Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones

Calling on to our Loved Ones in the Heavens.

Our deceased loved are often a breath away, so near..

Sometimes we have requests from people who want to connect with their deceased loved ones. Due unfinished sentences and undecipherable words said towards the end.

So, if guides allow, we take them into meditation and they connect. Most people are able to connect and have closure. Say things they could share. But we have to first connect with our spiritguides to check whether they are ready to connect or not.

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One lady from Lucknow, asked her father what did he mean when he said in his delirium that a black woman is trying to kill him! What revealed was nothing short of shocking, he told that his sister-in-law has been doing Black magic on the family. Interestingly as his younger brother who previously suffering Hepatitis C started get better, he started get worse of same ailment, and when the younger brother was cure, he died. He further shared, where all in the bodies of the family members black magic is stored. Surprisingly those every body parts, heart, stomach and knees, they were have suffering for not diagnosable cause or treatment possible. With the help of spirit guides the black magic was removed, and family got better.

But sometimes this access is denied, like son who wanted to find who murdered his mother, a property dealer in Ghaziabad, few years ago. In a dramatic session, the Mother said, “If I tell you, you will murder that person and you will go in jail. Leaving my daughter in law and granddaughter will be orphaned.” She refused. Later the guides told him, that the people who killed her, had been killed by her in a previous lifetime. Thus, both mother and son found peace.


Surprisingly lot of people find, that their loved ones don’t really change, just because they have left their body. Their personalities remain more or less the same, along with our quirks. Growth as we know happens best on the earth plane. People don’t become saint just because they have passed away. One time, a woman was unable to catch the message her deceased sister was trying to give. Soon the sister got annoyed and left. Later the woman admitted that the sweet sister was bit impatient on this in real life as well.

Healing is wholeness, any stage of life or death, we can add light to our lives and that our loved ones. Often an intention is often and belief. Avoiding the notion that life exists beyond death, only makes our life limited, unidimensional. Know thy self, while you are alive.

Those who have experienced Past Life Regression Therapy know that to leave a dying body in past life is always a welcome relief for the soul. It will be in this life as well. Do no fear. Help is at hand. As we die, we are surrounded by ancestors and Spiritguides who come to fetch us. And Angels accompany us back home.

Do connect with us, if you need any help. 

Love and Light

Abhishek JoshiPriyanka Shukla
Founders Inner Journeys: Within & Beyond™

Connecting with your Deceased loved one.

Firstly, we don’t do mediumship, nor do we channel messages from deceased person. However we can check with Spiritguides to check if they have crossed over and are at peace or do they need healing due a difficult exit.

Further, what we can do, is to facilitate a meeting on the astral plane to facilitate emotional healing or ease the grieving process. 

If you really need to connect with a deceased loved one, and if Spiritguides approve of it, for the purpose of closure or an important unfinished conversations. Then we can take you through a guided-meditation session, where in you can connect with a deceased loved one, on an astral plane in a safe environment created with the help of Guardian Angels.

We might ask you to first Meditate for a few days, so your chances of Connection are better. Plus the soul also needs to be willing and open. Often souls just want to move on and heal. So best to wait a month or two, usually the deceased person connects someone in the family, usually the one most open, via a happy dream.

To check if you or they are ready for mutual contact at soul level requires that you send us your photo along with those of the deceased person so we can cross check with Spiritguides over mutual readiness.

Thereafter we can book a date for the session. Usually one session is enough or two, and thereafter Spiritguides don’t encourage more sessions, as it might impede healing of both as both need to move on.

If you are not a meditator we would send you a meditation track in advance to practice so you improve your chances of connection. 

In short, let go. Allow yourself to heal, and find peace. And then if you still need to connect, check with us and we can cross check with Spiritguides for permission.

Abhishek JoshiPriyanka Shukla

Fee: Rs 6000 INR per session

Location: Online session (Zoom) or at our centres in Gurgaon, Bhopal and Navi Mumbai.

Contact us, so we can cross check with Spiritguides for permission.

Priyanka Shukla: +919594280000 

Abhishek Joshi: +919810206293

Write to us at:


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