Sports Performance Maximisation

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Using the power of our Subconscious Mind, we not just boost our performance, but also strengthen our mental agility and stamina to withstand the pressures of performance. The result, that we can bring and activate our A-game, each time we step onto a Sports arena.

You will learn quick ways to activate your inner strengths, and positive, power state of mind to perform your best!

You can also learn various quick techniques to manage pre-event anxiety or stress, so that doesn’t diminish your performance in way.

We also explore if any childhood experience of trauma, abuse or bullying are causing stress to build up in the system. So that Emotional and Mental Detox can be done, this will ensure that the emotionally or mentally we don’t get ambushed by our past experiences.

Need help?

If you believe in Hypnotherapy or spiritual healing, we are here to help you.

Please share your problem with us in detail at

OR Msg or Whatapp:

Abhishek: +91 981020 6293,

Priyanka: +91 9594280000

(11 am – 7 pm IST)

Session duration: 1 – 1 1/2 hours, over Zoom or at our centre in Gurgaon.

Fee: Rs 7000 INR per session

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