but also do Akashic Records Reading to find karmic baggage and thereafter in consultation with the Spiritguides, plan out your healing sessions. Read here. 

How to book a session?

If you want to get a healing done for your or for a loved one, and if you have faith in spiritual healing, do contact us:

Abhishek : +91 981020 6293

Priyanka: +91 959428 0000

or mail us at

Fee: Rs 6000 INR per session

Step-by-Step Guide to Remote Spirit Release Session

  • Your photograph: Your name, age, recent photograph or selfie, in good light with clear eyes visible. Also one full body photograph.
  • Case History: a. Since you have this problem, and how did it start? b. What has been the medical diagnosis of your current physical and mental health issues. c. What medical treatment/s have you taken so far? –  Please write all the symptoms in detail and history of the problem, when did it start? What was happening in your life at that time, any triggering event?  Any detail you feel would relevant to the case. 
  • Current symptoms: Physical and mental symptoms, that are bothering you. Also how often do you feel these symptoms? Any specific timing, day /night?
  • Brief Profile: Send in a brief biography, so we get know you and your life journey better. This would help us work with you.
  • Childhood trauma: Please share if there is any trauma or abuse memory in childhood, be it sexual, emotional or physical abuse. Or any unusual, paranormal experiences in the past.
  • Family Pattern: Importantly, please inform us in advance, if the same problem runs into your family tree, paternal or maternal. In that case, Family Tree Healing would need to be done as well for healing Ancestral Curses.
  • As you can understand we get many requests for Energy clearance session from all over the world, we need to ascertain the genuineness of a case, before we proceed, mutual trust is important. Please be patient with the process.  Any medical history of mental illness/disorder and the treatment (medical or otherwise) taken needs to be shared. If you hide anything, it would only impede your healing. 
  •  Payment: Next we will send you our bank details, to make bank transfer. (Or Google Pay). Clients from outside India can pay via Xoom PayPal (not Paypal), or any reliable transfer service like Wise (formerly Transfer wise) or Remitly. Any Transfer or transaction fee is to be borne by the client.
  • Thereafter we can fix a date for healing session, depending upon  availability, which could be 1-2 weeks.
  • On the day of session, you would need to do a forgiveness prayer, or meditation in the morning, if you want. This would be sent to you in advance. Rest you can follow normal routine. Since it is remote healing your presence not required. If the person cannot pray, someone can pray for them too.
  • Once the healing is done, a brief summary report of the session is sent to you usually the next day or in the evening. This includes guidance received from spiritguides about the journey ahead and next healing etc.
  • If need be we can discuss, the finding and queries.
  • Sometimes Sewa (Service) advised post healing by guides, when there is heavy karmic baggage. Read here
  • After 10-15 days, you would be required to resend a photograph, to check the shift in energies and ascertain whether a follow up session is required or not.
  • Seldom a suffering comes into our life, without a Karmic origin. Thus, Akashic Records Healing is often required post Energy Clearance, to clear the past karma that got us into trouble in the first place. Read here
  • Every person responds to Healing differently, so we cannot and do not guarantee any results. However after two sessions we know how the person is responding.
  • If you are a practising Energy or Angel Healer, we have some simple advice for you. Try these safeguards.  

Post Healing Guidelines

  • Meditate everyday without fail. Just as a house needs to be cleared every day. Your aura too. Without connection with a higher vibration source, your aura would again fall into a low vibration zone and fall prey to other environmental souls. You can also take on the japa practice, pick a suitable mantra like Aum, Gayatri mantra or any prayer beads or rosary.  
  • Develop a practice of devotion, or Bhakti towards any Divine form you feel affection for. Form doesn’t matter, intention. Offer unconditional surrender to that source. There is no greater power than divine protection and our surrender to divine care.
  • Aura care: Your aura takes weeks if not months to recover after a breach and strengthen up. So if you practice any form of Energy healing practice professionally for others, avoid it till you are given a go ahead. When we are healing others, we often open our aura to others. Thus chances of getting contaminated or absorbing negativity are higher. So it is best to avoid till guides give us a go ahead. 
  • Build your emotional strength inside out. If you have childhood wounds, trauma or abuse memories, heal them. There are so many Talk tools accessible today, talk therapy, art therapy and above all the Hypnotherapy tools like Inner Child Healing, Emotional Detox and Shadow Work.
  • Don’t remain stuck in your past and waste your precious life. Learn forgiveness and let go.
  • Do not indulge in the voices in your head. If you start ignoring them, no matter how important or urgent they sound, they will fade away.
  • Serve others. Sewa or self less service is the only guarantee to support your future healing and we’ll being. Only when we have adequate good karma we find the right healing modality, healer or even medicine. It will also protect you from modern malady of self obsession and self aggrandization.
  • Follow upOften an Akashic Records Healing session is advised to heal the lifetimes from where the souls have been coming. Also there would a lots more to clear in these very lifetimes, like other victims and curses. So, to avoid recontamination it advised to get the related Akashic Records Healing done within a month or the stipulated time given and  complete the healing cycle.

