Dream of A Snow-Laden Forest

Snow-Laden Forest

I dreamt
the other night
of a snow-laden forest,
empty, silent yet still green.
Even the deepest winter
couldn’t quell the spring within,
I carry, for you. .
Even if I can’t see you,
right now
or embrace you
with all my might,
I feel you
deep in my heart
like a prayer
I carry
all night,
till I see you
once again
in the morning,
seated on my altar.
I offer you
incense right away.
Whisper sweet nothings
into your sacred ears,
and sit silently
to feel your embrace
once again. .
Patiently I wait. My Lord.
That’s when I know,
I have become a prayer,
unto you.
As slowly I discover,
deep in the wintery night
you sneaked in
once again
into my heart
stole away all my longings.
Like the night before.
Yet Lord, I’m stubbornly
in love, with you,
just like you. .

Gosh! Sometimes
I behave so much like you.
Have you started living in me,
as me, in a silent takeover
amidst a wintery night.

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