Gift of Freedom – Forgiveness


Gift of freedom – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is often a journey. I know. I have lived it too. Still live it on some days. That are to long. When righteousness feels powerful and judgment makes me feel superior.

That’s before I realise that victim’s rage is a powerful trap of ego. And that I need to rebel against my ego. And it’s refusal to feel powerless. Sometimes life will make us feel powerless. And it’s ok to accept the contrast and let it go.

Forgiveness is never about the other person. It is about us. It is about self compassion. We are not doing anyone any favour by forgiving. It is our own eagerness to heal. Desire to free ourselves from the anguish and suffering of unforgiven deeds.

Some traumas we cannot heal without the surgical tool of forgiveness. Commonly, these are wounds of childhood sexual abuse, incest and rape. But emotional rape and trauma can be equally hard to overcome. Expression and venting are important precursors to healing and closure and used as therapeutic tools.

Most of the time the part of us that cannot forgive, actually wants retribution, revenge or at least wishes for bad things to happen to our perpetrator. As God’s punishment. We feel God is on our side only. We are filled with glee upon their misfortune. Forgetting that may be what we went through was just a karmic retribution.

No wonder when we can’t forgive we cannot heal. No matter how much healing or medicine we take. Unforgiven deeds become the burning coal in our hands and heart, that we want to fling upon at our opponents.

In truth, when we want it badly, we do get revenge lifetimes. That’s why many souls get trapped in cycle of flip-flop lifetimes, where they harm each other in successive lifetimes, sometimes up to fifteen lifetimes. Till one of them says “Enough, I want to heal, I want to be free, so I free you.”

Because as the Law of Karms teaches us – No can get away with anything. Neither did we nor would anyone else. So choose Freedom, choose forgiveness. Be radical, be smart to heal quickly, soothe your righteous anger.

What other’s do is their karma, what I do is mine. Always bring focus back on to yourself. Again and again. It helps.

We love to see ourselves as victims. Beginners in Past life Regression also see victim lifetimes first. Gradually as we mature, we come around to exploring our dark lifetimes. These are lifetimes, where we have killed and tortured many. That moment, we would need ample self-compassion to forgive, accept ourselves and heal our dark side. Otherwise many people halt on their spiritual journey due to self judgment and guilt.

What if one day we can come around to praying for our perpetrator? “May they be free of darkness too.” Knowing they too are victims of their darkness. That day you would have used your personal grave to free someone.

Atonement is possible. May we remember, the words of St Francis of Assisi..”It is in forgiving that we are forgiven..”

So let’s begin practicing forgiveness today, with others. Who knows when we might need it ourselves.

– Abhishek

Ho’oponopono Meditation: For forgiveness and Unconditional love

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