Testimonials & Feedbacks:

  • “I took your help for my son’s behaviour (5-year old with behavioural problems and anger) last year. He is so better now…” – Snehi
  • “This is the very intensive healing way which help us to shift our energise in right direction & feel light with clarity.” – Rishabh
  • “A day after the healing.. I felt especially wonderful. Very light. I was singing all day. Thank you..🙏❤️” – Steve
  • “We are much positive with our son development well. – Jyoti* (Mother of autism spectrum child, with anger issue.)
  • “I want to really thank you for the remarkable changes I am observing with me. Even the problems which I used to face my usual meditation [wasn’t able to meditate or maintain routine] are almost vanished now. I feel very clear and centred while meditating. I feel very good in my day to day life. I always feel that my energies are channelized in good ways. My transitions during meditation started giving quick transit. I am trying to improve in this area. Somehow I am really feeling much aware with heightened emotions and started focusing better than before.” – Narsimhan * 
  • “I have felt a very positive change with the energy clearance session. I can’t explain the feelings but it seemed like magic. It felt as if something very heavy is offloaded. It was like a deep dense fog is cleared and I could feeling lighter . There is a very clear difference that I noticed. My husband also shared the same feelings after his session.
    Thanks a lot!” – Medha
  • “It was indeed an amazing experience after my first energy clearance. There was never any medical reason for the kind of health issues and physical pains I was going through. All medical reports use to come absolutely fine. Then a friend of mine referred me to Abhishek Ji and things actually started changing for me. My heartfelt gratitude to Abhishek Ji for healing me and freeing me from my pains in the first session itself. It’s being more than a month now and my condition hasn’t relapsed. He is responsive, understanding, and a very good listener. I never ever had any challenge in communicating with him. He is truly God send in our lives. ” – Vinita Sharma

    * name changed



Q. How many sessions would be required to clear the souls?

A. Everyone responds to healing differently. Sometimes we need to 2-3 sessions, and sometimes healing happens in one session. All depends on the extent the problem and yes your karmic baggage. You can start by getting an overall, Intuitive and Energy Reading done (Fee: Rs 2000 INR only) – Read here

Q. How effective will Energy Clearance be for me?

A. We are very sure, as over the years many have benifitted, especially practising healers. By God’s Grace, today we have clientele from all over the world, for Spirit Release. But we are never sure how a soul will respond to healing. Or how karmically ready a soul is, for healing. Only that much healing happens what we are karmically ready for. So never give guarantees, nor we can. Thus we always advice: Go ahead, when you feel ready!

Q. Will I feel any difference after the Energy Clearance?

A. Most people do sense a clear difference, especially those who are sensitive to energies. Mental and energetic clarity is felt by some, also as Chakras clear up, meditation further improved.

Q. How effective is Spirit Release for people of Mental illnesses/Autism spectrum?

A. Hope you understand that in cases of life long Schizophrenia and Mental illnesses, effects can be seen as improvement in some functions and clarity.

In the  long cases life of and largely untreated Mental disorders and illnesses, including Schizophrenia, it takes  time to show results..

We can hope to clear as much karmic blocks as much as possible. This also often opens pathway to better treatment, right doctors, therapists and effective  modality.

We can’t provide a complete cure as it’s the script one has to live in this lifetime.
We can only help in reducing the impact or bring down the spectrum by doing karmic healing.

Q. How long does it take to show results?

Often it takes 3-4 weeks to show results, some change. Response varies case to case. Depending upon severity and duration of the problem.

Nevertheless, within two Healing sessions, we get to know how each person is responding to treatment. However, as with any healing we cannot guarantee specific results.

One must be aware that only that much healing will happen, which a person is karmically ready for. No one can heal us beyond our karma, or before our time. Without having a negative effect in the long run.

Q. What if the souls released come back?

Not possible. Once souls are healed, they find peace and more into light, their eternal abode. Why would they want to come back into low vibration space of human body.

Q. I had taken healing a few months back, now I have soul attachments again. How come?

May be your aura got weakened and provide entry to environmental souls. Weak aura is like having low immunity, you can get infection repeatedly.

Another important reason is karmic souls. We have thousands if not hundreds of lifetimes where we have harmed people in various ways. So with time, when it is our time to clear the karma of these lifetimes. karmic souls will gain entry into your aura. Even a strong aura can’t protect you from clearing your karma. Make forgiveness a part of daily Meditation practice or at least weekly. Pray for those you might have harmed in the past.

As you continue building the practice of meditation and sewa, more lifetimes will start surfacing, ready to be healed. Be pro-active in your own healing. Why wait for karma to mature passively and you be caught unaware. 

Q. I am not sure about this modality, what do I do?
We do not convince anyone about the efficacy of our Healing. Most people come to us through word of mouth referrals, which is the best way. If you aren’t convinced – wait. Or try something else.
Q. I have been asked to wait for sometime for my follow-up session. Why?
A. Healing takes time to show effect. Usually from a few weeks to a month. Depending upon each case. Subsequent lifetimes take time to surface.
Also healing is all about timing. No one can heal before their time. Just as karma-phal, fruits of our past karma occur with time. Also is healing decided by divine order and timing. We cannot surpass it. You must have seen, people not ready to heal, running from one doctor, healer to another in vain. So we trust our spiritguides to tell us when a particular karma is ripe enough to heal effectively. Sometimes, this wait can be for years.
Be patient. Learn your lessons. And yes do good karma meanwhile.
Q. I always feel someone has done some black magic on me and my family.
A. Often when we are going through a tough karmic clearance phase in life, it might appear so. But often it is not Black Magic our karma only.  Even when black magic is done is happens because we have past karma to clear. So may we always focus on improving our karma, do good karma and sewa religiously. Some karma we will have to undergo just as some life lesson we will have to learn. No escaping. So best thing would be to ask: What can I learn from this? Turn adversity, tragedy and trauma into a Guide. 

May you find healing. 🙏🏼🌺

Abhishek and Priyanka

Team Inner Journeys

Need help or healing?

Write to us about your issues at

Statutory Disclaimer: Healing or meditations are not a replacement for any professional or medical advice or medical prescription. We strongly recommend that you consult a Medical Doctor or Health Care provider, if you have any physical or mental problems.

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